Leroy Hill accepts big salary reduction to stay in Seattle

At first glance, Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill’s decision to take a massive pay cut this season looks like another rough moment in a terrible offseason.

That may be true, but it could be the smartest thing Hill has done in a while.  Now it looks like he’ll be paid well to remain on the team this season.

ESPN’s Mike Sando broke the news that Hill will take a salary reduction from $6 million to $2.125 million in 2010; the new deal will also wipe out the remaining years of Hill’s contract.  Hill’s salary was guaranteed, but clearly Hill and his agent were worried the Seahawks could have avoided paying the money because of Hill’s off-field problems.

Hill is suspended for the first game of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and a domestic violence case he was involved in is under review according to the league’s personal conduct policy.

We figured Hill was going to get cut, but this compromise should keep him in Seattle at a reduced rate and avoid any complicated legal wrangling.  He could play his way into a decent free agent contract elsewhere when and if he gets back on the field.

Whenever Hill is eligible to play, he figures to be a backup behind David Hawthorne.

16 responses to “Leroy Hill accepts big salary reduction to stay in Seattle

  1. Very smart move Seattle!! Kill the huge contract, keep him around , let him work his way into a contract, and or also with the option of using him as a trade bait if needed. Hill is a very hard hitter, he would be a good trade partner for a real LT for the O-Line, while waiting for Russel. Nice to see a front office with some balls!

  2. Easy Gregg, I love the Heater to but I would not play him over Hill just yet. Still has some work to do in coverage, especially with Curry moving to WIL backer and I do realize that Hill’s been hurt most of camp.
    Nice to see he’s going to stay. Week 1 vs. the Niners will be tough at home with no Okung or Hill but hopefully the 12th man makes up for it.

  3. @ kingbman, You think you could trade Leroy Hill for a starting LT?
    I think maybe you should be in the substance abuse program with him.

  4. NFC West is going to be fun to watch this year, not from a well-played football perspective, but rather from all the drama.

  5. “Hill and a 2nd round pick for Vincent Jackson.”………………another in a long list of delusional trade proposals from seahawk fans

  6. Windex666, you’re an idiot. Two teams from the NFC West were represented in the SB in the last four years and yet everyone continues to pile on.
    Quit repeating what you read from the media and form some opinions of your own.

  7. cball77, it doesn’t matter what you think because Hawthorne will be playing over Hill unless Hill can earn his spot back.

  8. To all NFL players: If you are prepared to take salary cuts please be sure to notify Brett Favre. He will more than compensate for your enthusiasm and team spirit, and scrounge everything he can get.

  9. I’m a Chargers fan and Hill would fit perfect inside in the 3-4 next to Cooper and a 2nd round pick is just more ammunition to be able to trade up and grab an elite LT or WR in the 2011 draft. Nobody is going to give up much more than that for VJ with his contract demands.

  10. Oh no but Leroy is such an important piece to your defense…lol what a bum.
    Don’t worry, maybe your new “All-Pro” Balmer can free some lanes for him.

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