Colt McCoy has a rough start

Colt McCoy was excited to get extended playing time in the fourth preseason game so that he could change some of the negative impressions from his first training camp.

So far, it’s only getting worse.

McCoy fumbled his first snap from center, turning the ball over.  He took a sack on third-and-one on his second drive when there was an open man underneath.

It will be the last we see of McCoy for a while, but he doesn’t have to worry about his roster spot.  The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has confirmed he will make the team.

UPDATE: Rookie running back Montario Hardesty had no such tough start.  In his first preseason snaps, he carried the ball three straight times for 13 yards, including a one-yard touchdown.  He showed great foot quickness and power on the plays, carrying defenders with him.

UPDATE II: McCoy did a great job bouncing back after his slow start, completing all 13 of his passes for 131 yards before leaving. 

The 13-yard Hardesty drive was the only Browns touchdown with McCoy, but the rookie third-round quarterback made a lot of composed, accurate underneath throws.  It will give him something positive to remember the preseason by.

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  1. Yeh, but at last look he’s 6 of 6. Albeit for only around 60 yds, but even with the mistakes you really seem to want this guy to fail. Easy big fella. Give they guy a chance. He’s apparently a good guy, who all he did was win, in a BIG conference for YEARS.

  2. After the fumble, he went 6-6 52yds 0tds 0ints. Hardly Jake Delhomme numbers, but certainly not bad. Especially for a 3rd round project QB in his first preseason.
    Haters can eat a dick.

  3. 10-10 93 yds. Yes that is no incomplete passes. Passer rating of 105.4. Led two scoring drives. Not what I would call a rough start. In fact, I would call it a pretty damn good start.
    And he is still better than Tebow.

  4. Florio where do you get off ripping on all these young QBS incessantly? Tebow, McCoy, Leinart, it seems that 10 minutes can’t go by without you ripping into some young qb

  5. # dybzinski says: September 2, 2010 9:49 PM
    13 for 13. “It’s only getting worse”.
    lol Win
    dybzinski +1
    Rosenthal – 100

  6. wow, 13 of 13, and i thought he was going to have a rough start. those are pretty good numbers, do remember he’s going to have fumble issues since he’s a rookie, but 13 of 13 means that he’s worth keeping.

  7. wait. so McCoy is praised to the high heavens for making “a lot of composed, accurate underneath throws” but Matt Leinart gets Cleveland Steamer’d by this site for doing the same thing? can’t you guys at least grind your axes a little less obviously, please?

  8. Easy guys, I’ve had faith in Colt, too. (Check previous posts on him) However, this was just a preseason game against the Bears’ scrubs. Take it with a grain of salt. It was won by another Dawson FG.
    The Browns O-line looked horrible. I know our scrubs were playing but, I also don’t know how the position players were able to get anything accomplished. Snaps over Colt’s head, offsides, holding and an “illegal man down field” mistakes. Hardesty looked like a bull-dozer but had no holes provided. No wonder his knee took a hit. I was pleasantly surprised that Colt did as well as he did. D-line was a little better than the O-line but that is faint praise.
    The coaching still appears to be our Achilles’ heel. While the players seem more professional in their individual play, the play calling is lame…and that goes for both sides of the ball. And why can’t Mangenius “get it” with clock management. That last 1+minute of the first half was an embarrassment. Now, it starts to count.

  9. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what Colt does in the minds of Browns fans. He isn’t Brady or Troy!

  10. “It will be the last we see of McCoy for a while…”
    Real genius, aren’t you? 13 for 13 passing with two scoring drives. Boy, what a rough start this loser is having!
    McCoy will have the last laugh and make utter fools of all you talking heads who had him as a bust, cut from the team, and working at McDonalds, even before he got to play a few pre-season games as a rookie! Lots of crow being eaten this morning, I’d say.

  11. Boy, you seem to get a real thrill from Colt’s mistakes. He will be fine. You people seem to like the Ben’s of the world. Sorry McCoy doesn’t fit that bill thank God. He represents what football should be about and he is a plenty good player too. So do us a favor and go pick on someone else. We’re sick of your negativity about Colt.

  12. Ha ha.. I love PFT. The ink on their “McCoy is a lost, frightened, baby duckling who is going to fail miserably” story is barely dry when the kid completes every pass he throws in the game.
    I can only imaging Rosenthal’s embarrassment as he kept having to add those updates at the end. Maybe you should wait a little longer before you pronounce doom and gloom, gun jumper 🙂

  13. Rookie QBs are never as bad as their worst outing and never as good as their best. I am a fan of the kid and his great attitude and work ethic. I watched every snap of his college career and I can say that as a freshman he played very well but was a boy among men. He worked and grew a little bit every game until he had complete control of the postion and the leadership of the team. He followed the great VY and a national championship team and won an assload of games. Does that alone make him an NFL starter…nope. Only time and effort on his part and good coaching will tell us that. Too early to make predictions on any rookie QB at this point…(other than Bradford…and it turns my stomach to give a Sooner any props so he must be on his way)….so I say to the rah rah’s and haters….Patience. You know so little about so much.

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