Cowboys offensive line remains in rough shape

When the Cowboys offensive line slogged through the preseason, there was a hope that everyone would get healthy once the season started.  That hope is quickly fading

Starting right tackle Marc Colombo and starting left guard Kyle Kosier both did not participate in practice on Wednesday.  ESPN Dallas doubts either player suits up against the Redskins.  Reserve tackle Sam Young was also out of practice, while safety Gerald Sensabaugh (foot) had full participation.

For the Redskins, Donovan McNabb fully practiced, as did tackle Jammal Brown (hip), and fullback Mike Sellers (knee).  Safety Kareem Moore (knee) and linebacker Perry Riley (foot) both sat out.

Dallas’ O-line problems won’t help them turn around their sloppy efforts from the preseason.  Even perennially-sunny coach Wade Phillips bemoaned a mistake-filled practice Wednesday.

“Some of the game plan that we put in [offense and defense], special teams, whatever, we didn’t execute well,” Phillip said Wednesday.  “But you’re going to make mistakes. You don’t want too
many but today was a mistake day basically. Tomorrow shouldn’t be as
many. Friday you should be sharp.”

Why did that quote make me feel less secure about my pick of the Cowboys as NFC East champs?

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  1. Why is it, When the Cowboys are good the Raiders are bad. And when the Raiders are good, Dallas tends to go back down?
    Like if the NFL switches team force between the 2.
    This could only mean the Raiders are going to be good if Dallas starts losing again.
    Last time – 2002. Dallas top 5 draft pick. Raiders Superbowl.
    Dallas 8-8
    Raiders 10-6(AFC Championship)

  2. Moore is out for sure…thats pretty obvious.
    everyone knows the Cowbums biggest issue is the OL and their pretty boy INT machine. Oh yeah, that and the fact that their RBs are overrated. and coach is a puppet. and they dumped one POS roy williams just to get another one.
    hell,if it wasnt for witten and ware that team could just be scrapped totally.

  3. @ bigmike
    How about you do some research on statistics before you talk about this interception machine. Fool.

  4. The good news for Dallas is that Joey Galloway is 100% and ready to pretend to be a starting WR. He’s their deep threat- good luck with that skins.

  5. These Cowboys were ridiculously healthy last season. – really?
    that hardly seems true, since Ware was hurt 3 separate times, Ratliff was hurt, Newman missed games, Hamlin missed games, Colombo missed half the season, Jones missed games, Barber played with a torn quad, Marty B was hurt and missed games.
    They certainly weren’t ridiculously healthy.

  6. Just an excuse Dallas will use all year long asbtgey stumble to a 8-8 record.
    Instead of the fact that they are WAY overrated

  7. I doubt this game is even close. Romo will get violated, and the odds are McNabb beats the Cowboys this time since he dropped the last 2 games.
    I predict Clinton Portis will wind up delivering some fantasy points this week, and Santana Claus always scorches the Cowgirls.
    38-13 – Redskins

  8. but compared to Philly, everybody but Buffalo was ridiculously healthy. In that respect I take your point.

  9. I’d rather have the cowturds at full strength so there is no excuses when we beat that ass; but whatever. Lets get it on beatches!

  10. Hilarious The Cowboy ass kissing anal-lyst all pick Dallas to win the division yet they have the worst Offensive line. they suck there pee pees every year that there going to do something. I guess they figure after saying Superbowl 10 years in a row they’ll get lucky and be right.

  11. Every freakin’ team had a shot at LTs Jammal Brown and Jared Gaither this past offseason, including my Raiders. Apparently the asking price for proven, Pro Bowl level LTs was too rich for most GMs (what was it, a third and fifth for Brown?).

  12. Sad to say …but…
    The Cowboys WORST offensive line is better than the Redskins BEST… let alone 60% of the NFL.

  13. Ironic isn’t it after all the crap talking the Cowboys fans have done on this site about Haynesworth, that Fat Al will actually play more than half of the Cowboys starting OL.
    Karma’s a beotch.

  14. twinkletoes says:
    September 8, 2010 8:14 PM
    Jammal Brown was a steal it seems, but who knows until sunday. I am sure Boysroll will comment in with his uber skins hating skills…
    One thing to remember, he is playing RT instead of LT when he was all-pro.

  15. Here come the excuses…..had to get em in there. Every team has issues.
    Lets call it square and let em play ball. Hopefully they will do justice to this heated rivalry and bust somebody in the mouth.


  17. It will be nirvana like to watch this year’s Super Bowl and the numerous camera pans to ultimate scumbag Jerry Jones as he plays spectator to an NFC championpionship team , not his Cowboys ,vying for the Lombardi in his own stadium. Absolutely priceless!

  18. Florio picked these guys to play in the Super Bowl, but he is worried about their chances in the NFC West. They aren’t going to get two teams to lie down like the Jests do. Either pick them to win the NFC or don’t man. Cripes.

  19. @Dustin Chandler
    Tell me u r not that stupid? u have said maybe on of the dumbest things i have ever heard. Dude, never talk again. Wow…… U R AN IDIOT!!!!!!!

