Cards, Leinart continue their game of chicken

The Cardinals would like to get something, anything in return for 2006 first-round pick Matt Leinart.  And by all appearances the Cardinals don’t want to cut him loose, since doing so would likely result in Leinart making a beeline for Pete Carroll and his Seahawks.

So with the Cardinals expressly giving Leinart permission to seek his own trade and Leinart opting not to do so because he thinks staying put is his best chance of starting in 2010, coach Ken Whisenhunt has taken things up a notch.

Per Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Whisenhunt summarized the key question on Friday:  “[C]an he survive in the role as a No. 2 on this
team?  And that’s really what the decision is about.”

On the surface, it’s an unusual question, given that Leinart has survived in that role for the last two seasons behind Kurt Warner.  But Derek Anderson is a far cry from Kurt Warner, and the fact that Leinart can’t beat out a guy who flamed out as the Browns’ starter surely makes it much harder for Leinart to accept his role.

The fact that he thinks staying in Arizona gives him the best chance to start proves it.

Either way, the only way the Cardinals will keep Leinart is if they decide to carry four quarterbacks.  Rookies Max Hall and John Skelton have looked good so far, and the Cardinals likely wouldn’t be able to sneak one of them through to the practice squad.  And given the franchise’s historical luck, the guy they’d cut would end up being the next Kurt Warner, and the guy they keep would end up being the next Matt Leinart.

For now, we’re sticking with our prediction that the Cardinals will cut Leinart and that he’ll sign with the Seahawks within hours thereafter.

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  1. So the QBs in this division who may start:
    Alex Smith
    Matt Hassleback
    Charlie Whitehurst
    Derek Anderson
    Matt Leinart
    AJ Feely
    Sam Bradford
    Leaving out Sam Bradford because he is yet to play in regular season football, I think it is safe to say that this group of QBs is the worst in all of football. Alex Smith may be the best one in the group. I know Seahawks’ fans will say Matt but lets be realistic about his health and age.

  2. His 2 best spots are Arizona, and Seattle.
    Arizona because their starter sucks and the only reason he’s playing is because Whisencunt doesn’t like Leinart, and he’s proven that multiple times over the year.
    He has a shot at starting in Seattle because Hasselbeck isn’t exactly sturdy.

  3. You keep assuming Carroll wants him. He cut loose another former USC guy. Why would anyone want him? He does NOT have the arm to do anything but check down and throw 10 yard passes. It was obvious even in college. Look at the film and they are pretty spirals and accurate, but the float and with NFL closing speed he has no real chance.

  4. No matter how you try to frame it, Anderson hasn’t beaten out ANYONE. If Jack the Ripper were to show up in Arizona, Whisenhunt would be trying to track him down and put him into the starting lineup because for some reason, he just doesn’t like Leinart (Who knows, it’s possible that Matt refused to date one of Ken’s nieces and that’s why he’s had the hard on for the guy).
    Frankly, Ken Whisenhunt isn’t long for Arizona. He’s got two young guys that AREN’T ready and won’t be for a couple of years and in the meantime, he’s putting his faith in a QB that would get him fired if he had been coming off of a couple of bad years. Next year will be his third different starting QB and they won’t tolerate it being a fourth (I’m pretty sure that after Anderson falls on his face, KW is either going to have to go with one of HIS youngsters or he tries to rent another QB next year because Anderson WILL fail).

  5. @edgy leinart was not whisenhunt’s pick,he was a legacy of the previous can’t be mad at whiz if he doesn’t cotton to an underachiever.
    i also think whisenhunt will screw the pooch and play the rookies,everybody be damned.

  6. this has nothing to do with Derek Anderson… He is not good at all, although he can fling the ball and now has some receivers who can go get the ball…
    this is all about Matt Leinart… and im not even sure this is about Matt Leinart the qb, i think its about ML the person…
    i am pretty sure he is not worse than Anderson, but for what ever reason Whisenhunt does not want ML to start and is doing what he can to make sure that would happen.
    this would happen if JP Losman or JaMarcus Russell were on the team instead of DA…
    well thats my opinion anyways

  7. Matt was the BMOC at USC. It is no wonder he did not want to leave. The list of college QB greats who fail in the NFL is long and never ending. Can you say Brady…as in Quinn.

