Colts find a new weapon in Brody Eldridge

Bad news for the rest of the AFC South: There’s a new Colts offensive weapon to worry about this year.

Rookie fifth-round tight end Brody Eldridge has opened eyes with his play at training camp and backed it up with nice efforts in the preseason.  I watched the Colts’ second preseason game, and was impressed with Eldridge’s hands and ability to stretch the defense. (He started and made a difficult 22-yard grab up the seam.)

The Oklahoma grad’s ability as a pass-catcher is surprising because he was a second-team offensive lineman in the Big 12. His blocking skills and versatility could be difficult to handle in two tight end sets opposite Dallas Clark.  Eldridge didn’t get to catch the ball in college because Jermaine Gresham was in front of him.  (Gresham was out all of Eldridge’s senior year, but Eldrige mostly played on the offensive line and then also got hurt.)

“I’ve always believed in my pass-catching skills. I just never really did it,” Eldridge told the Indianapolis Star.

John Oesher of the Indy Football Report has been beating the drum of late that Peyton Manning possibly has the best set of weapons of his career in 2010.  We’re not ready to go that far yet, but Eldrige could go a long way towards proving Oesher correct.

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  1. Colts were more dangerous when Clark, Wayne, and Harrison (and his weapon) were Peyton’s weapons.

  2. you know what i think it is, it’s peyton’s a) understanding of the offense b) knowledge of how to guide people into the right positions c) the extra(non mini camp-ota) work peyton does on the side with each “weapon” that makes the difference. YOu reading this Jay Cutler? He breaks down tape on his offtime, he brings in players to his home or a second home and works with them, the guy is just a football machine and can make me into a probowler, and i have never played organized football in my life, i have that much confidence in his leadership skills and work ethic that has to be extremely contagious

  3. is it true that Peyton Manning doesn’t have kids because he’s busy watching game film all the time ?

  4. I don’t know if anyone watches East Bound and Down, but I see a dramatic similarity between Mike Florio and Greg Rosenthal, and Kenny Powers and his sidekick Timmy the music teacher. Much like Powers, Florio uses anger and blind arrogance to cover up his blatant stupidity, and usually makes me laugh. Where as Timmy (Rosenthal) leads the watcher (reader) to believe he is probably partially mentally handicapped. Timmy (Rosenthal) also seems to have a strange physical attraction to Powers (Florio). He is mainly like Rosenthal though in his inability to speak/write and his extreme stupidity.

  5. @ turdfurguson
    Do us all a favor and beat yourself lifeless with a billy-club. Kenny’s friends name is Stevie, not Timmy, and Florio doesn’t have one thing in common with Kenny. Kenny is an american hero and Florio is nothing but a turd much like yourself. Please don’t post on here again as your “blatant stupidity” makes noone laugh but just pisses us all off.

  6. Oehser has a point with Manning’s weapons. Many people will point to 2004 and the 49 touchdown passes when Mannings weapons were an impressive Clark-Harrison-Stokely-Wayne-James.
    That is a very difficult top five to best.
    Oehser’s point is that the Colts are deeper than in 2004. And its easy to get excited about the Colts 4 deep receiving corp plus all-world TE Dallas Clark and two starting runners in Addai and Brown. But…
    …I disagree with him. Dominic Rhodes (a previous 1000 yard rusher and future Super Bowl hero) backed up James at running back in 2004. Dallas Clark actually backed up a much unheralded Marcus Pollard and the Colts had Ben Hartsock, the best blocking Tight End in football. Not to mention the three receivers who all had 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2004 (and production trumps potential every time.)
    I would say that the 2004 team was equally as deep as the 2010 team. But its impressive (and a little scary for AFC South opponents) that today’s Colts are even being compared to one of the greatest offensive teams of all-time.

  7. # jj jones says: August 23, 2010 10:44 AM
    They should sign Tracy Porter whenever he hits free agency.
    NICE…one of the funniest comments ever!

  8. @ CKL and jj jones
    Your right, we could use some depth in the secondary. He wouldn’t start for us…hes the next coming of Larry Brown

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