NFL upholds Brian Cushing suspension

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is still suspended for the first four games of the season.

The NFL announced on Thursday that Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld Cushing’s four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The league issued the following statement: “At the request of Texans owner Bob McNair, Commissioner Goodell reviewed additional medical information presented on behalf of Brian Cushing. The club and Cushing were notified today that after carefully considering all the information, including a review by outside medical experts, the commissioner finds no basis for changing the decision and that Mr. Cushing’s suspension for the first four games of the regular season remains in place.”

Cushing won the 2009 Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year award. He and McNair claimed that his failed drug test was the result of something called overtrained athlete syndrome.

37 responses to “NFL upholds Brian Cushing suspension

    Cushing makes me sick. Be a man and quit your lieing to try to get out of your steriod use. Your not 12 years old anymore Brian.

  2. I didn’t really think there was a question about it. Had Goodell reduced it, he would’ve only proved that he is as nuts as cushing and McNair to be believing in “voodoo medicine”

  3. It’s a shame the league office must be so diplomatic about these issues. We all know “finds no basis for changing the decision” means “Bob McNair told us the dumbest story we’ve ever heard so we laughed his ass back to Texas, then we told some real doctors about it and they laughed even harder.”

  4. And after reviewing the appeal…Goodell came down with a severe case of “OverBullShitted Commissioner Syndrome”, for which he will receive treatment….

  5. Wonder if his play will decline similar as that of Merriman?
    Merriman has been a non factor ever since he got busted. One should expect the same with Cushing.

  6. “Who knew that over trained athletes grow breasts?”
    well he probly just drank a lot of beer and jumped up and down a lot and voila! they grew out of his chest.
    maybe tim tebow loaned him a rib.
    maybe he’s a serial self-fondler.

  7. @sportsbruh3, re: “Now that he’s getting monitored – lets see how he PERFORMS now – without his SUPERMAN help.”
    Not defending him but Cushing’s failed test was early September 2009. He played his entire rookie season under increased monitoring and passed all subsequent tests. Facts are your friend.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that a significant amount of NFL players use steroids? I mean, Cushing wasn’t even caught for using steroids. He was caught using the drug that kick starts your body’s natural testesterone production after you stop using steroids. This is the same drug Manny Ramirez was recently caught using. So, both players got away with the steriods (and presumably passed drug tests during use). Leads me to be believe there are ways around these tests and a lot of players are doing it.

  9. Question:
    How often will Cushing be tested now?
    Every week?
    Once a month?
    Blood or urine?
    Just curious …. how often is Merriman tested?

  10. Drugs in football?…..I’m shocked….shocked to find gambling going on in this place!!!
    Who Knew

  11. “Antonio Cromarte suffers from overtrained dong syndrome.”
    I think he suffers from Rick Pitino Syndrome. That means undertrained if he can’t last longer than 15 seconds. That’s all it took Rick on a pizza plate to knock up his ho.

  12. It’s shameful how he nor the GM will take responsibility.
    deny deny deny even though you are busted. That never works.

  13. @CJ
    It’s “anal inflicted”, get it right.
    Of course, I am referring to the epic MOD song from the mid 80s.

  14. And aj he performed well believing he might be suffering a miscarriage and thought he might die of a heart attack any moment (according to him). I just wish he would have come out during the season last year so everyone could experience the bravery that is Brian Cushing and not need to wait for the negative test and his thoughtful, pensive explanations of it.
    I mean which mere mortal would have continued playing a violent sport knowing every play could be the last one, their last breath?
    The facts (and quotes) ARE our friends.
    Who cares a lot of needy teams passed on him because they knew he was a heavy ‘roid user beginning in high school? Those teams don’t know courage. Cushing defines courage – no one denies this.

  15. Thinking that the Commish would be stupid enough to fall for this was a side-effect of underbrained athlete syndrome.

  16. See, this is all Albert Haynesworth is trying to do- avoid Overtrained Athlete Syndrome.
    Can you blame him?

  17. He got busted in September, how can you say he didnt/wont play at a high level anymore?? and by the way, WHO CARES…let em juice, it doesnt ruin my experience watching the game. i just wanna be entertained, and could care less how they go about it…

  18. In a related story, another Houston resident Roger Clemens was indicted for perjury related to his steroid testimony before Congress. Bob McNair, Texan’s owner, is on Roger’s expert witness list for the overtrained athlete syndrome defense.

  19. Didn’t the so-called expert critic say that OAS would only cause a positive test 1 out of 1000 times? Sounds like a Brian Cushing false positive was just waiting to happen.
    A test with 99.9% accuracy is eventually going to have false results. Just like girls on birth control ‘can’ still get pregnant. Ya, it’s unlikely, but eventually it happens.

  20. bednarik60 says:
    August 19, 2010 3:31 PM
    The Commish should have extended the suspension on the basis of ridiculous bullsh*t.
    Damn you, bednarik60. You beat me to it.

  21. I watched the game last week. He was all over the place. So if he has been off the drugs for almost a year and is still playing at the same level. Maybe the drugs weren’t that big a deal.

  22. HEY !!!!!!!
    You guys saying he was busted in Sept and still played great…… your artificial muscles don’t just disappear when you go off roids. He would have been able to maintain for at least 6 months. The telling year will be this year. Anything artificial should be gone now.
    You can use facts and stats to prove anything, 60% of people know this.

  23. Truth be told, the NFL could put a stop to steroid and performance enhancing substance use if they really wanted to. It’s a private club, fourth amendment rights dont’t apply. The NFL and ownership could decide to test the players at random and if a given palyer tested positive for a defined substance, they could be suspended. Nuff said. But it aint gonna happen because there’s too much money involved.

  24. Roger Goodell actually read Cushing’s appeal to the dias at the Friar’s Club… Lisa Lampanelli wet herself. Jeffrey Thompson was speechless, said; “funniest shit I’ve ever heard, his lawyer writes funnier stuff than me.”

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