Jaguars will ensure no blackouts in the preseason

At least one team apparently plans to take advantage of the league’s little-known blackout loophole for its pair of preseason games.

Both Vic Ketchman of and Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union have indicated that the Jags plan to pay 34 cents on the dollar for any unsold non-premium tickets in the preseason, in order to ensure that non-game games against the Dolphins and Falcons will be televised live in the Jacksonville area.

With season-ticket sales ending on Saturday and the franchise 3,000 seats away from selling out the non-premium tickets, the Jaguars will have to write a check for any unsold tickets in order to ensure that the preseason games will air live within the blackout radius.

“Wayne Weaver is graciously doing what is necessary to televise the two
Jaguars home preseason games locally because he wants the fans to see
his team
so they might like what they see and want to buy tickets,” Ketchman writes.  “Wayne
has explained that he will not give the games away, so to speak, in the
regular season.  He’s taking the risk, of course, that fans will call
his bluff, but he didn’t seem to be bluffing last year when seven
regular-season home games were blacked out.”

But the question becomes whether the Jags would fork over 34 cents on the dollar to the visiting teams’ pool if only, say, 1,000 unsold tickets remain for a regular-season game.  Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the ability of teams to write a check in order to televise a game that hasn’t sold out, look for the Jags to face plenty of pressure to make it happen — especially since the team recently got a $4.15 million gift from Jacksonville via the City’s decision to drop its 25-percent share of the naming-rights deal at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

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  1. And they got a team before Baltimore. The Ravens have sold out every game the’ve ever had while jax has to tarp sections of their upper deck. way to go tagliabue

  2. Florio, just because YOU just discovered the “34 cents loophole” doesn’t mean the rest of the world just noticed. Vic Ketchman has been writing about an owner’s ability to buy unsold seats for years. Weaver’s done it in the past.

  3. The Jaguars should absolutely not feel any pressure to television any regular season games that haven’t sold out. If fans in Jacksonville want to see the game, they should GO TO THE GAME. They’ve long abused Weaver’s generosity.

  4. Well, since they lowered all of their ticket prices to $9 they will only be out around $3 per seat – so it shouldn’t be that bad…

  5. once again y0u don’t bother to research Florio, the total is currently 2500 tickets left and the number for the season NOT being blacked out is dropping daily. So as for your “research” (you know, that thing that REAL reporters do?) EPIC FAIL!!!

  6. You Baltimore wusses kill me. You got a ready made team, a defense that is pretty much dynastic, and you guys still cry that you got passed over for an expansion team. Seeing the way Baltimore did it, could you see Marchibroda bringing up a bunch of castoffs and youngsters?
    Get over it already, you got your damn Lombardi Trophy. Quit your bitching!

  7. “Don’t worry fans I’ll jump on the grenade and make sure you guys can watch my sorry ass team while the games mean squat.!”said Mr.Weaver.
    “in the meantime,please buy more tickets,and tell your friends because I just got the moving truck estimate from Jacksonville to Los Angeles and MAN! is it expensive.”

  8. Yes, Tagliabue made the right choice in 1993.
    Let’s not forget why Baltimore had to beg for another NFL team in the first place. Because they lost the one they had, the Colts. And from 1978-1984, their attendance was awful, and always at the bottom of the league. At one point in 1983, they had 16,000 fans for a game. Think about that. In fact, during those five years, they had one sellout – when the neighboring Redskin fans were treated to a “home away from home” game against the Colts. And when Irsay visited Jacksonville as a potential home for the Colts in 1979, there were more fans in the Gator Bowl FOR that event than would ever show up for the Colts in a game in Memorial Stadium that year.
    Yes, Jacksonville suffered from poor attendance last year. It was our wake up call, and we’ve managed to retain 90% of our current season ticket holders, while ADDING almost 15,000 new season ticket holders – more than any team in the league. There will be no regular season blackouts in Jacksonville this year. Unlike Baltimore in 1978, we answered our call.

  9. How many chances is JAX going to get to keep this team? What’s next, selling tickets door to door for five bucks?

  10. @BradyGazelle….are you stupid or something?
    How many times does somebody have to tell you that the Jaguars tickets are not $9 per game. they lowered the cost by $9 per game, not TO $9 per game.
    And don’t talk crap. In the early 90s, the Pats couldn’t give tix away. What comes around goes around.

  11. @HereThere….
    Shouldn’t they get more than one year? Afterall, they did just fine every year up until last.
    Do some research.

  12. Before last season, Jacksonville averaged about 63,000 fans a game, ranking in the middle of the NFL in attendance. Not bad for the second smallest market in the league. That’s more than the old Memorial Stadium ever held.

  13. Disappointing that the very wealthy Bucs owners won’t spend the money for Tampa fans to watch their underwhelming team..

  14. HereThere says:
    August 18, 2010 7:22 PM
    How many chances is JAX going to get to keep this team? What’s next, selling tickets door to door for five bucks?
    I never knew one year constituted a trend.
    Oakland had 7 blackouts last year as well.

