On Jacoby Jones, Saban was wrong and Denzel was right

From Sports Director Mark Berman of the FOX 26 in Houston comes an interesting story regarding Texans receiver Jacoby Jones.

As it turns out, the fourth-year player once received feedback regarding his NFL prospects from Nick Saban and from Denzel Washington.  And one of them was very, very wrong.

“The last year that he had gone to one of his camps he gets this award or
certificate that talks about his skills and techniques, but Nick Saban
told him, ‘You have great ability and you have great skills as an
athlete, but you’re too small.  You will never play professional
,'” Emily Jones told FOX 26.  “That stayed with Jacoby and made it a goal for him to be successful.”

Later, when Jones played at Lane College, his team faced Morehouse College.  John David Washington, the son of Denzel Washington, played for Morehouse.  And Denzel was there for the game. 

“At the end of the game Denzel Washington called Jacoby over to him and said, ‘Son I expect to see you on Sunday,'” Emily Jones said.  “When
Jacoby came back over to me I said, ‘Jacoby what did he want’?  He said, he expects to see me on Sunday.  I said, ‘What does that mean’?

said, ‘To play professional football.’  I said, ‘Son, are you that good’? 
He said, ‘I guess so mom.  I don’t know.  I just love to play football.'”

So now that Jones has made it into the NFL and has stuck around for three full seasons, what does Emily Jones have to say to Saban?

“Eat your words,” she said.  “Look at where he is today.”

It’s not nearly as strong a message as others would like to convey to Saban, but it’s not bad.

21 responses to “On Jacoby Jones, Saban was wrong and Denzel was right

  1. Saban is a superior judge of talent. Isn’t he the one who chose an Dauntee Culpeppers knee over Drew Brees’ shoulder.

  2. Hey Emily? STFU. Sorry your widdle pwecious wasn’t told what he wanted to hear from Saban, but so what? He made it, so quit acting like a sniveling bitch.

  3. There is an agenda there. Texas media can’t stand the fact that Saban spanked them. And of course the SEC Paul Finebaum media plays the “Colt McCoy” is a pussy card…

  4. Hey Mike, Happen to watch the NFL game that took place tonight or were you too busy talking to Jacoby Jones’ mom about things Nick Saban probably never had the time, interest or desire to say?

  5. I’m no fan of Nick Satan, me being a fins fan and all, but so what? Nicky boy was wrong. As it pertains to football, Saban has obviously been right about a lot more things than he has been wrong about, no? No man is perfect, and yes Saban is a prick for telling anyone that “they’ll never make it”, but there is no shame in telling a kid he MIGHT not make it because of his size. That’s just a realistic line of advice. In most cases a kid like Jacoby Jones doesn’t make it. Saban got it wrong. Good for Jacoby Jones! But at the end of the day, Saban still has 2 BCS National Championships, a few SEC titles, and a bunch of wins with even more on the way. His reputation in terms of football competence is hardly hurt by this. Oh, and Denzel was just being nice I’m sure. I’ll bet he’s at least a little surprised that Jacoby actually “made it” too.

  6. Kudos to Jacoby Jones for overcoming the odds and using Saban’s comments as motivation to achieve a goal, but it’s unfair to single out Saban in this. It’s not like Saban didn’t offer him a scholarship to LSU, then Jacoby Jones ended up at another big time program. He went to freakin Morehouse. If you’re gonna call out Saban, then call out all of the other 100+ NCAA Div 1 coaches who didn’t offer him a scholarship.

  7. @HereThere. You are a disrespectful little Bitch. Nick Saban was wrong. You never tell someone that they cannot chase their dream. Saban is wrong for that. I don’t care if he won the BCS championship or not, he shouldn’t be allowed to coach college student planting those seeds of doubt. Just because he failed in the NFL, he shouldn’t shit on the next man’s dreams. Great job J. Jones keep striving to be better. I’m glad you didn’t let him define who you are!!

  8. Hey zacapa, Berman is a Houston area native and a University of Houston graduate. He could give a shit about the university of Texas at Austin so your “Texas media” conspiracy theory fails.
    Not to say there aren’t plenty of UT bootlickers and groupies down here — If that piece was written by the UT homer that works part time for the Houston Chronicle and a small AM sports radio station down here, then you would have a point.
    That said, Saban is still a douche for the way he handled his exit at Miami

  9. He’s a good kid and we are really looking forward to seeing him take that next step in realizing his potential here in Houston.
    We’ve got your back #12 !

  10. Wow, I can see that being a first-class douchebag hasn’t keep some of you morons from kissing Nick Saban’s a$$.
    So the clown is a successful college coach? Who cares? Ask the fans in Miami how good an NFL coach he was, or how good his word is? The guy is an a-hole, whining about agents and the NFL to boot!
    I’m glad Jones made it in spite of being pissed on by Saban. A college coaches job is to MOTIVATE people to try their hardest, not throw cold water on their goals.
    As for the poster who spews about Saban’s “reputation” ….. yeah, he’s got a GREAT one: biggest douchebag to ever walk a sideline. By the way, that same poster trashed Jones for going to “freaking Morehouse”. I’d say that says even more about Jones, that he made the NFL from that kind of program!
    Regarding Jones’ mom:
    “Eat your words” = “Go f–k yourself”

  11. Thank god Saban was wrong or Emily wouldn’t have gotten that new ranch house and car from her lil boy. As someone else said, it’s not like Jones’ skills got him into any big time program. Making an NFL roster was a long shot at best, and it’s still a long shot he will stick.

  12. Saban is such a douche. How can you call ANY kid too small? He ended up growing into a 6-2, 210 lb body. What an idiot.

  13. BTW, it’s not unfair at all to call Saban out on this. The article implies that Jones was a kid when he to this camp.
    No decent person ever tells a kid they can’t chase their dreams, especially after acknowledging that they have the talent to do so. This guy is an arrogant prick.

  14. Those defending saban’s talent evaluation have to explain kicking brees to the curb and keeping daunte culpepper.
    nick’s revisionist history now has the medical staff making the decision, but anyone who believes that also believed him when he swore he wasn’t going to alabama.
    nick forgets he in fact held all the reins as a highly recruited college genius ready to make his mark as belechick II.
    nick is actually what most super successful college coaches are these days; great salesmen. Unless they successfully sell these talented kids, they can coach till the cows come home.

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