  8. I have to agree with edgy1957
    Floro says “…and the fact that Leinart can’t beat out a guy who flamed out as the Browns’ starter …”.
    Why can’t he beat him out? & what is it that he needs to do to beat him out?
    Whisenhunt has created this cluster. If he didn’t want Leinart, he should have addressed it in the offseason.

  9. Get point edgy,
    Whisencunt hasn’t ever developed a quarterback any way.
    He didn’t like Ben and Ben didn’t like him and quite frankly the rapist has been a better quarterback since Whisencunt failed to get the Pittsburgh job.

  10. edgy,
    You’re joking right? The coach who made this team relevant for the first time since the mid 70’s and to their first championship appearance since the Truman Administration is “not long for Arizona?”
    Somehow I don’t see the Bidwills paying a guy to sit on his ass.

  11. It amazes me how disliked the Cards are. Considering they’ve only had two productive years in recent memory. Predicting DA to fail is one thing or predicting a (undrafted) rookie to fail if forced into a starting role too soon. But predicting the demise of a coach that has done nothing but change the culture and flip the season records of a franchise is laughable. Whiz didnt draft Leinart, Graves is considered a competent to excellent GM. He’s given this kid a shot every year to be the starter and live up to the pressure of a 1st round draft pick. So it didn’t work out. Big deal. I just want to see where these people will be hiding if/when the Cards pull off another 10-6 division title.

  12. Will Leinart suddenly learn how to play if he reunites with Pete Carroll? I doubt it. Seattle is playing in the NFL, not the PAC 10 so Leinart is likely to remain the wretched quarterback that he is.

  13. florio you need to get over not being invited to leinart’s party already. he was not beaten out by anybody,he has a coach who didn’t pick him and never wanted him. nothing he does will ever be enough. if he sucks as bad as you think he does then why not just release him? how will it hurt the cards if he signs with the seahawks or another team?oh wait he might get a chance to play and prove the cards wrong. and how can you slam the guy for staying in school to try and win achampionship? he did not get worse by playinanother year.he proved he could play under greenbefore getting hurt,a fact you keep ignoring.the first thing whisehunt did was sign warner,then rotate them which is always good for a young wb then he gave the job to warner when he got hurt.

  14. It’s like an NFL Yard sale…. “1st round, top 10 pick must go…” Deals are incredible, ” take our 4th round pick in 2012 and 4th in 2013; while you drive home with the this Heisman winning super high QB rating guy…. low mileage and allot of profile…”
    Don’t let this one pass you by…. Your team needs Matt!!!!

  15. Brilliant move Matt. Stay right where you are and ride the pine. Your agent will surely be able to get a bigger contract for you – not!

  16. “But Derek Anderson is a far cry from Kurt Warner, and the fact that Leinart can’t beat out a guy who flamed out as the Browns’ starter surely makes it much harder for Leinart to accept his role.”
    Rumor has it that Carroll doesn’t want him anyway!

  17. Another case of a coach thinking too highly of their own talents. The Cards have made their bones the last few seasons playing in the weakest division in football. Leinart is clearly the best qb in AZ, dont think he is that good, but he is better than Anderson. When the 49ers win the division and the Hawks and Rams improve, Whisenhunt wont seem like such a great coach.

  18. tom coughlin’s coat holder says:
    @edgy leinart was not whisenhunt’s pick,
    I KNOW that he wasn’t his pick and it shows. It didn’t take much for him to sour on Leinart and he never gave the guy a chance. He should have gotten rid of him off the bat because it was apparent from the first day that Matt wasn’t welcome under his “leadership.”

  19. # dafish says:
    You’re joking right? The coach who made this team relevant for the first time since the mid 70’s and to
    How long did Tobin survive after he made the team relevant for the first time since the 1970s? That’s right: 23 games. One day, cock of the walk (9-7 record and their first full season playoff appearance since 1974 and the next, a feather duster. Hell, Barry Switzer, who WON a Super Bowl, was fired two years later after having his ONLY losing season. A couple of years of losing won’t make up for “almost” winning a Super Bowl. Hell, Bill Callahan “almost” won a Super Bowl and look where he is now.

  20. Hey, Can’t Stand… what superbowl/playoffs were you in the last two years? Coach Whisnehunt has lead this team to places that the Cardinals have not been since long before you were born

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