  15. Makes sense that Weaver would buy the tickets for the preseason games rather than the regular season one.
    Preseason games are televised by local TV station who pay the team rights fees. If the games are blacked out, no local TV means no TV $$$.
    If a regular season game is blacked out, the networks still pay the NFL the same amount of money that gets split among the 32 clubs.
    Of course, that’s just a cynical way of looking at things. Maybe Weaver just wants all the locals to get excited about Tyson Alualu

  16. I don’t know, with the Tyson Alualu fever sweeping Jacksonville, I think fans will be paying $1.34 on the dollar for tickets.

  17. I assure myself I won’t have any blackouts every weekend…doesn’t always go as planned….

  18. I assure myself I won’t have any blackouts every weekend…doesn’t always go as planned….

  19. brownsfn19 says:
    August 18, 2010 5:26 PM
    Shouldn’t they be worried about blackouts for the REAL season???

    Shouldn’t you worry about, you know, the Browns?
    Oh, and hornedhelmet? You’ve said the said thing in every Jaguars post for the last 2 months. We get it, Tebow is big here. He also played high school and college football here. You know who’s big in Minnesota? A 41-year-old. That is, until next year, when he’s gone and the Vikes are preparing their move to LA. Thanks for playing!

  20. No blackouts in the preseason, huh? Gee, thanks.
    Why? Are you trying to do Jax fans a favor by letting them watch “not real” games? Are you trying to confirm how bad the team is? How about lift the ban until you get some real players worth watching other than MJD of course?

  21. @ midwest
    As a Pats fan, I hated it when they sucked in the early 90s, but I loved it because I could get tickets below face for any game and watch Marino, Kelly, and all of the other great NFL players. Granted the stadium sucked, the parking sucked, the traffic sucked AND the game usually sucked!
    And, I have a solution for Jacksonville fans in order to watch ALL home games. It’s called NFL Ticket!

  22. @BCGreg:
    Gee thanks for not buying a ticket you cheap lazy whiny baby. This is what you sound like: “If only Wayne Weaver could buy all the regular season tickets so I can sit on my fat butt and watch it on TV.” If you hate the Jags so much why do you read their press.
    And Jags fans: please, please please stop comparing the Jags to Oakland. Oakland stinks. Who cares if a crappy team all the way across the country has blackouts. Last I checked the Jags were still in Jacksonville and also had seven blackouts. Unlike Oakland the Jags are ok and getting better. Why don’t you whiners do something about the team in your own backyard AND BUY A TICKET.

  23. @ Cornflorio says: “Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the ability of teams to write a check in order to televise a game that hasn’t sold out.”
    If you knew the topic that you cover, you’d know this “cat” has been out of the “bag” for quite a while. Blank did it early on with the Falcons. The theory is that if the home team is on in their local market, they stand to build a fanbase, increase merchandise sales, and THEN sell tickets.
    It worked for the Falcons.
    Read a little more about the NFL, Mike, and that way when you post stuff like this you won’t sound like such a whiny taint muffin.

  24. 3k is not that many to guarantee a season of sellouts. Cincinnati won their division last year and needed Ocho Cinco to buy up remaining seats to get on TV.

  25. HereThere says:
    How many chances is JAX going to get to keep this team? What’s next, selling tickets door to door for five bucks?
    What chances are you talking about? Care to elaborate? I’ll be holding my breath waiting for an answer.
    mattforbid says:
    August 18, 2010 5:26 PM
    And they got a team before Baltimore. The Ravens have sold out every game the’ve ever had while jax has to tarp sections of their upper deck. way to go tagliabue.
    You Baltimore people need to pull your panties up and wipe your tears. Can you cry any harder. Wah, wah, Jax got a team before us, wah wah. Well you should met Iray Sr demands and you would not have lost a team in the first place. Pathetic.
    It’s actually more like 2,500 season tickets left and to me and anyone with common sense to start with 17,000 at the end of last year and to now be 2,500 shy of no blackouts is pretty remarkable. So what is Weaver want to buy those tickets for 2 preseason games. You have to get he product out there if you want people to buy it. Are you going to buy a car without test driving it. This ticket talk is old. It’s time for football.

  26. “BaltimoreSports says:
    August 18, 2010 5:54 PM
    They must already be selling PSL to LA fans.”
    PSLs to the brand new state of the art LA stadium, right? Oh yeah. The one that does not exist. That one they could not get built for the Raiders so they moved back to Oakland. The one they could not get built for an expansion team in 2002 so the NFL awarded it to Houston. The one that has been talked about for 20 years and yet not one piece of dirt has been turned over with a shovel.

  27. Jacksonville has sold naming rights to the stadium and practice fields and has also upgraded the stadium the last few years. That doesn’t sound like the actions of a team that is about to move. Plus the city has rallied and is 2,500 tickets away from selling out the entire season.
    The Bucs and Dolphins are in worse shape than the Jags. It’s just they hide it better.

  28. We will not have blackouts this year. Were EXACTLY 2420 tickets away fromn a blackout free season, and we still have a couple of weeks to go. We had one bad year, and we dont deserve a football team?? PLEASE
    Let’s see what’s said when the Bucs have their blackouts this year… oh im sorry. They just had their first one this past weekend and they are crying like a baby. The Jaguars are not going anywhere and Wayne Weaver and the city is deticated to doing whatever it takes to keep our team here.

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