Mike Wise acknowledges he feared being fired over false Roethlisberger report

In an interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources that aired on Sunday morning, Mike Wise of the Washington Post discussed his one-month suspension for intentionally and deliberately publishing false information on a Twitter account that identifies him as a columnist of the Washington Post.

As most of you know by now, Wise posted on Monday a tweet claiming that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended for five games.  Wise admitted that the report was false.

During the CNN interview, Wise acknowledged that, when he headed into the principal’s office to face the music, he wondered whether he’d have a job.

“[I]f we’re being honest, I walked in there and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have a job the next day,” Wise said.

His instincts were accurate.  In a second item regarding the situation, Washington Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander writes that some in the newsroom wanted Wise to be fired.

Meanwhile, Wise defended his record with a somewhat confusing quote that represents either the frailties of extemporaneous speech or a Freudian slip:  “[Y]ou could vet all my stories, and I would challenge someone to, and find a factual inaccuracy done with any malice or anything, and there would be few.”

We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one, and we’ll assume that he has never included a factual inaccuracy “with any malice” in any of his reporting. 

Whether there was “any malice” in his fabricated Roethlisberger report is a matter on which reasonable minds can and will disagree. 

37 responses to “Mike Wise acknowledges he feared being fired over false Roethlisberger report

  1. You’re still a gullible idiot, Florio. Just admit you were a mark for being “First LOL!” on the internet instead of using your brain on this one.

  2. In an interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources
    A little ironic, don’t you think? 🙂

  3. STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! You are obsessed with this story. You took time out of your family reunion to post this garbage? WE, YOUR READERSHIP, have not cared about this issue since it was reported and then debunked. You act like a 7 yr old child. Enough is enough already.

  4. “[Y]ou could vet all my stories, and I would challenge someone to, and find a factual inaccuracy done with any malice or anything, and there would be few.”

  5. Mike, drop this topic. It’s not football. There’s too much going on in the NFL for you to continue glorying in this personal vendetta you have with Wise. It makes you look petty and small.
    Please return to the NFL. It’s what I come here for.

  6. What surprises me the most is that Mike was lacking one of two things that led to this embarassment:
    1. Intelligence that the Post wouldn’t be repulsed by this stupid joke.
    2. Respect for the great institution that is the Post that anyone would even think of attaching its name to a farce.
    Don’t know which would be a worse answer.

  7. He has betrayed the sacred bond between the public and the press. He attacks the very fabric of our society with such behavior. The only bond more sacred with the public is that of politician.

  8. What would be the “malice” you refer to regarding the Rothlisberger report?
    Speaking as a lawyer myself, I think you need counseling.

  9. Journalism isn’t exactly what it used to be… I gave up on the Post years ago.
    As for Wise, I think it was jealousy, which led to malice. He should be working obituaries for the Crested Butte News…

  10. “Mr. Wise was guilty of exposing the reality of journalism. That journalists do not verify. I am sure that those who were the maddest and wanted the rendering of a pound of flesh were those who didn’t check his “story” before running with it themselves. Who is responsible for the story getting past that tweet? All the reporters who ran with it and didn’t check. They have egg on their faces. You get the swiftest retribution from fools who have been fooled”
    -Comment from reader of The Washington Post
    Florio has been ranting about being exposed as a fool.

  11. Non story…….Florio didn’t even have the nuts to put this one at the top of the page, but just had to make himself fell better by writing the story, then burying it.
    Florio just cannot get over being reamed in the ass on this one and will do anything he can to keep it going…..

  12. Whether there was “any malice” in his fabricated Roethlisberger report is a matter on which reasonable minds can and will disagree.
    hey Mike that excludes 80% of the minds of the posters on this site including yours!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  13. Ben the rape man didnt get this much venom from you Florio.
    Good Lord. Yes, he created a story. Yes he ran with it. He was suspended. You can remove the scarlet letter from his head.
    You win.
    If I was your neighbor, I for sure wouldn’t take your newpaper, let my dog crap in your yard, or throw my leaves on your side of the fence. You don’t know when to quit.

  14. No big deal, most of the stories here and elsewhere in the press about Ben have been wrong lately.
    She said “DTF”!

  15. Are you seriously still talking about this man. Florio you are a joke nobody takes you seriously any more

  16. Wise’s story was no more false than your story claiming Ben & Rooney were going to try and have his suspension reduced.
    /You’re fired…

  17. Can’t let it go can you Florio? Wise really got to you when he exposed you and it shows. You’re like an emotional little girl right now and it’s so sad. This was a complete waste of an entry and regardless of what side we land on this subject, NOBODY CARES!

  18. I swear to God….If you post another Mike Wise content piece I am going to slap the toupee off your toupee.
    What do you care what an “ACTUAL” journalist said on Twitter anyways? I have had your back until now. So just keep blurring the lines of journalism with each of your posts and get over it.

  19. “He skipped step nine!”…”That’s right! He never apologized to me for saying that I would
    stretch out the neck hole of his sweater”…said George (with the Bulbous head!)…

  20. # connie says: September 5, 2010 2:33 PM
    “no matter ben is still a scum bag pig”
    just cuz he never called you back the next day is no reason to get your panties in a knot…

  21. I feel like starting my own blog that aggregates news about a topic that the vast majority of Americans care about, not to write about that subject, but rather to write a story entitled “Florio acknowledges that he feared losing readers for being a huge tool who loves flogging dead horses into a pulp.”
    You’ve lost a longtime reader with this garbage. Congrats.

  22. Wise is a journalist with a respected news organization who was well aware his reports would be taken seriously.
    Knowing this, Wise represented something he knew not to be true.
    Wise represented this for a purpose — his actions didn’t just magically take place for no reason.
    Wise secretly sought to make fools of others – played ’em like chumps.
    I call that malice.

  23. I guess people at “old media” outlets like Mike Wise are the only ones held to any sort of integrity. Folks who make money off reposting reports from these outlets apparently have no responsibility to assure their accuracy.
    We better teach people like Mike Wise a lesson so that people like Mike Florio don’t post inaccurate reports based on Mike Wise’s Twitter account.
    Glad to see I am the only one who finds this ridiculous and had to turn off Florio’s rant last week on The Brad Fukes and Crab Knee-Skirt Show on 106.7.

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