Report: Deion Sanders sued for fraud

Former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders, presumably a first-ballot Hall of Famer, has leveraged his “Prime Time” nickname into a cottage industry.

But one specific branch of the “Prime Time” tree has gotten Sanders sued.

According to, a lawsuit has been filed in Texas against Sanders and others alleging false and deceptive business practices, fraud and negligence.  The plaintiffs, investors in a venture called PrimeTimePlayer Pages, claim that Sanders and others raised money to publish a newsletter that would be sent to more than 500 colleges, touting featured student-athletes.

The only problem?  Per the complaint, not a single school received the publication.  A basketball edition of the publication allegedly was never even created. 

For now, these are only allegations, based apparently on the specific contentions contained in the complaint.  Sanders and the other defendants will have a right to respond to the claims in court.