Larry Fitzgerald says MRI yields good news

Cardinals fans may now breathe again.

Receiver Larry Fitzgerald tells Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic that the MRI on Fitzgerald’s knee yielded good news.

Fitzgerald said he’ll be “conservative” with the knee for a few weeks.  Which likely means he’s done for the balance of the preseason — an outcome far better than being done for the year.

5 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald says MRI yields good news

  1. OK…The MRI on the knee may have yielded good news and people can breath now…But do not forget about the bad news looming on the bench at the QB position…He is awful and should not be on the team…Both ML and DB. They suck. Card fans can now hold their breath again!

  2. It’s only a matter of time before their bust of a QB leads him into a hit he won’t limp away from. Cardinal fan could be in for a long season.

  3. Jeezus Gary, chill out. Matty will be fine. I’m sick and tired of hearing whiners like you proclaim his failure. What next, are you going to enlighten all of us about what terrible owners the “Bidwells” are? Sheesh.

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