Malcolm Kelly suffers another setback

Way back before I had lunch, PFT looked at Malcolm Kelly’s chances of making the Redskins roster after he returned to the field on Monday.

In the meantime, Kelly’s chances have taken a drastic turn for the worse.

The 2008 second-round pick tried to practice, but re-injured the hamstring that has kept him out of all of training camp.  (Kelly initially suffered the injury at Donovan McNabb’s “Hell Week.”)

“Let me see how bad he is first before I start talking about our
options,” coach Mike Shanahan said, via the Washington Post. “I really don’t know how bad it is. It’s
definitely a setback.”

Shanahan should have used the option to place Kelly on the active/PUP list to start camp.  Since he didn’t do that, it’s hard to imagine Kelly being on the Week One roster.  Injured reserve is another option.

15 responses to “Malcolm Kelly suffers another setback

  1. It’s like the hand of God reaches down every time this kid is about to be ready to play football……

  2. Way back before I had lunch, PFT looked Malcolm Kelly’s chances of making the Redskins roster after he returned to the field on Monday.
    Now Little Gregory, can you tell me what’s wrong with this sentence?
    Get that Super-70 off your mind and proof-read.

  3. Let him go. It’s not a huge los except for the fact that he was so high a draft pick. They are 0-2 in that draft for R’s. Go Vinny !

  4. Kelly sucks and needs to go. He is just one injury after another. Everyone says he has so much potential but has never showed it.

  5. Gregg I really think you purposely make grammatical errors just to get boobs to comment on it. Based on personal experience, you aren’t that dumb.
    But regardless,

  6. Remember when Vinny Cerrato, Jason Campbell and Dan Snyder flew the private jet to Oklahoma so the then-QB could throw passes to Malcolm?

  7. he’s trying to avoid showing the Skins he stinks, so maybe they will IR him for another year of pay

  8. Donovan McNabb’s “Hell” week? Did that consist of playing the air guitar til his fingers bled and hernias from bending down too often to catch low and errant throws?

  9. “Hell Week”? Are you serious? Has McNabb reinvented what that offseason thing has been for a decade in order to change his image?
    This “Hell Week” used to be Torrance Small and Charles Johnson and Todd Pinkston and James Thrash going to see McNabb’s house, and then taking in a few meals at Olive Garden for a week.
    Stop it. “Hell Week”. Puh-leeze.
    Hell Week for McNabb is 7 days without the Tour of Italy and endless breadsticks.
    This was all documented on those lame Eagles magazine shows for years.

  10. Gosh! Wow! They need to put him on IR or PUP and keep working him…Maybe he can make it with some down time…The guy is just not in good shape at this time, but he has to be better than what we have seen…Imagine, we cut him and he turns out to be great…Marko recently caught a 40 yard bomb for a TD…Why not Malcolm?

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