Lions don't know whether they will keep Kevin Smith

K. Smith1.jpgI’ve always been a fan of Lions running back Kevin Smith, if only because he was the guy on the 0-16 Lions that seemed to care the most, to be most bothered by the losing.

He looked like the rare Matt Millen draft pick that would stick.

One regime change and a devastating knee injury later, the Detroit Free Press writes that Smith may not even make the Lions roster this year.

“I don’t know,” coach Jim Schwartz said when asked about Smith’s status Tuesday. “I’ll cross that bridge
when we get there. I don’t know that there’s very many people that have
100% earned a spot.”

Smith offers no special teams value, and he’s been unable to cut loose after tearing his ACL last year. He’s well-liked and carries out his assignments, but Schwartz hasn’t seen a lot of confidence.

“Kevin’s a very, very smart football player, and he’s going to do the
right thing,” Schwartz said. “He’s got a lot of trust from those things.
He just needs — and it’s not so much earning our trust — he just needs to get his own trust with his knee and everything else.

Smith wasn’t originally expected to be ready for Week One, but he wound up practicing on day one of training camp.  That’s one of the risks and cruel realities of being “ahead of schedule” in your rehab. 

The Lions have to decide whether Smith, not truly back yet, is worth waiting for.

23 responses to “Lions don't know whether they will keep Kevin Smith

  1. I think even when healthy Smith lacked the second level jump needed. I like him, but he’s even more hesitant now. I think he’s no longer as good as Morris or De De Dorsey and Aaron Brown also gives special teams help. With Best in Detroit, he’s the 3rd RB. Morris is a better blocker. So I think the Lions should do him a favor and release him before it goes too long. That way he still has the time to find and adapt to a new team. Like him, but the Lions are simply much better off without him. If for no other reason, you don’t keep a guy that will only be on the field once in a blue moon unless he’s on special teams as well. Smith is not, so you can’t afford to hold a roster spot open when you already have a starter and 3 capable backups without Smith.

  2. Best, Brown, Felton, and Morris are ahead of him. It’s going to be tough unless they keep 5 RB/FB which is unlikely.

  3. Bye Bye Smith I was hoping you would be cut we don’t need you and you have looked horrible for most of your pathetic career. Best is our beast and Morris and Brown will do fine and dandy as the 2 and 3 backs.

  4. That’s one of the risks and cruel realities of being “ahead of schedule” in your rehab.

    Its true shouldn’t have rushed back only to look slow and hesitant. I thought he was even with Morris before but now there is more competition to be the the number 2 back.

  5. Kevin Smith was a beast for me last year fantasy wise before hurting his knee. It’s a shame that injuries can take careers away from the good guys like this. Something tells me that he will catch on somewhere very quickly and continue his career though.

  6. I feel bad for him but he is finished. He has no explosion, speed, quickness, power, agility. Too bad because the kids got heart.
    Now all the Lions have at running back is the future 2010 offensive rookie of the year and future NFL MVP.

  7. Smith is a warrior and a hardworker, but simply lacks the 2nd gear needed to be a reliable 2nd option. I would love to see the Lions trade him for a DB or LB; but who would take a slow running back that can’t play special teams?? Not to mention he’s coming off of major knee surgery.

  8. I gotta say after that concussion Best suffered which was one of the scarier moments in sports that Ive seen in a while, I don’t know that I’d be all aboard the Jahvid Best train at this moment before the regular season starts.

  9. Best, Smith, Brown, Felton, and Morris will to be the RB’s going into the season. They will only keep 1 FB because the OC can always just pull a TE and use him as FB; Heller should be the guy. AB will double as slot WR, screen WR or Wild Cat QB if we run that formation and Best is out.
    Smith is not a burner but he is the only RB the Lions have with STARTING experience. You can not go into the regular season with a rookie as your starter and a bunch of lifelong second and third stringers.
    The only thing to keep in mind is that Morris is all he can be; the Lions might replace him with Dorsey since he is young and with upside.

  10. Lions RB/FB
    Best- Future OROY, 1st rd pick, has looked great all pre-season
    Morris- Suitable veteran and better at blocking then Smith
    Brown- Good as the 3rd RB is a special teamer plus can play WR in certain packages
    Felton- Power Back plus can fill in short term as a RB
    Smith- Not a good NFL back does not have the second burst needed in the NFL has heart but not enough skill
    Dorsey- was a great story but has made a few to many mistakes in the pre-season

  11. the only school to offer him a RB scholarship was UCF…he tore up CONF USA almost beat sanders record…gl kev still have a pic wit ur moms….he will thrive on a top team.. i feel for yah playing with BUMS

  12. I gotta say that, when we drafted Kevin Smith, I thought he would be an explosive small RB like Barry Sanders (not saying he was the next Barry), but thus far this preseason (I know, it’s preseason), he hasn’t looked good at all. Jahvid Best looks like a beast, Aaron Brown has proved his special teams worth, and Jerome Felton is also a good power back. I say the Lions cut Smith and DeDe Dorsey.

  13. They’ll keep him. His upside and previous production is enough to kBest can start and they’ll get Smith to regain his confidence with spot duty. This seems more like motivational lip service for his benefit.

  14. i respect rosenthal’s words on kevin’s attitude. he did always seem to hate losing more than anyone else on that god forsaken team. my biggest beef was that he would fall from the weakest shoe-string-tackles. he lacked the power and the speed a premiere running back needs.

  15. Give ’em a good amount of carries Thursday… Seems to have earned one last shot and/or showcase for a future late rounder…

  16. damnit it pains me to see so many fellow Detroit fans with bitch-attitudes.
    This dude would give his LIFE for the team. And if you watch the tape he actually has looked DAMN quick on some of his carries.
    Don’t listen to these clowns 34k. I know I dont have to tell you to keep ya head up!
    If we cut him I hope he ends up on the Saints or the Ravens.

  17. Cut Dorsey and give him ONE last season to give us what he’s got. If he has another season like his last two, he’s gone. If he blows up and runs on Bests level, he can earn a modest new deal.

  18. No one on this team can do Kevin Smith’s job better than Kevin Smith….except Best and Felton..and Mo-Mo….what was my point..

  19. Kevin Smith was a workhorse in college. Even Mel Kiper’s dumb ass pointed out that durability might be an issue with how much he carried the ball in college.
    Looks like it caught up with him. Too bad bad because he has tons of heart.
    He has zero burst and he’s not physical enough to be a between the tackles runner in the NFL.

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