Broncos spend Saturday admitting mistakes

You can’t accuse the Broncos front office under coach Josh McDaniels and G.M. Brian Xanders of not being bold.  Reckless, perhaps.

Saturday was another chapter in McDaniels fitful effort to remake the Broncos roster in his image on the fly.  Consider their moves, pointed out lovingly by Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

1. They traded Alphonso Smith, the cornerback they traded a first-round pick to acquire in 2009.  Smith got one year in the organization and in return they got a third-string tight end.

2. They cut former Patriots defensive end Jarvis Green, who collected $3.255 million guaranteed as a free agent this year.  He never played a snap for the team.  Consider him the defensive version of Antonio Bryant.

3. They cut 2009 fourth-round guard Seth Olsen after one season.

4. They team placed wideout Brandon Stokley on injured reserve and will reach an injury settlement with him soon. Stokley already got $600,000 in bonuses this year. 

hard to make it as a backup slot receiver,” Stokley said. “I think that
was the main thing. And one that doesn’t play special teams. So I think
all that added up to me being released.”

At least this move indicated solid depth at the position.

We think the Broncos could be better than people think this year if they can shake the injury bug, but moves like this show their roster has a long way to go.

There’s another thing you can’t accuse the Broncos front office of: Being afraid to admit mistakes.  They’ve had their share.

34 responses to “Broncos spend Saturday admitting mistakes

  1. Nosredna says:
    September 5, 2010 10:07 AM
    Too bad the writers at PFT cannot admit their mistakes like the Broncos front office can.
    Anderson, What are you talking about? PFT has admitted that Terry Bradshaw is not dead!!!
    Besides, why should PFT admit any mistakes when they have lowlifes like you always at the ready to point them out for them?

  2. “Lil Josh” certainly knows how to spend the owner’s money. A few more off seasons like this and he’ll be back on Bill B’s sideline.

  3. You can’t accuse the Broncos front office under coach Josh McDaniels and G.M. Brian Xanders of not being bold.  Reckless, perhaps.
    Stupid, inexperienced, over their heads would also be fitting.

  4. Wow, they grew sour on Alphonso Smith quickly. CB’s usually take a little more than one year to develop at this level. It can take several seasons to mature and develop the kind of consistent technique it takes to become good in the NFL, they can get by more on raw talent in the college game. Then again, nobody in the NFL knows more about him than the Broncos staff….I guess if you don’t believe in a player, why waste your time or his?

  5. I’m not a Broncos fan but #3 & #4 are ridiculous. So they missed on their 4th round pick last year, big deal! That happens to all teams.
    & they put a guy on IR even though they had to previously pay him a bonus. How is that a bad move? That’s bad luck.

  6. Chris says:
    The future is not looking bright in Denver.
    What are you talking about? These moves just prove the Broncos depth at the corner and reciever positions. The present may be a challenge, but McD. is building a solid team for the future!

  7. PhillyHouse says:
    The Raiders will win that division. The Broncos are garbage.
    Wow! Really? Are you f**king serious? Your a joke!!

  8. “moves like this show their roster has a long way to go.”
    Moves like trading A. Smith show that CB is their deepest position and that Perrish Cox and Syd’Quan Thompson have both developed quicker than Smith.
    Moves like cutting Green show that Green was a disappointment, but their other two free agent pickups Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan are starters and the D-Line has been improved.
    Moves like cutting forth round guard Olsen shows that the 3 rookie interior lineman they drafted this year Beadles, Walton, and Eric Olsen won the competition. Their offensive line is filled with young talent.
    Moves like cutting Stokley show that WR is their second deepest position only to cornerback and he was beaten out by their two rookies Thomas and Decker and by the star of the preseason Matthew Willis.
    Moves like picking up a third string TE in shows the TE position has a ways to go. The only other position of need right now is at RB due to all the injuries.

  9. #1 the trade for Smith gave the Seahawks Earl Thomas who so far looks pretty good (if you think an interception returned for a touchdown is good).

  10. Does anybody in the AFC West deserve to win it? You’ve got three teams that are complete laughingstocks (although the Chiefs are coming back fast and being built well) and then the Chargers, this generation’s version of the Oilers. The NFL should exchange a real NFL team like Dallas or New Orleans into the division for parity’s sake.

