Kremer: More than migraines at work in Harvin collapse

Vikings receiver Percy Harvin didn’t pass out last week as a direct result of his migraine headaches, according to Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman.

Sugarman sat down for an in-depth conversation with Andrea Kremer of NBC Sports, detailing what he went through on Thursday afternoon when Harvin collapsed.  Sugarman calls Harvin’s migraines “the riddle they can’t solve.”

There are limitations to what Sugarman could reveal, but said he was confident they know why Harvin passed out. It came from a complication of other factors which could include an adverse
reaction to medication, dehydration and blood pressure that got too low.  Harvin stayed overnight in the hospital because he was unresponsive for a long period of time. (7-10 minutes.)

Harvin was lucky in one respect: The Vikings had their team doctors at practice when he collapsed, which wouldn’t necessarily be the case once the season started

The team remains confident Harvin will return to practice soon and that medically he’s already fine.  But Sugarman admits that Harvin’s battle with migraines will be a “lifelong fight”

30 responses to “Kremer: More than migraines at work in Harvin collapse

  1. Paging Dr. House, Dr. Gregory House….
    House would solve Harvin’s problem and have a verbal field day insulting Chilly and Brett.

  2. This could all have been avoided if Harvin would just learn the rules of toking.
    Puff puff pass, Puff Puff Pass Percy !
    Quit bogarting the joint and you wouldn’t cop a head rush and pass out.

  3. House would say something witty, snort some pills then walk off set with his head held high… trying to control the drip of course.

  4. He had some Favre pearls in his throat and it blocked his windpipe. You would’ve thought that Brett would have been empty after all of the Viking fans got off their knees, but apparently that’s not the case.

  5. I’m notta big toker… but it needs to be medically available for some of these guys. Can any NFL player toke medically?? I’m talking Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, 49ers, etc??? Do NFL Rules outweigh State Law? i suppose…
    Not sure where it’s medically legal, but I hope people get my point…

  6. I can see it now,one of the writers for “House”will soon come up with a football player named Rock Rodzinski, starting running back for the local college team collapsing on the practice field for seven long minutes and taken to Houses hospital after his migrains have been divulged but the unknown cause for his collapse remains and must be found and the player cured,House finds not only the cause of the collapse but the migrains also.

  7. Funny how the actual article states they *MAY* know the reason why, yet Florio decides to eliminate that word and make it sound as fact in yet another case of journalistic sensationalism.
    Even with competent sources, Florio still makes up things to get hits…….

  8. When this kid drops dead on the football field after a normal NFL hit, who is going to take the blame? It certainly isn’t the kid for wanting to play football. a couple suspects could be chilly, Dr’s., vikings org. Will anyone take any responsibility for when this happens? Or will everyone just chalk this up to the football gods needing there yearly human sacrifice.

  9. FOX,, ESPN,and the AP are the normal mainstream leaders in sports reporting for NFL news. NBC? Not so much.

  10. I suffered from Migraines all through my 20s. The frequency between spells lessen as you age, I haven’t had one in over a year. I can say there were several occasions where I collapsed from the pain. Everything that was described in Percy’s case, I’ve personally experienced. So for the trainer to say it’s more than migraines that might not be the case. People dismiss migraines as just a headache, I’d equate them more to a painful, but milder form of epilepsy.
    Once the migraine is over, you feel a little out of it, but by the next day you are back to 100%.

  11. Scary stuff.
    I hope Harvin ends up being alright.
    At the end of the day, football is a game. Life is more important than any game.

  12. The amount of revenue these teams have (AND the investement in the players) and they don’t have team doctors on the side-lines during practice? Doesn’t that seem like a cheap insurance policy on disaster? I’d think the Union could sneak that one in during the renog of the contract.

  13. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. It’s called WITHDRAWL folks. I’ve got a couple friends up in the cities that told me this guy has a serious drug problem. I’m not talking about a little pot here. These guys told me he runs a cocktail of prescription meds, coke, ecstasy, and meth. Seek professioal help Percy, Favre was/is a drug addict too, it didn’t hurt his career.

  14. If the migraines are as bad as he pretends they are I have trouble believing he is cleared to play football. Especially with all the new attention on head trauma.
    Head collisions trigger migraines too.

  15. Awesome! All the Queen fans that have been touting Harvin as a sure Hall of Famer have an out when he is the bust many of us though he would be. I actually expected him to be better in his rookie year then he was. Maybe that will make the sophmore drop less extreme.
    Sleep well Viking fans, your excuse for 2010 failures is in hand!

  16. “Harvin was lucky in one respect: The Vikings had their team doctors at practice when he collapsed”
    viking team doctors also gave medical clearance for the vikings to draft Harvin.
    viking team doctors were there for Korey Stringer, too.

  17. This guy droppin’ dead on the field is waiting to happen….Then everyone will play stupid..

  18. I feel bad for the man. Migraines sound awful.
    One thing medical science is good at is pain medication. I’m surprised they haven’t yet invented something for migraines.

  19. Seems like an NFL team might want to always have a team doctor on sight during practices.
    Ohh, I forgot, NFL teams can’t afford something like that.

  20. Get well offensive rookie of the year.
    Fact #1: The Vikes are falling apart at the seams…they fell to #2 in rushing defense in 09.
    Down from #1 the previous 3 years.
    Fact #2: The Vikes led the league in Sacks in 09.
    Fact #3: The Vikes went 2 and 0 against the Pack, knocking ARog on his ass 14, yes 14 times. How many times did the Pack knock down the vikes QB in those two games…ZERO.
    Fact #4: Zero #4 references in my post.
    More facts to come…….

  21. Purplehelmaetsucker? Nice name, you enjoy sucking purple helmet? Puzzy Harvin was RoTY in name only, we all know Knox is the better receiver, return man and isn’t a stoner cry baby. I’ll take his upside any day over a camp skipping cry baby who fakes headaches so he can get back to his bong…

  22. I keep thinking about Ernie Davis when I read about this. I hope they figure it out, and it isn’t serious.

  23. The symptoms just happen to resemble those of concussions… but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  24. That’s why they are bring in Javon Walker as insurance for when Percy can’t play or drops dead.

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