AFC East training camp one-liners

Bills first-round pick C.J. Spiller is expected to get the “bulk of the workload” for the rest of the preseason due to Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch’s injuries.

The Bills have signed undrafted rookie RB Andre Anderson to serve as a camp body for the remainder of the summer.
The team has also added WR Aaron Rhea to the 80-man roster.
Should Bills QB Trent Edwards keep his starting job?
Second-year QB Pat White played sparingly in Saturday’s preseason opener.
The Dolphins put on an ugly display in their exhibition opener.
Dolphins DT Paul Soliai looked like a better option at nose tackle than starter Randy Starks against the Bucs.
The Dolphins have a tasty schedule for the fantasy football playoffs.
Patriots third-year CB Terrence Wheatley is finally starting to come on.
The Patriots have waived/injured S Ross Ventrone.
Patriots second-year DL Ron Brace has passed his conditioning test and resumed practicing.
The Patriots will hold joint practices with the Atlanta Falcons this week.
The Newark Star-Ledger breaks down position battles to watch as the Jets prepare for their preseason opener Monday night.
What to expect at the New Meadowlands Stadium for Monday’s game.
Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine insists CB Antonio Cromartie “isn’t that far behind” CB Darrelle Revis from a coverage standpoint.
Green Day and Slash will perform at the Jets’ regular season opener.

5 responses to “AFC East training camp one-liners

  1. “Patriots second-year DL Ron Brace has passed his conditioning test and resumed practicing.”
    And it is about time…what a massive fail for a guy like Brace to come into his 2nd year camp out of shape and unable to pass the conditioning test. No excuse for this. Massive fail.

  2. Green Day and Slash will perform and some lucky fans will get passes to a new big budget sci-fi film coming out that has been tentatively titled “Star Wars”.

  3. robert ethen: You went too far back…I would have said one luck winner will flying away with a friend to see Ace Of Base in concert. Just sayin’.

  4. the Jets could sell out that stadium more often if they would promise to NOT show up
    I bet, right now there are about 308’240’000 possible buyers – if they promise to shut up and stop being the biggest media whores since the combo of Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan for just one day.
    if CBS wouldnt be feared that Ryan would eat the whole island…. Rex Ryan, Brett Favre, Jerry Jones, Joey Porter, Shiancoe and Darnell Dockett would be one heck of a cast – SURVIVOR NFL Edition

  5. @ crowder911 – hahah that’d be a hell of a show, rex ryan cracks me up man. jerry jones is a character too, joey porter, maybe some merriman, gotta mix that ocho cinco and ochouno in there too.

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