Darnell Dockett wants Glen Coffee to keep playing, for now

On Friday, 49ers running back Glen Coffee shocked the NFL by retiring (quitting) during training camp of his second NFL season.

The always-entertaining Darnell Dockett, Cardinals defensive tackle, has implored Coffee to reconsider.  At least until November 29.

Says Dockett, via Twitter:  “Dear Glen Coffee, don’t retire just yet!  Just wait [until] after the MNF game then you will have a legit reason to retire!”

33 responses to “Darnell Dockett wants Glen Coffee to keep playing, for now

  1. Florio, as difficult as it may be for you to comprehend, life does yeild more fruitful endevours than playing professional football. Glen Coffee has found one, and now chosen to pursue it.
    Your little (quitting) remark is uncalled for.
    Further, you know damn well you’d be the first one in line blasting him if his heart wasn’t completely into football, but he continued to play for the paycheck (see 35-40% of the NFL).
    And for the love of God, spare us the twitter updates……it’s not news. Particularly with your commentary.

  2. Right. Let’s mock people whose faith compelled them to stop playing a game in search of more meaningful endeavors.
    I wonder if Mr. Dockett would think it’s funny to mock people because of their skin color. Mocking people because of their religion is just as intolerant.

  3. Sounds still upset about getting smacked around twice last year by the 9ers.
    We might see tears if the Cardinals drop the Monday night game.

  4. You choose your religion, not your skin color. Religion is much more worthy of mockery. By far.

  5. Florio makes his money on controversial stuff.. if it’s not controversial enough his job is to write a one-line hyperlink that makes it sound controversial. It happens to everyone when they have a chance at a mil, which was his buyout… I’d like to hear from his partner that guy with the crazy italian name.

  6. Florio, football is a game. It is not the only thing in life. If someone chooses to focus their energies elsewhere, they are not a quitter. I have more respect for someone that can walk away from that than I do some hack writer on the internet. You’re nothing but a grown man that writes about other men playing a game. You’d do well to remember that.

  7. “Dear Glen Coffee, don’t retire just yet! Just wait [until] after the MNF game then you will have a legit reason to retire!”
    By going out “on top” by beating(again) the former NFC West Champions?

  8. Why do people believe in these fairy tales and let it ruin there lives? I’d go insane if I had to wake up early every Sunday to worship Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy.

  9. This athlete-twitter phenom is hilarious. I never thought these guys were brain surgeons, but the rash of dumb comments that come from their accounts is mind-numbing. I now know why 75% of them are under financial distress even after they make a boatload of cash.

  10. Come on I like Dockett, he is a beast. But if the guy turned his back on the NFL and big money for God, respect his decision. Call out Frank Gore if you want to.

  11. Florio is an idiot!!!Football is just a game buddy, not many people would turn down millions of dollars playing a game to seek the true meaning of life.

  12. And since Dockett and the Cards wont be making the playoffs or getting a lot of national attention, NFL fans should expect a lot more of this shit from him throughout the season.

  13. Jesus will represent him in court when the 49ers move to recover 600,000 dollars of his signing bonus.

  14. He didn’t “retire” because he “found God”, he QUIT because he got BLOWN THE EFF UP on a blitz and Tom Rathman, Niner RB coach and former great FB, TORE INTO HIM for getting blown up and not picking up the blitz. Of course, all of you will say, “he retired for God” because you’re morons and will believe anything anyone says. I guess the Tooth Fairy and Easter Rabbit still exist in your eyes too.

  15. I think Glen Coffee “saw the light” when he witnessed Anthony Dixon outperforming him on a daily basis in training camp. Really, Dixon falling to San Francisco in the 6th round was a draft day miracle if you think about it.

  16. Coffee said he should have never entered the NFL draft to begin with. It’s stupid to assume that someone would retire because they got knocked down during a blocking drill, then got chewed out by the coach. What idiot would believe such a thing.
    Dockett is tired of losing to the Niners but he can’t scare anyone with words on twitter. He’s just making himself out to look like a fool when the Cards get swept by the Niners again.

  17. The original article that was printed after Coffee walked off the field said he got his bell rung by a blitzing linebacker. RB coach Tom Rathman chewed him out and Coffee walked off the field.
    Grats to him for doing what he feels is best for him, but the timing of his departure could have been better.

  18. To all you liberal, atheist clowns that like to run your mouths comparing a man’s faith in God to the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus…
    Do you think you could walk into an NFL locker room and say the same thing to ANY team and have it go over well? The media likes to rile up you imbeciles by reporting all the hypocrites, partying fools, and money-worshipping a-holes in the league but at the end of the day NFL locker rooms are not exactly a great place to be for bitter atheists of the vocal sort. Most of your favorite players in the NFL would want nothing to do with you buffoons just based on your lack of respect for God. Yet you still watch footbal as if you wouldn’t get tossed out of a pro locker room for taking shots at God! LOL, clowns! Go watch some figure skating or tennis already with all the atheist French metrosexuals. It’s just about the only two locker rooms you wouldn’t be tossed out of for all of your foolish talk!
    That said, I know that most of you who do this are of a younger generation that has been indoctrinated by the commies at the local university to believe that hating on God or Christianity is the hip thing to do. Smart people don’t believe in God, no, no, no… they believe that man is nothing more than a slime monkey from outer space! So, if man is just a monkey and has no soul and morality is just a construct of an individual’s chemical processes in the brain, and each man will arrive at his own notion of truth, then truth is truly subjective and you shouldn’t get so upset when a friend or loved one dies. After all, they were simply an evolved ape with no purpose beyond the desires that evolved from chemical processes in their brain. Screw em’! They probably sucked anyway! No? Is that mean? Well the chemical processes in my monkey brain say that it isn’t mean so tough sh–! Yeah! Party on baby because we are all just a bunch of slime monkeys from outer space!
    Naaaaah, atheism is just an excuse for whores and sissified male football fans to skirt responsibilty for sucking… literally.

  19. There is an element of ‘quitting’ given that he was being chastised in camp at the time, why choose then otherwise?
    Whilst I am respectful in others beliefs, when one starts ‘hearing’ the word of God, I find myself uncomfortably inching away…….

  20. fleet10 says:
    August 15, 2010 11:32 PM
    How uneducated, ignorant, and stupid must you be to attempt to correlate God with the Tooth Fairy??
    How uneducated, ignorant and stupid must you be if you can not comprehend the correlation he is making?

  21. I am all for rivalries but Dockett needs to move on. Picking on a guy who has done what many others never had the sack to do, leave the game because that is what is in his heart. Sure, Coffee could have stayed and hung around a few years and made some cash, but he is following his heart. Good for him. Call out Gore, the feature back… not a 2nd or 3rd string back. That’s just classless… but I’m starting to expect that from Dockett.

  22. Thank you LighTsouT. Please use your analytical skills to help solve the economic problems we are facing, world-wide. I am sure it will be a snap in your one-dimensional world.

  23. I have a feeling wintermoonrising spends most of his days rambling incoherently on street corners about the world coming to an end….

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