First-half shootout in Toronto

One of the good things about the August games that don’t count is that the NFL stages preseason contests on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  With’s Preseason Live, which we’re being compensated to promote, it means that five of seven days per week can be devoted to watching football.

Tonight, two games are being played.  In one of them, a whopping 45 points were scored in the first half in Toronto, where the Bills are hosting their former AFC East rival, the Colts.

The scoring began, as Rosenthal pointed out, with a nifty 31-yard run from Bills rookie running back C.J. Spiller, who seems to have all the speed, burst, and agility that he was believed to have in the days preceding the draft.

Then again, Spiller managed only 23 yards on his other nine carries, and he caught only one pass for two yards.  So maybe it comes and goes.  Or maybe the Bills’ offensive line is really, really bad.

The scoring also included a 78-yard return of a Peyton Manning interception by Bills cornerback Terrence McGee and a 70-yard touchdown pass from Trent Edwards to Terrell Owens Lee Evans.

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  1. “maybe the Bills’ offensive line is really, really bad.”
    MAYBE??? This your first season watching football, Florio?

  2. “Or maybe the Bills’ offensive line is really, really bad.”
    Or maybe the first unit hasn’t given up a sack on Trent yet, Florio, you dipshit!!

  3. How about you give some credit to buffalo for looking better than the best team in the AFC. Even though it was only a preseason game and it was only one half, but at least I don’t want to stab my eyes out with a pen like I did last week.

  4. Sure Buffalo’s O-line is bad… now. Their right tackle abruptly retired last year, their left tackle and right guard suffered season ending injuries and only their center and left guard played together most of last year. And lets add to the fact that there’s a new head coach with a new system to learn. If Buffalo can avoid the injuries they had last year, I think it’ll have to wait at least until mid season before a real grade can be made. For now, I’d rather just give them an incomplete.

  5. not to compare cj spiller to barry sanders BUT no running back in nfl history was tackled for yards lost more than sander BUT you dont hear about that very often (and rightfullly so) but any chance to knock the Bills down. There is enough to knock them about but to knock on spiller ? please….. thats what rbs do… small yardage, small yardage bam big play………….
    spiller gave every indication that he is the real deal esp since he missed a week of training camp

  6. mcgr8569 says:
    August 20, 2010 1:34 AM
    C.J. Spiller = Adrian Peterson + Chris Johnson
    C.J. Spiller = UNPROVEN ROOKIE

  7. This story is a complete failure. Why wouldn’t the angle be “holy crap, the bills scored over 20 points in the first half of a football game!” Honestly, you got to believe what you are seeing, not rehash old stories with tired conclusions.

  8. Wow, people comparing Spillers to Barry Sanders, Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.
    The guy had 1 rush for 31 yards and the rest was pretty pathetic.
    Now, was that 31 yard run just lucky or is he going to be able to do this consistently. Why don’t we see a bit more of Mr. Spillers before we put him in the HoF.
    Btw the Pats are NOT the best team in the AFC. I don’t know where you got that information.
    IMO Baltimore and Indy share the top spot atm. Pats have slipped down a bit. Still in the top 5, but not at the top.

  9. Ah shit.. nm, thought this was against the PATs.. Guess I should have my coffee before posting.
    Btw, against the Colts, once Manning is out, it’s easy pickens.

  10. Buffalo scored 21 with Manning and Freeney in the game. Different story this year with a new coach who holds players accountable.

  11. This article is BS… can you say something like “wow, CJ Spiller got a huge run for a touchdown that was unbeleivable…..but he only got a couple yards per carry other than that”?
    He did a great job, he looked solid, and thats what good running backs do………..what was the point of writing an article about how the Starting Bills looked good against the Starting Colts; and then just trash talking the Bills?
    I already know the answer, if the Bills look bad, it means that you were right about them……if the Bills look good, it means that everything you have said about the Bills is nothing more than BS speculation.

  12. actually u stupid tard, i didnt compare him to sanders.. i compared the fact that sanders had more yards for loss than anybody in history… that was in respect to the fact that florio made a point that all his other runs didnt amount to much… please read before u make comments to make you sound like a jim rome clone…

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