Tony Gonzalez: 50-50 chance I'll play in 2011

Tony Gonzalez knows he doesn’t want to go through many more training camps.

Now 34, Gonzalez tells Alex Marvez of that his career is “year-to-year” and estimates there’s a roughly “50-50” chance he retires after 2010.

Then again, the timing of the question may have tipped the scales towards retirement.

“If you ask me now, I’d tell you I don’t know if I’m going to play this
year because I’m in [training] camp,” Gonzalez joked. “Football is a grind.
That’s why [NFL] careers only last three years. It’s tough on your body.
It’s tough on you mentally. I’m just fortunate to be playing this

Gonzalez admitted that his transition to a new scheme and new city wasn’t easy last year. From afar, we were impressed he produced so much away from Kansas City.  Gonzo didn’t break his usual big plays, but he racked up 83 catches for 867 yards and six scores. The Falcons won’t want to lose that sort of production. 

Perhaps one year from today, the Falcons will send Roddy White, John Abraham, and Matt Bryant on a plane to beg Gonzalez for one more year.