The first ever PFT video mailbag

So on Thursday we put out a call for questions (again) for a PFT mailbag. 

This time, it worked.

We picked three questions and I provide the answers via today’s edition of PFT Daily.  Everyone who submitted a question gets a free one-year subscription to


11 responses to “The first ever PFT video mailbag

  1. Everyone who submitted a question gets a free one-year subscription to
    How bout those of us who didn’t? Can we at least 50% off the regular admission price?

  2. sportsbruh3:
    “this IS free.
    paying sites do not LIVE”
    Sorry man, but WTF are you saying?!!!

  3. Subscription to what? Haven’t had to pay a dime since the old days when Florio was begging for donations to keep the pop up ads off the screen.

  4. # Rex Grossman says: August 20, 2010 2:02 PM
    how come mike florio doesn’t make funny jokes in his videos?
    Since when does he ever make funny jokes at all? He’s a glorified hack, not a comedian .

  5. Nice segment. Questions are off the wall and not the same rehashed crap everyone else is asking and answering, except for Moss, but still liked the perspective.

  6. Why would the Broncos trade Quinn to the Bears? This would be an asinine move on the part of the Broncos. However, if the Bears accepted a trade for Quinn this would throw question into the mind of Cutler. Maybe the Broncos could get Urlacher in the trade and more draft picks. This move could demoralize Cutler and cause him to be worse this year. Maybe this is not such a bad scenario after all.

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