Whisenhunt says Cardinals' mistakes were "a joke"

The Arizona Cardinals’ offense struggled in the preseason opener, as starting quarterback Matt Leinart looked mediocre and the Cardinals didn’t get on the scoreboard until the fourth quarter.

After watching the game tape, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t pleased.

Whisenhunt said the offensive production “wasn’t good enough,” and that the mental mistakes the offense made were inexcusable.

“There were a couple of times in the first half, offensively, where it was a joke, to be quite honest with you,” Whisenhunt said. “Plays that we had run 25 times in two weeks looked like it was the first we’d run them.”

The lack of offensive productivity is bad news for Leinart, who said before the game that the preseason opener would be “huge.” The good news for Leinart — and bad news for the Cardinals — is that backup Derek Anderson’s two-interception performance did nothing but tighten Leinart’s hold on the starting job.