Second round pick would be enough to score Vincent Jackson

Nothing about Vincent Jackson’s current predicament seems easy, except coming up with the trade compensation for him.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that the Chargers are believed to be asking for a second-round pick in exchange for Jackson. That price reportedly wouldn’t be an issue for Seattle.

Money is the far bigger problem.  Jackson wants a contract in the range of Brandon Marshall’s deal with Miami or more. Acee’s sources say Jackson wants $30 million guaranteed on a five-year, $50 million contract.  That’s a price the Seahawks are unsurprisingly unwilling to meet.  (Jackson’s  multiple DUI arrests apparently don’t hurt his asking price.) 

If Seattle did trade for Jackson, they would be lacking picks in next year’s draft. They already traded a 2011 third round pick for Charlie Whitehurst.

6 responses to “Second round pick would be enough to score Vincent Jackson

  1. “Jackson’s multiple DUI arrests apparently don’t hurt his asking price.”
    Hopefully in his mind. One is a mistake two is a pattern of stupidity. Good luck getting 30 mil, I’m thinking he’ll go all Deion Branch on their anuses either way.

  2. Marshall fetched two second round picks. I suppose that means Jackson should get one half the amount of money to play.

  3. If this clown doesn’t even have the sense to turn down his radio on his way to play the biggest game of his career driving with a suspended license, well, not a lot of help for him. See ya VJack.

  4. The Chargers need more than a 2nd rounder for Jackson. That’s where they drafted him in 2005, and they’ve invested a lot into developing him into one of the most feared deep threats in the NFL today. A 2011 second rounder, plus another pick, possibly an additional second rounder, or a 2011 second rounder and a decent player that fills a need for the Chargers.

  5. Hope he likes losing a lot of games. That roster is awful- too many guys competing for a starting job/roster spot at the same time. Like Julious Jones- he may or may not make the roster, he also very well could be the starting rb.

  6. VJack is a turd for sure…give some extra points to SD on the turd watch and maybe some to Seattle for pursuing this guy (why no more mentions of said Turd Watch btw?)

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