A trade for Vincent Jackson makes sense before season or not at all

Unsigned Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson will miss the first three games of the 2010 season because of a league suspension.  When it was confirmed this weekend that he was officially placed on the roster exempt list, we asked the NFL to clarify how this coincided with his suspension.

Here’s what NFL spokesman Dan Masonson told us:

1. Vincent Jackson’s three-game Substance Abuse suspension begins once the final roster reduction takes place [6:00 PM ET on Sept. 4].

2. Jackson is ineligible to report to the club during his suspension.

3. As per the CBA’s restricted free agency provisions, if Jackson reports after his suspension begins on Sept. 4, he will be ineligible to play for an additional three weeks following the date he actually reports. The CBA’s restricted free agency provisions state that once a club has notified a player of its intention to place him on the roster exempt list, the player must remain on that list for three games following the date on which he actually reports to his club.

All right.  This essentially means Jackson will miss three or six games if he plays this year, but not in between.  If he reports to a team before Sept. 4, he can serve his suspension and use up his three weeks on the roster exempt list at the same time.  Otherwise, he can’t start his roster exempt clock until his suspension is over.

This clarification puts even more pressure for the Chargers to trade Jackson by Sept. 4.  If he’s not dealt before then, he will have to miss six games this season, lowering his trade value. 

If Jackson stays put, he’ll have to report to the Chargers by the eighth week of the season or he’ll lose an accrued year of NFL service. 

It’s getting difficult to imagine Jackson playing for the Chargers this year, and it also doesn’t make sense for a trade to happen after the season starts.

If a team like Seattle wants Jackson, they should make the move soon or move on.

28 responses to “A trade for Vincent Jackson makes sense before season or not at all

  1. Isn’t there something that basically says the Chargers can void the roster exemption if he is traded?

  2. Before VJ does anything other than sit on his ass in 2010, he will have to pull his head out of the clouds (or perhaps, out of a bottle) and get real as far as his contract demands. He is NOT worth 50 Mil and 30 Mil guaranteed.

  3. “If a team like Seattle wants Jackson, they should make the move soon or move on.”
    GM Rosenthal -errr- Florio Jr Jr sure does know his football politics

  4. Chargers won’t want him to go to Washington and get paid. They would rather him get low balled then get his way and get his pockets filled too.

  5. Uh, who’s on Seattle? Buehler, Buehler? Jackson succeeded in large part because he had Rivers throwing to him, Gates at TE, Sproles and LT in the backfield. To think he would be as successful in Seattle is a bit presumptuous so good luck with that Seattle, and have a nice day!

  6. I’m sure there are a lot of teams that would be interested in VJ, but certainly not for the kind of money he is demanding. With a lockout pending for 2011 and no team willing to committ to a longterm deal at today’s prices as they wait for a new CBA, a team would in effect be paying the $30M guarantee that VJ wants for one year of service……..ain’t gonna happen VJ.

  7. Do Vincent Jackson and Albert Hayneswortth have the same parents? I have to think that there are not two sets of parents that are capable of making children who are that stupid and lazy?

  8. VJ is no longer welcome in San Diego. At this stage of the game AJ won’t sign him for 1mil never mind 50mil. He has not been traded yet for 1 reason and only 1 reason….he’s a huge risk with character issues who wants way, way too much money! When his agent finally realizes that he can’t command 10mil a year for 5yrs or more and decides to become reasonable then and only then will he get traded. Those are the facts people!

  9. Question…
    If Vincent Jackson was… traded to the Saints or Vikings before the season starts:
    THEN, after the Thursday game, he is traded to another NFL team the Friday or Saturday,,,
    Can he count that as sitting out 2 games of his suspension?
    I know it’s not PROBABLY. Just wondering if that is a loophole in the system. He could potentially serve his 3 game suspension in 1 weekend if he sat out the Thursday night game, Sunday game, and then Monday Night game.

  10. missing six games isn’t really all that much a deterrent to a team looking to trade for him before the trade deadline, because if you’re getting someone at the trade deadline, you’re getting them either for a stretch run to help make the playoffs, or for a playoff run

  11. Even if Seattle agreed to contract terms with VJ, AJ Smith will asked for ridiculous trade terms to squash the deal. You don’t think a vindictive SOB like Smith is gonna all0w VJ to win his escape, do you? If VJ does leave, you can count on AJ Smith to convince his players to tell the media that they are relieved for VJ to leave cos he was holding the team back. *wink*

  12. AJ’s move makes no sense. It diminsihes his trade value and it diminishes his value should he report.
    This is how you build a Super Bowl team? Keep flushing away your top draft picks for nothing?

  13. Vikes…..Sidney Rice is out for the first half of the season. Percy Harvin is always going to be a question mark. This guy makes sense. This is a win now or never moment. Get this done. Or it could be a long season.

  14. Is there a way the Vikings can trade for Vincent, but have his suspension be the last three games?
    that way Sidney Rice and Jackson can neatly overlap their absences. We can even tack on a fourth or fifth game to be fair.

  15. habibfromnewdehli,
    As far as I know, a player cannot be traded once a game has been played for that week. If there were a Thursday night game, all trades would have to be finalized and approved by Wednesday in order for the trade to go into effect. I can’t think of any way or sort of benefit that could be had by allowing a player to play for two different teams in the same week, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it. Heck, it could specifically be a rule to prevent players from shortening suspensions the way you hypothesized 🙂

  16. Charger fans – if you couldn’t beat a good defensive team like the Jets with VJ, Floyd, Nanee, Davis, and Gates, your chances of beating them this year without VJ are less. This move by AJ hurts the team and decreases their chances of making the Super Bowl this year, and if he continues to play hard ball he will end up losing VJ (like Brees, like Turner) and end up with a compensatory pick in the 2012 draft. So while he is flexing his managerial muscles, the teams is taking a step backwards, not the way to build a SuperBowl team.

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