Bucs shake up their starting lineup

Most teams try to hide big changes to the team’s depth chart. The Bucs announce the news as the top story on their team’s website, trying to build some excitement.  (And we thank them for that.)

Heading into the team’s crucial third preseason game, the Bucs announced on Monday that Sean Jones has won the team’s starting strong safety spot over Sabby Piscatelli.  The move is no surprise, but will surely draw cheers from Bucs fans.

At left guard, veteran Keydrick Vincent has passed Jeremy Zuttah.  As the Bucs’ website is quick to point out, Vincent and Jones were key free agent acquisitions this offseason.

Bucs coach Raheem Morris said previously he wants to settle his position battles going into this week.   It’s still unclear who the backup running back is, however.  The St. Petersburg Times reports Kareem Huggins has drawn even with Derrick Ward, although the team’s website doesn’t reflect any change there.

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  1. It’s gonna be a rough rebuilding of that defense for the Bucs. They are built for a Tampa-2 but Morris wants to change it. Freeman looked good last year though, and could be a nice surprise.

  2. Not too big of a surprise with Jones n Vincent. But bout Huggins I’m pretty sure I got a text today sayin he’s our number 2. Could be mistaken. Wouldn’t lose any sleep if we got rid of Ward any was possible tho.

  3. I wonder if NBC notices how much the staff at PFT has been slackin off. Rarely any posts here in the evening.

  4. one good hit and jones is gone for a few games just ask how his durability was in c-town, love the player but not the nagging injuries

  5. Watched the Bucs in person over the weekend. Huggins was one of the bright spots for the team. He deserves more playing time.
    And on a side note, Mike Williams is the real deal.

  6. Football’s Bucs are becoming baseball’s Bucs, perennial losers.
    Really, there are so many things so fundamentally wrong with Tampa Bay that it will take years for the team to turn around.
    None of its quarterbacks, running backs, or wide receivers will be there four years from now.
    Very few of its defensive players will be there four years from now.
    After suffering two more plus 10 game losing seasons, they’ll blow up this team after the 2012 season and start over again.
    Then, it will be “Hello Raiderville” for another 3 to 4 seasons.
    No wonder the Bucs can’t give tickets away to their games.

  7. And Goober DUemIg is on the radio yesterday saying all the people griping about the sorry state of the Bucs are just “Gruden Lovers.”
    What an ass. Yes, we are “Gruden Lovers” because we would rather have competitive teams coached by a Super Bowl winner rather than a 3-13 team led by a an incompetent, incomprehensible chest-bumping nitwit with a GM whose acumen was on full display when he re-signed Michael Clayton and cut Derrick Brooks.
    What kind of moron accepts that to “rebuild” you have to go from 9-7 two years in a row to 3-13? Only one with a fat microphone in his face for 3 hours a day. Get a tattoo of Morris on your lower back and be done with it already, Fat Dog. Your daily slobbering over him is causing the channel to be changed. Between the 12 IQ Sileo, the two metrosexuals afterward, and Duemig, 620 has an all-star lineup of turds.

  8. Darn, I thought they’d finally let the middle schoolers that run on the field during halftime squeak by into the starting lineup.
    As a Panther fan, Keydrick Vincent is a mauler and can run block like crazy, but can’t pass block to save his life. Liked him while he was with us, but here’s to hoping he gets trampled into a puddle this season. Oh yeah, and that the Bucs just forefeit instead of showing up to embarass themselves this season. Nah…it’ll be more fun to have a warm-up game against them twice this year where we can rest our starters and tee off on them with our scrubs.

  9. Bucs fans things will be ok after Saturday night. You play the Jags, and everyone looks better when they play the Jags.

  10. I love it when a team has a bad season or two and get degraded to perennial bottom-dwellers by the casual fans… The Bucs will be good again soon, might even surprise everyone this season. Stranger things have happend in the NFC South.
    The thing that went wrong was that the Bruce Allen / Gruden combo were one of the worst drafters and FA signers in the league. Now they have to weed out or deal with those failures and slowley start over.

  11. So, honest question here. Will there be more people at the Jags/Bucs game at Raymond James or the Red Sox/Rays game at the Trop?

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