Rex Ryan wants you to hate the Jets

The Jets have become one of the most polarizing teams in the NFL over the past year, and they’ve done it without winning the Super Bowl — or even appearing in it.

Instead, the Jets have demanded attention, and thus they’ve invited scrutiny from the media and resentment from non-Jets fans.

Coach Rex Ryan wants more than resentment.  He wants hatred.

I want to be that team that you hate,” Ryan tells Jon Saraceno of USA Today.  “[Y]ou can’t stand the Jets.”

“I’m not undersell, overproduce,” Ryan said.  “Going .500 is for somebody else.  I came here to win
championships.  So be it.  If you are worried about [what we’re saying],
we’ve got you beaten anyway.”

Still, Ryan is taking a major risk here.  He has essentially promised a Super Bowl win, making anything less than that a failure.  As a result, Ryan has placed plenty of pressure on a second-year quarterback with the everything-comes-easy lineage of Matt Leinart.  Whether Mark Sanchez can step up and grow up and make it happen for the team’s offense could go a long way toward determining whether the Jets deliver on Ryan’s vow.

Though the fans love the attitude, they’ve got to be feeling more than a little nervous right now.  Ryan has stirred up the kind of hostility reserved only for dynasties — and yet the Jets have won nothing since the AFL-NFL merger.

Regardless of how it all turns out, it’ll be fun to watch.

88 responses to “Rex Ryan wants you to hate the Jets

  1. Train wrecks are always great to watch from afar.
    We have two this year Jets and Vikings.
    Oh boy, it is going to be fun.

  2. Well congrats Rex when I’m cheering for the Pats to drop an ass-whooping on you, its mission accomplished. I’m looking forward to the Jets finishing 7-9 and everyone in New York wanting your head on a platter

  3. He is becoming more like Buddy by the minute and that is not a good thing if you are a Jets fan. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Buddy’s stuborness and false bravado prevented him from being a great head coach. Great defensive coordinator average head coach.

  4. With all of his big talk, Rex is going to look like a moron if this team goes 6-10, which they could if they don’t get Revis signed.

  5. I don’t hate the jets. I dislike ryan though. His attitude is laughable and fit for the coach of a overly aggressive high school or pop warner team.

  6. Someone ought to tell Rex Ryan you need to be relevant to be hated. It is also hard to hate someone who is drowning in a sea of their own tears when they think they missed they playoffs….usually the cry baby in the league isn’t the most hated, just the most pitied.
    Come to think of it, it’s hard to hate a coach that is so stupid that he doesn’t even know when his team is eliminated from the playoffs.
    Or its hard to hate a team whose head coach is essentially a clown without makeup and a wig…unless you hate fat clowns.

  7. It’s a small person that hates a collection of people playing a game that entertains millions, I pity them.

  8. Mission accomplished. Now will he ever shut up?
    But he’s right about going .500 is for somebody else, the Jets wouldn’t even get to .500.

  9. YawnFlorio, the biggest Jets Douchebag fan of em’ all is having a meltdown right now in that Long Island shithole he calls home.

  10. Rex speaks for the entertainment value of the statements. With what I’ve seen from the Jets this pre-season, with the poor play of Sanchez, the losses of Revis and Pace, this team will struggle to go 8-8. And I’m pissed because the field goal net rope is right in front of my face in the new stadium. And Clemens, the guy they sodomized, is the best quarterback on the roster right now.

  11. Gonna be hilarious when they are humbled to 6-10 and miss the playoffs. As long as sanchez is the qb, they’ll suck!!! Keep talkin Rex, you don’t have to take the field and you already got your extension. So your covered, idiot!!!

  12. “He has essentially promised a Super Bowl win, making anything less than that a failure.”
    If there’s a coach in the NFL that doesn’t have the same goals, they shouldn’t be a coach.
    Rex pretty much told everyone to go suck his:
    …………..}…….! !…..{
    Commence crying from Pats and Dolphin fans

  13. You can’t earn the hatred reserved for winners and dynasties until you’ve won. People might dislike the Jets due to the mouthing off, but until they start dominating like the Yankees, Patriots, Red Wings, Lakers, or Man Utd. – they won’t have the true hate.

