Lockout could lead to 'roids and reefer madness

As it turns out, there’s a group of players who wouldn’t be all that upset with the imposition of a lockout in March 2011.

Those players are the men who currently are subject to repeated and random drug testing (and fines and suspensions if they fail them), based on prior violations of the substance-abuse policy and/or the steroids policy.  As a league source explained it to us last night, the expiration of the labor deal and the onset of a lockout undoubtedly will bar the NFL from requiring players to submit to testing of any kind, given that all agreements between the two sides will have expired.

Thus, look for plenty of guys to “celebrate” a lockout by engaging in the consumption of the controlled substances of their choosing and/or to supplement their training and/or rehab with all sorts of supplements that are on the list of banned supplements, without having to worry about urinating in or on anything other than a toilet, a urinal, an outhouse, a wall, or someone’s grave.

It’s all the more reason for both sides to roll up their sleeves and continue to try to get a deal done, even as we prepare to collectively ignore the situation and enjoy the football season.

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  1. If anything, this will just mean that these guys will blow through the money they may have saved even faster. They’ll be begging to come back to work in a month.

  2. Yeah, they could “celebrate” during the lockout, but the real question is what would happen after they work out a new CBA and testing resumes? Do you have a bunch of looming suspensions due to increased positive tests or is there grace period so to speak, due the players ability to do whatever they want during the lockout?

  3. This is why I love this site you rumor mongoring, conspiracy theorizing, italian leprechan.
    So, Payton’s gonna smoke a doobie, eh Florio? What a truly stupid post.

  4. Plenty already are involved with ” reefer madness” and Viking players can do roids and mask them with Star Caps due to the Minnesota judicial system.

  5. Such a pessimist Florio, why do wish for the worst things to happen. Were you abused as a child, the bigger kids picked on you, what was it? I mean clearly you have no clue about football most of you writers and analysts are guys that had no athletic talent, so this is your way of picking on the big, athletic, and talented people. Envy isn’t good for the soul.

  6. I thought the new drug of choice amongst these type of folks was the “purple drank” aka “lean”.

  7. Jeez Florio – this league source certainly wouldn’t have an interest in portraying the players in a negative light during CBA negotiations, would he?
    I have no doubt some players will do this, but the way you write it up, you make it sound like all these guys would rather be out of work for a year smoking weed and doing roids than supporting their families.

  8. So the players would rather give up millions to smoke a joint? WHY when they can still get paid millions and smoke a joint? They all know when they are going to be tested (unless they are already in the program).

  9. A lockout is going to be bad for everyone. The players and owners both know this. You’d think the parties would get down to serious negotiations already…before its too late.

  10. I have been watching profootball for 50 years. I have seen it go from all about the game to all about the money. I am on the oweners side on this one. These kids had a choice football gave them a collage degree. they choose to play football. I think most play for the money not the game. I hope that the NFL shuts downs and starts anew. I would like to see the people that invest in the new NFL pay players a good salary.
    and tickets and soft drinks are so that the working man and his family can go and enjoy the
    game of football and watch football players that play for the love of the game.

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