Jets dump four, including Laveranues Coles

Receiver Laveranues’ Coles third stint with the Jets ended the same way as his prior two did.

With Coles leaving the team.

It happened a lot sooner this time around, with the Jets cutting him loose as part of the first wave of roster reductions.  By Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, every team must be down to 75 players.

The Jets have announced that Coles, receiver Marcus Henry, receiver Aundrae Allison, and defensive lineman Rodrique Wright have been released.

Henry was a sixth-round pick in 2008.  He had not yet appeared in any regular-season games for the Jets.

As to Coles, the move could mark the end of his career.  Previously, he jumped from the Jets to the Redskins as a restricted free agent in 2003.  Four seasons after rejoining the team in 2005, he gave up guaranteed money from the Jets in exchange for his release, and Coles then pocketed even more from the Bengals, who cut him after one season.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Brett Favre makes a pitch for the receiver-needy Vikings to sign Coles, who caught 70 passes for 850 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns in 2008, when Favre and Coles were teammates in New York.

We don’t know what Coles has left, but he surely has more than Javon Walker.

7 responses to “Jets dump four, including Laveranues Coles

  1. genius writing there mf… how else would a “stint” end without the player leaving the team?

  2. Actually retard, Walker is younger than Coles and probably has a bit more tread on the tires. Don’t you remember him sitting on the bench recovering from injuries the past few years?

  3. Wow. The jests must be loaded at WR to cut three of them with Holmes looking at a four-game suspension on top of that.

  4. I see PFT’s sowing circle has been busy all weekend.
    Koa….have you left the computer once? Aside from heating up hot pockets of course. LOL
    You guys are a sad bunch.

  5. Coles was slow and horrible with Favre. Walker at this stage is better than the fast declining Coles.

  6. Florio,
    You are half right about the Vikings, they are willing to sign WR rejects but only if they are ex Packers. There is something irresistible about players that Packers can’t use anymore to the Vikings. Some call it envy, the rest of us just find it humorous and more than a little pathetic.

  7. The funny thing is that while Coles was a Bengal, he still managed to help the Jets win their division game against the Bengals, with his lack of ability.

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