  14. “Rex Ryan wants you to hate the Jets”
    Good don’t even need to read more!
    No problem Rex! I and most of America already do! Your team freaking sucks ass! Over-rated scrubs who got lit up by Rex Grossman and the Redskins back-ups! Backing your way in to the playoffs talkin smack after getting your “all I want for Xmass” wish for the Colts to lay down. Keep making us hate you Rex! Freaking loud mouth lard!

  15. I think Rex is the best. Wish he was the coach of the Packers.
    The world has become such a dull, PC place, where every thought it so calculated and nobody wants to offend anyone. It’s nice to see someone with a personality bring some excitement back into the game. Too many coaches today are forgettable. There’s no fire.
    The NFL needs someone like Rex Ryan to stir things up.

  16. Way ahead of you there fat boy. Oh, by the way, if it wasn’t for the Colts and the Bengals laying down for you, you were 7-9.

  17. @MrJames
    When the ESPN bus stopped by Jets camp, he wrote “soon to be Superbowl Champs” on the side of the bus. Thats not a goal, thats a guarantee.

  18. I used to find Ryan amusing. Now I just hear it as noise.
    I am watching the Jets v Redskins game right now. Jets offense is just terrible and Sanchez has a long way to go before he can be considered for real. Didn’t we learn a few years ago from the Ravens that you cant win without an offense? I guess Rex was talking at the time and missed that.

  19. Why would anyone hate the Jets. They have been bottom feeders for many decades and you have to go all the way back to Joe Namath to reach a time that they matter.
    I think Ryan is taking being laughed at as a team for hate. When you see a person or a team that has never done anything strutting around like they are a world beater you must laugh.
    Win something that matters and then blow off, the way they are doing it just turns them into a punch line.

  20. “I’m not undersell, overproduce,” Ryan said.
    I knew this guy was stupid, but I thought he’d even know that not being “undersell, overproduce” is “overselling, underproducing”? Is that really a goal? I want to do worse than I’m telling you I’m going to. Really?

  21. The more you hear Rex’s blathering the less believable his message becomes. Maybe if the media weren’t so desperate for any news the blowfish might shut up for a day.

  22. People will hate the jets when they actually do something, and win for a change..Besides namath, what have they done….until then all you can do is feel sorry for them…have pity on them for being so delusional.

  23. I could care less what rex wants,The dude is a fing fat ass meat head…He’s as good of a Head Coach as Jack del rio fing retard.

  24. I am not a JETS fan, but I have to admit, Rex is way more entertaining than some boring, soft-spoken, never say a bad word, needs to be liked by everybody coach (cough, Dungy).

  25. Hate? How about indifference. Who cares about the jests? Put an interesting team on Hard Knocks… maybe I’ll watch it then.

  26. Rex Ryan is like that fart you try to hold in on a hot date. You know it will eventually come out and it will stink and inevitably embarrass you. 8-8 that’s a guarantee!

  27. He cant even be bothered to lose weight naturally and through actual work. He would risk a slight chance at DEATH to avoid putting the work in or fighting the urge to eat. A man who got to the point where he was completely helpless about being critically obese leading men in a game of will and hard work? Have fun with that Jets fans.

  28. Hate Dallas. Whats not to hate about the cowpukes? It going to be fun this year watching them cry as another NFC team plays the superbowl in their stadium.

  29. Spent my entire life hating the jets… In fact I wouldn’t SHIT in ny. So mr Ryan, no worries, you’ll make the jets as irrelevant as the raiders in NO TIME.

  30. wow….he is gonna really hate himself after this most overated team finishes below .500…..what a douche. Cant wait to see the press conferences, that is gonna be better then their stupid ass hard knocks BS show……..your moms box!!!!!!!

