Sponsored post: Sprint has live college football this fall

As most of you know by now, Sprint no longer serves as an official NFL sponsor.  But it doesn’t mean Sprint no longer cares about football.

For starters, Sprint continues to be a primary sponsor of PFT.  It’s a relationship that has lasted longer than four years, and Sprint has had a big role in helping PFT become what it now is.

And Sprint Football Live continues to be available on Sprint devices, at no charge to Sprint subscribers.  The application includes PFT and CFT content, along with video blogs from players like Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and analysts like our good friend Cris Collinsworth of NBC.

But here’s the kicker.  Even though Sprint no longer will be airing via Sprint devices the eight Thursday night NFLN games, Sprint will stream all Notre Dame home games via NBC Sports Mobile, along with multiple college football games from ESPN Mobile TV.

So, basically, Sprint remains a key provider of pro and college football content.  Given that most of you are at home on Sundays watching NFL games (as you should be), it means that most of you will do your errands-running and or chair-sitting-while-wife-or-girlfriend-shops on Saturdays.  Why not have a Sprint device to keep up to date with what may be as of 2011 the only big-time football we’ll all be able to follow?

Did we mention that Sprint is a primary sponsor of PFT?  (We know we did.  We just want to make sure the FTC knows we did, too.)

4 responses to “Sponsored post: Sprint has live college football this fall

  1. Thanks for the commercial. I’m sure Sprint ‘cares’ about football. It’s not like they’re in it for the money.

  2. i think i can speak for all Sprint users and say the Sprint Football Live feature is a waste of time. got a sprint blackberry a few months ago mostly because of all the crap on PFT i see about it. thought it was this amazing nfl football phone device. wrongo. football stuff is worthless crap. however i am happy with the rest of the stuff it does. but going to the ESPN mobile site is 10x better than SFL.

  3. I switched to Sprint right after the Resdskins won the Super Bowl last year and haven’t looked back,,,,,Oh wait.

  4. I was disappointed Sprint lost the NFL, as I used the live radio feeds through my phone quite a bit while traveling. The new Sprint app is pretty underwhelming. I like the SBNation and PFT content, but that isn’t anything I can’t get just using the regular browser.

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