Steelers bring brack Mark Bruener, in a new job

In 1995, the Steelers made tight end Mark Bruener a first-round pick in the draft.  He spent nine years with the team before jumping to Houston as a free agent.

But now he’s back.

Bruener has been hired as a college scout, the Steelers announced today. 

After last playing in 2008, he’ll now launch into the thankless, grueling career that requires hours and hours of travel and film study and nights away from home and all of the grinding that equips a former player to evaluate, assess, harvest, and select talent.  That’s the difference between former players like Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome and the likes of Jim Kelly or Jim Brown.  The latter believe that playing experience translates to scouting skills.  Though it surely helps, it’s no substitute for the roll-up-the-sleeves-and-bust-your-ass lifestyle that scouts adopt, with far less money and notoriety than they ever experienced as players.

As a result, not many former NFL players embrace scouting.  Though who do — and those who thrive — could acquire the ability to shape the roster of their former teams not by popping off in the media but by having their hands on the wheel of the bus.

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  1. Good for Breuner. It will be nice to see him end up with a Super Bowl ring, which will certainly happen if he sticks as a scout long-term in Pittsburgh.

  2. Steelers bring brack Mark Bruener, in a new job
    let me fix it
    Steelers bring back Mark Bruener, in a new job
    There you go.

  3. I am confused mike,former players like Jim Kelly opinons mean nothing because they haven’t put in the work scouts do yet yours does because you were a lawyer? how much time do you spend watching film before you decide players you don’t like say Matt Leinart suck and won’t make it?but your opnion means more than that of a former player?

  4. Now, Florio, there’s a place for media pop-offs, too. (Why are you picking on Kelly? What did I miss?)
    Congrats to Mark! Always loved him. Hope he’s a great success as a scout.

  5. Maybe it’s time to hire a spell-checker.
    So the Ravens bring in another good WR and the Steelers news is their new scout? I know the Steelers method is through the draft and not overpaying on FAs or trades, but last time I checked, Farrior and the Bus weren’t drafted by the Steelers. It would have been nice if they supplemented the loss of Santonio and their horrible options at CB with a FA or trade this offseason.
    I think the Steelers have a lot of good young talent at WR but their gambling a lot on them this year and Ward is not getting faster at his age. Wallace was great at the #3 last year but now he needs to be the #1 and someone needs to fill his shoes.

  6. I found this site a few years ago by accident. I enjoyed the football news 24/7-365. I also enjoyed the funny slights on the players (Uncle Rico anyone?), owners, etc. Did not even mind the Seinfeld references. Over the past few days a disturbing pattern seems to be emerging. It appears you ARE a small man Florio (not a knock on your height, I remember one of the smallest guys in my platoon carrying his own body weight plus in combat and still keeping up with the rest of us). You are utilizing your web site as a platform against someone you feel you were “duped” by (Big Ben suspension reduction story), you are using it to belittle former players who make public comments about the actions of their former employers (which being a rumor website should make you happy as they are making “headlines” for you to post about), and you use the site as a soap box for the sensitive whiners who make up part of the population. you are not Peter King, or Keith Olbermann. Please don’t let your tv appearances and NBC sponsorship go to your head. Go back to writing posts like the lawyer who told us that he is not a professional sports writer, but was going to write about football anyway.

  7. @ C.Bass
    Bettis was a draft day trade the Steelers aquired Farrior was a free agent pick up. THIS YEAR the Steelers TRADED a 5th round pick to bring in Bryant McFadden (a CB). If you realize that the steelers pass D suffered mostly due to KEY injuries & having a first year starter in William Gay then you know they didn’t need to do much to address that issue beyond getting keisel polumalu & smith healthy & switching gay for mcfadden who will start at cornder opposite Ike taylor. I would have LOVED for the Steelers to sign Housh he would have been a nice addition but the ravens snatched him up. they better be able to score ALOT of points because their corners are way worse than the steelers

  8. Walker B,
    That’s my point about the Bus and Farrior, they were not drafted by the Steelers yet all we fans hear is how the Steelers never go after big free agents. Those 2 were HUGE in the Steelers success so I don’t think it would have hurt to gone after Housh to help an obvious weakness.
    I forgot about McFadden, but he struggled last year. Not sure that’s a huge improvement.
    Baltimore added Boldin and Housh to help with their main weakness from last year (WR). It appears they did pretty well with addressing that need. What did the Steelers do to address their weaknesses (CB, OL, and WR (after Santonio’s trade)?
    CB – McFadden
    OL – Pouncey (great pick but lost Colon to injury). Jonathan Scott. Flozell.
    WR – 3rd and 5th round draft picks who have potential plus Randel El.
    Outside of Pouncey, I would give that a C for addressing last year’s weaknesses.

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