  31. I think it’s great if Sanchez feels the pressure of being much better than Heisman winning Matt Leinart. He has to prove to the world that he wants to be more than the celebrity superstar that apparently has been Leinart’s focus. Leinart’s misfortune was to go to a team too close to his LA playground. I think it helped Aaron Rogers to end up in an isolated area like Green Bay. Sanchez is in the biggest goldfish bowl of them all, and needs to relate less to Joe Namath and more to Joe Montana with a chip on his shoulder.

  32. rex ryan is a fat cocky turd who talks to much. i do hate the jets, even their announcers are so obnoxious it makes it hard to watch a jets game. the jets are gonna struggle to make the playoffs without revis island and cantchez running the show. Their only hope is that LT becomes a force again.

  33. Does that mean everyone hates the Jets more than the Pats now? Thank god! Being a fan of the most hated team is only fun when you don’t go 18-1!

  34. everybody said everything i wanted to. friggin AFC 5th place champions of the world, wheres the trophy for that? brett favre, mark sanchez and the jets, chris johnson, the 49ers, the packers offensive line; everybody thinks they will all do better this year but all are in line to be huge disappointments this year.

  35. everybody said everything i wanted to. friggin AFC 5th place champions of the world, wheres the trophy for that? brett favre, mark sanchez and the jets, chris johnson, the 49ers, the packers offensive line; everybody thinks they will all do better this year but all are in line to be huge disappointments this year.

  36. “…commence crying from dolphin fans”?
    im crying at the thought of sanchez getting hurt, the jets not hitting .500 and and having to wait thru another offseason of hearing how he has so much potential, and how you woulda won it all if it wasnt for his lame injury to one of his crappy knees.
    now im begging for the season to start so everyone can see that your qb is a fidgety, injury prone, poor pocket passing qb with a sub-par nfl quarterback arm. if he was sooooo good he wouldve started more games in college. he wouldve done better than 12 tds/20 picks his first season (yea, that bad, even with the best d and running game as complements ha! could you have any worse qb stats with the “best” d and rush attack!?). nothing in that guys past has pointed to a superbowl winning quarterback. nothing. pointing out an afc championship loss as a rebuttal could not be more illogical. “Almost” making it to the big game last year just tells me one thing…that you DIDNT make it to the big game. Good luck playing backups against the steelers, bears, and bills, bc im sure that will happen again(wk 15,16,17 opponents). the only reason you guys didnt blow it last year like you have for the past 60 something years is because your last 2 opponents wouldnt let you. that sh””t is like playing madden in easy mode when really important games come up in your season. yea you know you did it.
    prediction: sanchez gets hurt, jets still blow, ryan saves his seat and his arrogance bc the qb injury is the most logical excuse. 2011 season, sanchez stays healthy and you realize how fd ur franchise is because you let an overhyped coach run your franchise into the ground with a now proven to be crappy qb and no qb depth chart, sprinkled with some overpriced washd up vets.
    i know jets fans dont agree. but what if?…yea, not so unlikely.
    how bout you commence another elaborate cyber sketch of a fat dude with an erection.

  37. @karpsta
    you said it…not everywhere is a corporate boardroom where people are ‘nice’ not to offend god so he buys your cat purse..that’s more like it!

  38. I watched Hard Knocks tonight and as much as I would like to hate the Jets, I just can’t. They’re trying to hard. Or at least RR is. I will say though I think RR’s mouth is writing checks his team can’t cash.
    RR saying “Thats why my Brother got rid of your Ass” to DeAngelo Hall was a funny ass line though. Then again, DeAngelo Hall reading “Stinky” Sanchez like a book for that pick in the red zone was a nice come back to RR’s comment.

  39. I’m a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan. I’ve hated the Jets for decades.
    The interesting thing is, I don’t hate them, anymore. Watching Rex Ryan is like watching a sitcom with John Goodman or Tom Arnold or Kevin James or Fred Flintstone.
    Just some fat clown you can’t possibly take seriously.

