Texans rookie Ben Tate headed to injured reserve

Despite some conflicting information regarding Texans running back Ben Tate’s ankle injury, the rookie second round pick will indeed miss the entire 2010 season.

The Texans confirmed Monday they will place Tate on injured reserve

“I was hard on him [Tate] because I knew he was fixing to help this team a great deal,” coach Gary Kubiak said.

With Tate out of the mix, the Texans hope that a year of maturation from Arian Foster and improved health from Steve Slaton will improve a backfield that ultimately hasn’t changed personnel that much.

14 responses to “Texans rookie Ben Tate headed to injured reserve

  1. at least the sorry ass Texans have an excuse now when they achieve their annual underachieving.

  2. Trade with Miami for Pat White. He and Steve Slaton could get back to the Fiesta Bowl this year, beat the snot out of Oklahoma again.

  3. No point in pushing the panic button, but if Slaton doesn’t stop freaking fumbling I’m going to lose my head. That and draft Schaub in fantasy since we won’t run the ball often.

  4. As a Jags fan, I wouldn’t mind it. Sadly though, the Texans are an offensive juggernaut that can overcome a mediocre running game. Or the Mediocre running game can be better because to much emphasis would be given by the opposing team to stop the passing attack comprising of Johnson, Daniels and co who can easily beat one-on-one.

  5. sucks…
    but the rb’s for houston have changed a bunch…
    going into the season last year it was slayton being backed up by Chris Brown and Ryan Moats. while Foster and Henry were on the practice squad and Jerimiah Johnson on IR.
    so now we got Foster being backed up by Slayton and Johnson. names kinda just shuffled around and minus that suck boy Brown but still very different.
    Foster seems to be a legit number 1 back judging from late last season the cards game and what i saw outta him in his JR yr @Tenn. and slayton was never was meant to be a starter due to injury he had to start in 2008. but with his skill set he is best used as a 3rd down back or as a receiver on screens and things like that.

  6. Arian Foster is the real deal. If Kubiak just puts him in and leaves him in, Foster will put up numbers like Slayton did 2 years ago

  7. “How do the Texans look at CB; I know the Ravens have some RB depth???”
    They consider Dallas scrap-heap player Jacques Reeves as one of their best. If you were thinking trade, it would be best to look elsewhere.
    Even IF the Texans had a running game, they still have a very weak secondary and a lot of teams are going to light them up this season. I don’t see why some are picking the Texans as having a Cinderella year when they have a $hit-ton of holes. I’m sticking with 7-9 but Texanfan will be sure to come in here to explain that they’ll be 13-3 just like I heard on Houston talk radio this weekend.
    With Cushing under the microscope and away from the “overtraining syndrome”, expect him to become more useless than Shawne Merriman. Without the steroids he used for the past 10 years to get to the NFL, he’ll be back to being a skinny kid with man boobs.

  8. “…. he was fixing to help this team…..”
    WTF? When did Kubiak go full retard and start speaking Texan?
    Purple Drank

  9. @PSURavens
    we got Jacque Reeves and a couple of draft picks from past years that havent really been what we needed. Reeves is excellent in coverage but has sucky ball skills.
    who do yall go @RB that is expendable?
    even tho i think we will be alright, Arian Foster is a beast and woulda been a 1st or 2nd rounder had he came out his JR year.

  10. Yeah I doubt a trade will take place, but they have been reporting around here that McGahee could be a trade chip. I looked at the Texans depth chart and don’t see anyone worth trading for. It was just a thought.

  11. Houston had the #1 passing offense in the NFL last year and the 30th rated rushing attack.
    That tells you a lot right there. If they can get even an average running game going they are going to be truly dangerous on the offensive side of the ball.
    Losing Ben Tate hurts, but if Kubiak can get that running game into even just the 15th-20th ranked area, the extra yards could translate into more points.
    But for the Texans to take the next step they need that defense to hold the scoring down and I liked what I saw from the starters in the time they were on the field.

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