  11. Best damn organization in NFL.
    Step up and be accountable or cut bait.
    LOVE the way McX move on from choices that did not pan out

  12. They didn’t as much sour on Smith as draft 2 guys this year that they like better. They had too many DBs and not enough TEs. Syd’Quan Thompson would have never made it to the practice squad, so they traded Smith rather than keep 10 DBs or risk losing Thompson. This is a tacit admission of a mistake in drafting Smith. So what? That’s the way the cookie crumbles in the NFL draft.

  13. Smith got beat out by 3 youngsters who showed more: Perrish Cox, Syd’Quan Thompson, and Cassius Vaughn. It’s that simple. Keep the best 53, send the rest packing. They made a mistake and moved on.

  14. 1. Demaryius Thomas before Dez Bryant.
    2. Tim Tebow in the 1st round, when he would have been there in the 3rd.
    The Broncos gave me some of the best laughs I’ve had in 2010. I’m sure there will be plenty more before 2011 is here.

  15. As a Denver fan, this is biased but it’s hard for a lot of new GM/coaches to come in and run that first draft really well. With a new scouting staff, you come to the “draft” table late and don’t have the time to do the scouting and get everyone on the same page for the kind of player you want. Especially since the head coach was involved in drama from the first day he got the job.

  16. Josh McDaniels is the one thats going to be nailed to a cross not Tebow McDaniels is gone after this year.

  17. I am a Broncos fan.
    I am proud to know that my team will keep the best 53 players, regardless of how much they make.
    The NFL is a crap shoot. For a Raiders fan to laugh at one draft of the Broncos shows an unearned level of arrogance blended with stupidity.
    If you look at the 2010 draft, it shows that the personnel dept. worked its way out of a questionable 09 draft. If Cox and Thompson are better than Smith, then by all means, get rid of him. He was highly rated coming out of school and just didn’t work.
    One of the best receivers in the history of the Denver Broncos was Rod Smith, and he was undrafted. Does that mean that every player drafted in his class before him was a bust? No. It simply means that he worked himself harder to be successful. We may win a bunch of games this year, we may lose a bunch of games. Who knows.
    Stop living your pathetic lives based off of how well your football team does/how much you rip on others. Its small and petty.

  18. would you idiots stop saying tebow was a mistake to take in the first round, several league sources have verified that if the broncos didn’t take him where they did another team would have taken him shortly after so schlob on my knob

  19. Smith was a consensus late first round pick at the 2009 draft. The nominal cost of trading for a current pick with a future pick is one full round of the draft. If you have multiple extra choices over two drafts logic says to load up on the first one to enjoy the fruits earlier. All of those conditions were in place when McDaniels made the trade.
    Alf Smith was an undersized but naturally skilled corner with a first round grade in 2009. Eric Thomas was an undersized but naturally skilled safety with a first round grade in 2010. I don’t think there are any guarantees that Thomas will have a better career than Smith.

  20. This Smith ordeal just shows the complete ineptitude by the Broncos management. It’s bad enough they dumped Cutler, Scheffler and Marshall but they make poor decisions in the draft with Smith and drafting Tebow as high as they did. I feel sorry for Denver fans and that’s coming from a Redskin fan. They fired Shanahan for this??

  21. DeeDubb says: This Smith ordeal just shows the complete ineptitude by the Broncos management…
    so it would have been better to keep a quarterback that throws too many interceptions and pouts, a tight end that couldn’t block, and a receiver that refused to practice (although he is a great playmaker)….in addition to a cornerback they didn’t scout correctly?
    hmmm. sounds actually like this organization is heading in the right direction

  22. The Tebow and McDaniels naysayers have been wrong so far………..every time.
    Doesn’t seem to stop you from blathering though.
    Stuck on stupid?

  23. Again, last year experts picked denver to go 4-12. They were twice as good as that, seems like a good job so far by mcdaniels.

  24. Alphonso Smith was expendable because (A) he wasn’t developing nearly as quickly as hoped, and (B) Syd’Quan Thompson and Perrish Cox are studs who will contribute heavily this year. Stokely is 34 years old, was consistently outplayed by every other WR on the roster this preseason, and is injured…sucks to see him go, but time passes us all by eventually. Seth Olsen is another in a never-ending list of mid-to-late round draft picks that just didn’t work out – it happens to every team, bu tPFT and the many Broncos haters on this site try to make it seem as if Denver is the only team that it has e ver happened to. The only “mistake” I see here is Jarvis Green – but he got beat out of the job. Better to have him gone than taking up roster space.

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