  40. But he’s so soft and squishy! (in a cuddly and cute way)
    Oh, and I have a head start… I’m a Patriots fan so of course I hate the Jets.

  41. I like Ryan’s attitude. I don’t think for a minute he’s guaranteed a Super Bowl. I know he’s just spouting off, but it’s entertaining. Kinda like Kenny Banya, Florio – people like stuff you don’t have to think too much about….
    He’s helping the NFL. A lot of fans are showing up to the party.

  42. Dear Haters,
    Thanks for all the comments and conversations about the Jets. We appreciate you keeping the Jets in your thoughts and ahead of the Giants, which we never hear about. Just buy a PSL because you’re going to be watching anyway. Don’t forget to spend some money at the concession stands.
    P.S. I heard the Jets won two playoff games. On the road. That’s hard to do.

  43. No need to wonder how it will work out. It’s gonna be a train wreck for the Jets. Take it to Vegas and put everything you own on it. This is gonna be hilarious. And I like the Jets more than anyone else in the AFC.

  44. Rex and the J-E-S-T were revealed for who they are on HKs. Teams fear the RR the way a kid fears a circus clown, not a serious threat. What a classless clown. The Bolts eargerly await for a return match.

  45. Dolfan here.. Glad that the entire United States gets to see what us fin fans have to put up with year in and year out….. Delusional Jets fans… Ps I live in NJ AKA Where the Jets are from..

  46. Always hated the Jets and always will. Dont watch one second of that TV show either.
    Also, Rex wants you to hate the Jets and wants 5 large cheese pizza’s and a diet coke…

  47. “Going .500 is for somebody else.”
    Yea, like most of the league sans the wets. They arent EVEN at .500 lifetime. A garbage franchise of insecure little trolls

  48. I love the JETS! Particularly their ability to catch the football!
    Everybody knows that Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards is a lock to lead the league in drops!
    And with ‘Sidewise’ loccked in a close competition with Lienart as the worst USC QB to be drafted, we know he’ll be throwing the football everywhere (except on target).
    Can’t wait to see this team crash. Right now it looks like a gas tanker headed for a forest fire!

  49. Can not hate them to much fun laughing at the team and the sorry ass fans
    The jerts are and always will be the water boys to the real team in Giant Stadium

  50. What I can’t believe is that they gave Ryan a contract extension after backing into the payoffs. Sure, the team played well in the 2 playoff wins, but I’d rather see 2 consistent years of that before I’d offer an extension.

  51. Actually, I hate how fat Rex Ryan is MORE than I hate the Jets.

  52. Rex everybody already hates the NY Slapdicks!
    The Slapdicks are not the Yankees, Patriots or Lakers or Celtics… The Slapdicks would be hated naturally, if they win over a sustained period of time?
    Cart before the horse Rex…Whatever happened to wlak quitely and carry a big stick.

  53. I have nothing more to add to all the posts here. I did read on how that joke of a team is in such disarray. JT coming in late to team meetings frequently, defensive guys eating cheeseburgers on the sidelines during practices, etc.
    Hating the jests would be like hating “Family Guy”. They’re just too funny to hate on.

  54. Comparing Sanchez to Leinart really doesn’t make much sense. Yes they are both from USC, but so is Carson Palmer who nobody compares to Leinart. Sanchez has a great work ethic and wants to be a great football player, while Leinart’s knock is a poor work ethic and lack of desire for the game. Apples to oranges. Just because they both came from the same farm, doesn’t make them the same.

  55. Many of us already hated the Jets before Rex came along; that mission of hatred was accomplished a long time ago.
    Very distorted view and goal, I must say. You’d think they’d want to spread appeal and garner new fans around the country, rather than get people to hate them…

  56. Alright Rex!!!! It’s working!!!!!! Got ’em right where we want ’em!!!!! See ya in Dallas suckers!!!

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