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Ickey Woods' son passes away

Elbert Jovante Woods, the 16-year old son of former Bengals running back Ickey Woods, died Saturday evening three days after suffering a massive asthma attack.

Jovante was set to begin his junior season on the Princeton High School’s varsity team and had a 3.8 GPA.  He suffered the attack at home in the evening, after having practiced with the team that morning. 

It’s a truly heartbreaking story.  We send our condolences and best wishes to the entire Woods family during this difficult time. 

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35 Responses to “Ickey Woods' son passes away”
  1. Poo Flinging Monkey says: Aug 14, 2010 9:59 PM

    That’s awful. My son has asthma, but luckily he hasn’t had any incidents for years. Still, this is scary.
    My condolences to Ickey and his family.

  2. joetoronto says: Aug 14, 2010 10:02 PM

    Wow, that’s a major, major blow. Hang in there, Ickey.

  3. TheRedBengal says: Aug 14, 2010 10:07 PM

    Extremely sad. Much love to you and your family, Ickey.

  4. INTENSEG says: Aug 14, 2010 10:07 PM

    My condolences to Ickey and his family for their loss.

  5. pghguyy33 says: Aug 14, 2010 10:10 PM

    very sad.. prayers are with the family

  6. pghguyy33 says: Aug 14, 2010 10:10 PM

    very sad.. prayers are with the family

  7. Xenu_D_Alien says: Aug 14, 2010 10:14 PM

    That’s truly sad, my condolences to his family.

  8. steveinohio says: Aug 14, 2010 10:26 PM

    My son had asthma when he was young. I can’t imagine what that family is going through. condolences.

  9. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says: Aug 14, 2010 10:27 PM

    RIP young man. Love to Ickey and his family.

  10. KM91 says: Aug 14, 2010 10:41 PM

    Man, that sucks. From experience, asthma is no joke.

  11. Raiders757 says: Aug 14, 2010 10:55 PM

    Damn, that’s so sad to hear. I can’t imagine what it’s like to outlive your own child, let alone lose them at such a young age. My heart goes out to the entire family.

  12. Jaydub says: Aug 14, 2010 10:55 PM

    Thoughts and prayers to the Woods family

  13. Northern Lights Bomb says: Aug 14, 2010 10:57 PM

    Always tragic for a father (and the rest of the family as well no doubt) to lose a son. RIP.

  14. Bucforever says: Aug 14, 2010 11:01 PM

    So sorry for your loss. May God bless and comfort the Woods family and friends.

  15. I_Hate_Yams says: Aug 14, 2010 11:01 PM

    My God have mercy on his soul.

  16. dabbflappy says: Aug 14, 2010 11:03 PM

    Oh god, that’s awful. I’m so sorry for Woods and his family.

  17. Fonetik says: Aug 14, 2010 11:19 PM

    Tragic, just a terrible thing to have happen.
    Not that he’s reading this, but all the same, my condolences.

  18. bigd7387 says: Aug 14, 2010 11:20 PM

    My son helped coach at Ickey Woods football camp just over a month ago an got to hang Jovante. He said he was a very nice kid and was having a great time drawing up plays for the kids to run. R.I.P. Jovante and my condolences to the Woods family.

  19. jacksola says: Aug 14, 2010 11:22 PM

    That is terrible. We all get hyped up about sports, but if you and your children are healthy, than life is good. My aunt & uncle lost 2 children. My prayers to the Woods family. Very sorry and God bless and provide strength to you at this time.

  20. Bengal Dave says: Aug 14, 2010 11:24 PM

    Man.. I lost a daughter to cancer… Its hard to loose a little one… Hang in there Ickey

  21. Tim says: Aug 14, 2010 11:27 PM

    RIP. Sad story…

  22. Chucktownsteel says: Aug 14, 2010 11:36 PM

    God bless you and your family Mr. Woods.

  23. blitzburgh1 says: Aug 14, 2010 11:47 PM

    I have asthma but fortunately it has always been mild. My sincere condolences to Icky and his family during for their unimaginable loss.

  24. Cup says: Aug 14, 2010 11:48 PM

    I had asthma when I was younger and it came back as an adult. I have been through a few scary ones, but death is so rare. My thoughts are with Ickey and his family. One of my favorite player as a kid.

  25. dwatkins says: Aug 14, 2010 11:50 PM


  26. JunkYardDawg1156 says: Aug 15, 2010 12:59 AM

    Terrible loss of life, only 16. Our prayers are with the Woods family.

  27. SpartaChris says: Aug 15, 2010 2:10 AM

    Oh man, that’s horrible. As someone who’s had it pretty bad my entire life, I feel fortunate not to a) have made it to adulthood, and b) to not have had to be hospitalized too many times because of it.
    Condolences to his family.

  28. hazi59 says: Aug 15, 2010 3:22 AM

    I can’t even imagine what Ickey must be going through. This story puts it all into perspective. All jokes (and idiotic webposts) aside…it all is just a game in the end. Something like this is tragic. I wish Ickey and his family some well needed condolences.

  29. David56 says: Aug 15, 2010 3:35 AM

    I’m 56 years old and it always saddens me to read about some youngster whom I have outlived and should never have. Especially a kid who seemed to be so very much together inspite of his young years.
    Well, God rest his young soul and bless his family and loved ones who are mourningwith an abundance of the grae of consolaton and compassion.

  30. GreenAsGrass says: Aug 15, 2010 6:59 AM

    just awful all our thoughts and prayers go out to Ickey and his family.

  31. LvSteelersH8Ben says: Aug 15, 2010 8:53 AM


  32. Dixon29 says: Aug 15, 2010 9:18 AM

    Prayers go out to the Woods’ family.
    Truly heartbreaking.

  33. Sandra Lee's Cans says: Aug 15, 2010 9:29 AM

    Very sad news. Thoughts and prayers.

  34. BigBear123 says: Aug 15, 2010 9:46 AM

    God bless you and your family Mr. Woods.

  35. lurch says: Aug 15, 2010 1:08 PM

    Word going around in Cincy that the family doesn’t have health insurance either and they have started a fund at a local bank for him.
    Good kid, too soon.

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