    Huh? Gibbs took the Redskins to the playoffs 2 of his last three years and won a playoff game when Dallas wasn’t even sniffing a playoff win.
    Do you actually follow football?

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas stinks this year, and that’s not even based on their O-line woes.

  22. I have no idea how the know-it-all prognosticators could possibly think the Cowboys are a Super Bowl team?
    Tony Romo: Danny White.

  23. A weak offensive line with little depth does not win Super Bowls. Period!
    Never has and never will. Once in a lifetime opportunity to have the SB at home, and they
    crap on it!
    Wouldn’t it be great to see another NFC East team playing in the Super Bowl while the Cowgirls sit in the stands and mope about the lost opportunity.
    How sweet it will be…

  24. Not that it has a chance of happening, but how funny would it be to see the Texans playing the Redskins in Jerry world?

  25. Skelator and his puppet will be crying, Romo will be crying and Brookings will keep on crying when your team is sitting at home watching another team lug the trophy around your stadium.
    Thats going to be some funny shit, all them slack jawed cowpies with there chins dragging in the dirt. I love rejoicing in the cowpukes woes.
    Wake the f up up, your team is not going to the superbowl fools.

  26. I love it. So much hate from Deadskins nation.
    All of you skins fans are going to have a horrible week after the Cowboys embarrass you on Sunday night.
    Somebody better call Home Depot and tell them to order some extra rope. I see an spike in suicides next week in DC.
    Here’s a question for you: The Cowboys beat the eagles 3 times last year with McNabb, and the eagles are a better team then the skins. So now McNabb is older, has a bum ankle, and is playing with a team that has half as much talent. So what is the logic that the redskins will beat them???
    And before you say “Yeah, but we’re not the eagles”, you’re right. They were 11-5, you were 4-12.
    I cannot wait.
    Fail to the deadskins!!!!!!!!!!

  27. @BHindEnemyLines
    Why r u excited? R u actually suiting up and playing in this game? R u gonna score or make a big play? Dude, u don’t know anything about Football. Love how u talk like the Cowboys r soo much better than the Skins. Why don’t u just shut up and let the game be played before u talk smack. I can promise u this…… Ur Cowboys will not sniff the SB!

  28. MINILARRY,If I’m not mistaken, none of the cowboys’ starters went on IR. Thats a huge break for them. EVERY team has injuries, but to not have any starters go on IR is pretty damn lucky.

  29. ummm. really? this many haters? really? We’ll see how many of you are here making excuses for why the cowboys looked so good or the redskins looked so bad.. im sure the excuse will be that the Redskins suck, good luck with the colts, vikes, saints, nfceast, etc. Bigmikeskinsfan, say hello to your mom for me, son.

  30. All these skins fans coming out here making all these predictions is nothing new from any other year. To be real about it I do believe though that the skins have brought some for real hope to their squad this year, no matter how much better on though, paper this team would even tell you themselves “THEY HAVE PROVED NOTHING YET”. The Cowoys have 20 of 22 starters coming back this year, the majority of teams in the NFL can’t say they’ll just roll over the Cowboys let alone let alone the unproven skins. But to these part-time, wannabe realistic but I’m just to bias skins fans I guess I ain’t mad at ya…lol

  31. As a ‘Skins fan I hate the Cowboys. I we can’t win the Super Bowl (and we certainly aren’t this year) my second wish is that it is anyone else but Dallas.
    That said, you have to be rediculous homer not to admit that Dallas has a lot of talent and could go all the way.
    RBs over-rated? They’ve got 3 very good RBs. I don’t think Jones would put the averages that he has done in the past once he becomes full-time but you’ve got to admit that he is dangerous. Witten is the best tight-end in the league. They’ve got talent at WR. Romo is a very productive QB, if occasionally error prone and they’ve got a very strong defensive front seven.
    I am just grateful that their head coach and offensive line are liabilities. Romo will throw away the occasional game but he can also win them. Wade and that line are only going to cost games. Also, unlike other Skins fans I really don’t want meet Dallas at full strength. Last year they got to play us after our best linemen were on injured reserve. Now it is time for payback.

  32. The NFC east will be a great div. this year, but no one from the div. will go to the SuperBowl. The Pack, Saints, and somewhat the Vikes all look good.

  33. I just love all the Cowboys haters. Keep it coming.
    Props to BHindEnemyLines for thinking the same way I do.
    But I guess when your favorite team goes 4-12 you don’t watch much football b/c of hatin’.
    Dallas loves them some McNabb burgers! He’s going to be on the ground so much JJ’s going to put advertisements on the bottom of his cleats.
    Bring it on. The only way the 4skins beat Dallas this week is if the teams switch uniforms before kickoff.
    Later Haters

  34. Concerned about the o line but my cowboys should have enough to beat the skins,if not blame Jerry ,barron sucks,free is so so at least with flozell we knew is was playing and a beast in the run game

  35. Why so cocky Dallas fans? You’ve had the most talented team in the NFL the past 3 seasons and picked to go to the Superbowl…Hasnt worked out though has it? Of course you should roll over the Redskins they are so bad.

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