Jets have interest in Adalius Thomas

With linebacker Calvin Pace expected to miss four to six weeks with a broken foot, the Jets need a replacement.

And the man who gets the first crack at providing depth on the depth chart could be former Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas.

Rich Cimini of reports that the Jets “are showing interest” in Thomas; coach Rex Ryan said Sunday only that “he’s thought about” Thomas, per the Jets’ official Twitter feed.

Cimini says that, barring man boobs or a moon shot, Thomas could be a Jet within a day or so.

Thomas has been available since being cut by the Patriots in the offseason.  He played for Ryan when Ryan ran the defense in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, veteran Jason Taylor will replace Pace in the starting lineup.  “That’s what I do, man,” Taylor said.  “I’ve been doing this a long time.  It’s my job to step up and help.  Can I do it?  Yeah.  It’s what I do.”

We wonder whether any of the reporters responded by saying, “Taylor, what the hell are you talking about?

31 responses to “Jets have interest in Adalius Thomas

  1. JT go back to Miami pretty boy we dont need your 39 year old ass trudging around the football field. Adalius Thomas welcome to NY. This would be the best acquisition the Jets made all year

  2. Getting ready for that week one matchup huh Rex? Isn’t Ed Hartwell on the market? Bring the whole gang together.

  3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Jets. As if all the ME players this dysfunctional team added in the offseason wasn’t enough, now the man with the Lap Band wants to add ANOTHER ME player.
    This team will be infighting and destructing by week 5.
    Rex should add another Lap Band………………for his mouth.

  4. Hmmm, if Adaluis Thomas has any sembalance of competency rushing the passer, don’t you think Belichick would have tried to mend the relationship with him? Bottom line, Thomas looked great in Baltimore because of Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Ed Reed, and a whole host of others. The guy is toast.

  5. Just what the jets need A. Thomas…….Rex is gonna have to open up a home for “troubled kids”, there isn’t enough elmer’s glue to create cohesion with rex’s roster..ego, baggage, ego, baggage, over-the-hill, toast, ego, baggage…..this is gonna be one hellva implosion. I hear Vegas has developed a Proposition Bet on when it will happen.

  6. Didn’t another NFL team try to use their money and confidence in being able to handle a team full of egos and players with baggage…….skin’s come to mind….how did that work out!

  7. You fool,
    JT is yours…he’s a traitor, so he is perfect for the suck ass jets.

  8. Great move by the Jets.
    Sign a player 31 other teams did not want.
    Too bad he doesn’t play QB because that is where the Jets really need help.

  9. yeah yeah…the pats cut him….meaning he wasnt good enough for them……….leave it to the jets to pick up another teams trash…idiots.
    and by the way moron jet fan youfools, jason taylor is only 3 years older than adalius thomas. jet fans…….dumb as rocks, and live under em too!

  10. Good. Adalius will release his negativity on the lowly Jets and help break them down further. I hope they all enjoy the long trip to nowhere.

  11. youfools is clearly delusional. there is a reason thomas is still a free agent. youre also saying thomas is a better player than santonio holmes, ladanian tomlinson, antonio cromartie, and kyle wilson. thats comical.

  12. JT can provide leadership in the locker room and an occasional play on the field. If he plays a lot, the Jets will understand why Miami let one of their “legendary” players walk away without even trying to keep him.

  13. The good news is that by mid-season we can all stop hearing Rex talk……Maybe Jerry Jones will hire him as they seem to be a good fit for each other…..two losers.

  14. Wow….Adalius Thomas, Jason Taylor, Ladainian Tomlinson, Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis….too bad they got rid of Coles. This could have been the most talented team ever. Oh, also it would need to be 2003.

  15. The NY media must be salivating at thought of covering all these has beens, me guys, and big mouths for a whole season… Looking forward to it.

  16. JJCheesehead says:
    August 29, 2010 5:12 PM
    youfools is clearly delusional.
    Awww, ebonics at it’s finest.

  17. Another EX Raven has been headed to the Jests. Its funny how the Ravens are criticized and their players made fun of..BUT…as soon as other teams see them let go they CAN’T WAIT to pick them up and THEN they become SUPER stars ON PAPER.
    Just wait…the New YAWK papers will be RAVING about what a fabulous pick up Thomas was for the JESTS.
    By the way…Cromartie is HORRIBLE.

  18. These posts are beyond moronic. A player gets hurt, so trash the Jets for picking up someone as a backup off the scraps market — NEWS FLASH — they really don’t have another choice, they have a starter in on crutches.
    The ranting posts stating who you don’t like sound like rambling of drunk fans in the parking lot trying to find their car. How about a don’t drink and post.

  19. AttackRaven…I mean seriously. Do you have the right frame of mind to even say another corner sucks?? How many probowlers do you have in your secondary when week one comes around….NONE!! You secondary has more ACL injuries then Pro Bowlers…so stop and think sometimes.

  20. @mcm
    didn’t u know? these days it’s about saying something outragous to one up the other guy so you get a better percentage on your 401K rape package. ..the topic doesn’t matter…debate has become competition…the reporter is the story..

  21. ESPN has an article that Rexy and Tannenbum are at odds because Rexy wants him signed tonight to get ready to play Thursday and Tannenbum is looking at the business end of it. More drama in jestland folks.

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