Nate Davis is back in San Francisco

49ers quarterback Nate Davis is an intriguing talent, but not intriguing enough for any NFL team to place a waiver claim on him.

San Francisco announced on Wednesday that Davis was placed on the team’s practice squad on Wednesday.  The team released former West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown to make room for him.

While this news will make Jason Whitlock happy, Davis will probably wind up making a lot less money than he expected this year.  We’ll see if it serves as a wakeup call.

Ultimately, the 49ers made a smart gamble.  They upgraded their quarterback depth with Troy Smith and still have Davis to develop for the future.

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  1. Thank you, 31 other teams.
    Singletary won this gamble, but surviving a game of Russian roulette doesn’t make you any smarter for playing it.
    This kid might turn a corner this year and at least we’ll have more confidence in what to do with him, if anything.
    And before the lame “no other team wanted him, he must suck” posts come…remember this:
    These decisions (or non-decisions) are as much based on circumstance than they are potential. Teams would have to give him a roster spot, they might fear him starting over with a new playbook, etc.
    A lot of sub-surface factors play into this, so it cannot be generalized to the level of “no other team thinks he has potential”. That would be a fool-hearty assertion indeed.

  2. Oh thank god. I can always tell when Gregg writes articles because they aren’t filled with detest and hatred directed towards the 49ers. That and his name is under the articles.

  3. Let’s not forget the fan uproar over cutting him either. Look at the message board on the 49er team site. Davis still has more raw skills than any of the other three ahead of him on the depth chart. Now Singletary needs to stop being lazy and get Davis a special tutor or mentor to shadow him until he gets it – because he could be worth it. And if he is, it would be a small price to pay.

  4. I like Nate Davis, he can be a very solid QB if developed by the right guy. So far, SF hasn’t been able to develop a QB since Steve Young and Joe Montana.
    Don’t believe me, look at the 1st round QB Alex Smight, guy should be a stud by now. But no, he hasn’t done anything to get hurt. Even tho I’m a Chargers fan, I hope Smith steps his game up. I have a lot of family who are 9er fans. It’s going to be a packed house when my Chargers take on the 9ers. A lot of shit talking will be in the….its going to be a blast. Get da alocohol an da erbs ready, we gonna party for this game. Who knows, 9ers might be in the playoff coversation when they meet up with the Chargers.

  5. that a boy! now you just have to work harder and show sing that you have dedication and you’ll be just fine, possibly the starting QB in a year or two

  6. Any team can sign him from the Niners practice squad. He’s not guaranteed to be there if the Niners plan on developing him.

  7. The Bears tried the same move with Dan LeFevour, but didn’t get so lucky. He got claimed by Bengals.

  8. Jason Whitlock tweeted the day Davis was released that several teams had claimed him on waivers.
    Hmmm…….no mention or criticism of that false report in this article.
    Guess we can add Jason Whitlock to the list of guys who must have at some point said something nice about PFT and are now protected.

  9. Upgraded their QB depth? Troy Smith? Upgrade? Marc Bulger beat him out! Davis for the future? Whos gonna QB now???? They still have NO QB!

  10. @possessed
    Yes, but if they do they have to sign him to the active roster. This may not sound like much of a deterrent, but lets say Brett injures his ankle out for a couple weeks, the team would have to keep Davis on the roster the rest of the year if they pick him up. So since 32 other teams passed on him already, it would probably take a season ending injury for another team to take him off the roster. I also believe the 49ers get a chance to activate him if this happens, but don’t quote me on that.

  11. Davis will never be starting QB of the niners. In fact he will never be more then a backup for anyone.

  12. Ultimately, the 49ers made a questionable play. They stayed pat in their quarterback depth with only adding talent-free Troy Smith and still have dyslexic Davis to worry about developing for the future.

  13. some of you all need to lay off the kool-aid. this dude will be out of the NFL by next year.
    Its very telling that he wasn’t claimed.

  14. This situation just goes to show that potential will only get you so far in this league… eventually it’s time to produce

  15. raiderrob21 says:
    September 8, 2010 6:16 PM
    Upgraded their QB depth? Troy Smith? Upgrade? Marc Bulger beat him out! Davis for the future? Whos gonna QB now???? They still have NO QB!
    don’t ever mention “QB” in your life. STOP!! For that matter, don’t speak or spell quarterback, Pivot, accurate, offense, success, winning, wins…this could go on for a while.. Got it Bobby?
    Focus on ur own circus and don’t ever comment about the elements of a good football franchise until ur out of double-digit losses.

  16. Good move Singletary. U got the right one. Troy Smith. Congradulations to all. The Niners will be relavent once again.
    This is coming from a Cowboys fan.

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