High school player hopes NFL can help him find size 22 cleats

Connor Duffy is a 6-foot-8, 300-pound tackle on the Kingsway Regional High School football team whose upcoming season is in jeopardy because he has size 22 feet and can’t find cleats that fit.

His mom is hoping the NFL can help the family find some shoe company, somewhere, that will make size 22 cleats.

“We [searched for] size 22, and found a lady in Florida whose son had a size 20 cleat,” Connor’s mom told the Gloucester County Times. “They finally got help from the Miami Dolphins, I think. We don’t want somebody to pay for the cleats. We just need somebody to make them. I’ll pay for them.”

Connor has size 22 basketball shoes, but his coach says he needs cleats to play football on grass. During his sophomore season Connor wore size 18 cleats, but his feet have grown by four sizes since then.

“They go up to 19, and after that they only sell them to special athletes,” Connor said. “We had minicamp in June, and I’ve been looking for cleats since the end of minicamp. I thought I could just find them online, but I guess I can’t.”

A quick search of NFL players’ shoe sizes didn’t reveal anyone whose feet are as big as Connor’s. But here’s hoping someone in the NFL, or the shoe industry, hears about Connor’s feet and gives him a hand.

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  1. hopefully Florio steps up the plate and is able to connect with his ‘source’ in Minnesota to get this young man some cleats

  2. I now know that PFT scours the globe for information when they are getting stories from The Gloucester County Times….I drive by this HS everday for work, and it’s about 20 minutes from there to the Linc, maybe the Eagles can help the kid out…

  3. Dumbasses are looking for help from the wrong league…I’d bet the price of those cleats Shaquille O’Neal (who also wears a size 22) would not only locate those cleats for him but pay for them personally. That’s just the kind of guy he is.
    Connor: find Shaq and find your cleats.

  4. wow. 22. come on I’m sure the Raiders could get the kid a shoe, hell if Al Davis can pay for a uniform to fit Jamarcus Russel’s fat A$$ for almost 3 years then he can get the kid cleats.

  5. “…hears about Connor’s feet and gives him a hand.”
    Way to go, MDS. That definitely sounds like a wordplay that Florio would use.
    It’s so…so…Florio-ish.

  6. Man, some college and NFL teams are bound to fall in love with a tackle that size if he sticks with it. I hope he finds some cleats.

  7. The Bears have a dude right now who wears a 24E…… Jamarcus Webb… OT. Maybe he can help… Man, thats one big ass set of anchors.

  8. Connor’s team lost over 400 yards in off side penalties as he adjusted to his rapidly growing feet.

  9. Gee, I wonder how many college scouts attention his momma just got him??? Hmm…I’m just sayin’…But the kid does need some shoes….until Nike starts dressing him his frosh year and some big college.

  10. Florio, get NBC to step up to the plate and put this on the REGULAR news. The more eyes see it the better.

  11. You know what they say…big feet, big shoes. This kid is going to have some cleats pretty soon. Somebody always steps up.

  12. I live 5 miles from there and my old high school plays his high school every year on thanksgiving. It is unreal how big this kid is. Hes a monster out there compared to all 5’9″ kids that play on high school football teams.
    The only thing is Clearview whoops Kingsway’s ass every year. I hope he gets his cleats but it doesnt matter if he does because they will still lose.

  13. @Route36West,
    I clicked on that school link and your Clearview got its butt kicked by Kingsway last year. But crap, so did my Deptford Spartans.
    On second thought, this kid doesn’t need to play football.

  14. I got an old buddy of mine on the case…
    He played with me in high school and had size 19 cleats at age 16…
    It was quite the adventure for him to find those cleats and it was very dangerous with him sliding around on the wet grass in basketball shoes…
    He went on to play college ball and I am guessing he had size 22s at some point…

  15. @ Freamon says:
    August 16, 2010 6:13 PM
    He should contact Lexington Steel.
    ROFLMAO!!! I am wondering how many people know who Lex Steele is without googling. I like Lex’s ex Vanessa Blue.
    But seriously, folks. I hope somebody comes through for this kid.

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