2009 fifth-rounders get deep-sixed at surprising pace

To help build interest in the late rounds of every draft, the NFL points out that the Patriots found quarterback Tom Brady in round six.

In the future, the league probably shouldn’t mention as each selection process approaches the fate of the fifth round of the 2009 draft.

Tipped off by a league source to the high rate of failure from round five a year ago, we pulled up the full list and checked the website of each team.  By our count, 18 of the fifth-round selections currently aren’t on the 53-man roster or injured reserve list for the teams that picked them.

That leaves only 19 (including five supplemental picks) who are on either the roster or IR.

Gone from the rosters are Falcons defensive back William Middleton (No. 138 overall), Chiefs tackle Cody Brown (No. 139), Cowboys defensive back DeAngelo Smith (No. 143), Bills linebacker Nic Harris (No. 147), Ravens tight end Davon Drew (No. 149), Giants quarterback Rhett Bomar (No. 151), Eagles tight end Cornelius Ingram (No. 153), Bears linebacker Marcus Freeman (No. 154), Buccaneers tackle Xavier Fulton (No. 155), Eagles defensive back Macho Harris (No. 157), Redskins linebacker Cody Glenn (No. 158), Eagles tackle Fenuki Tupou (No. 159), Rams receiver Brooks Foster (No. 160), Packers tackle Jamon Meredith (No. 162), Cardinals guard Herman Johnson (No. 167), Steelers defensive back Joe Burnett (No. 168), Steelers running back Frank Summers (No. 169), and Patriots tackle George Bussey (No. 170).

18 responses to “2009 fifth-rounders get deep-sixed at surprising pace

  1. A correction: Nic Harris (Bills selection No.147) is currently on a 53 man roster, for the Panthers. He got dumped by Buffalo once they switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense.

  2. nice… take my comment, make the change, and don’t even post my comment or give me credit for the find. Dbag. 🙂

  3. Half still have jobs, but it emphasizes my point that there’s not enough solid professional-caliber talent to start fielding teams in the U.K., Mexico, Canada, and Europe. As it stands now, we don’t have enough QB talent to lead the 32 American teams. These other countries don’t have Pop Warner, Junior High, High School, and NCAA teams to serve as the farm league for NFL football abroad. The talent would have to come from the United States. Sure, it would mean pro-football employment for more college players–if they wanted to relocate north, south, or “across the pond.” But it also would mean the quality of our professional football product would be significantly diluted.

  4. Add Oakland to that list. They traded their 5th to Atlanta in the DeAngelo Hall debacle. Dallas ended up with the pick and took DeAngelo Smith. It was a bad year for DeAngelo’s.

  5. “Only” nineteen? That’s about sixty percent – sounds reasonable for the fifth round, considering that at least 32 guys are picked per round – 128 before the first guy is picked in the fifth round.

  6. How about some context? That stat is completely useless on its own. What fraction of 5th rounders typically are still with the team after the cut to 53 the following year?

  7. You need to account for the players on their original teams’ practice squads. I think Davon Drew might have been placed on the Ravens’ practice squad, for example. In any case, a few teams probably haven’t given up on their picks yet.

  8. What a bust of a round……
    Ravens Davon Drew is on the practice squad. He is lousy, and won’t ever be a memorable player in the league, but he’s collecting an NFL paycheck while I eat Doritos.

  9. Actually Cody Glenn is on the Colts roster as a backup to Gary Brackett. You may want to check and see how many of these players are truly active in the league before you assume they are deep sixed.

  10. Johnny Knox looks like an early favorite for the best pick of round 5. That’s one round Angelo’s won in the last half-decade

  11. Figures none of you guys noticed that the article stated that none of these guys are on the rosters for the TEAM THAT PICKED THEM. Just keep running your traps!!

  12. William Middleton is the main guy in the slot for the Jaguars. He’s been excellent at special teams coverage too.

  13. if draft picks don’t work out, its best to cut them sooner than later. unless you are the jags or bengals, then you keep em on your roster for years to come..

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