Redskins need to make a final decision about Haynesworth now

Another day has come and gone, and there continues to be a strong sense that the Redskins could eventually part ways with defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  The Wednesday comments from coach Mike Shanahan had a palpable week-to-week feel, neither slamming the door on a rumored trade nor declaring that Haynesworth would remain in Hog Heaven for the rest of the season.

But it’s time for finality.  The Redskins need to make a decision, and they need to implement it. 

For more, here’s today’s second edition of PFT Daily, a habit which eventually could get us to rename the thing PFT Twice Daily.


31 responses to “Redskins need to make a final decision about Haynesworth now

  1. “But it’s time for finality. The Redskins need to make a decision, and they need to implement it. ”
    Because Coach Mike Shanahan does not have a clue of what he is doing, he has rarely been a good coach. But Florio, with his uncounted years of actual NFL experience could sure show him a thing or two.
    Dictionary definition of hubris: 1- excessive pride or arrogance. 2- Mike Floiro. 3- Lawyers turned bloggers with decent success mostly restating what others had written.

  2. But it’s time for finality. The Redskins need to make a decision, and they need to implement it.
    you will lose one of your bread and butter topics then. you should be supporting this to drag on until the hours leading up to the trade deadline.
    sure it would be nice for some resolution, but clearly its shooting yourself in the foot for YOU to root for it.

  3. That depends. If they win then they obviously don’t have to make any decision. If they lose due to distraction, then you can talk about that.
    Honestly we all talk like we’re experts but it all comes down to whether the Redskins win or lose on Sundays. Everything else is idle talk…

  4. It seems like all the commentators are saying it must end now…but none of them are writing the checks.
    If it doesn’t end, do we fall out geo-physical orbit or something? I don’t think so.
    If he doesn’t get traded, the sun will still come out tomorrow, the wine will taste just as good, and we’ll smoke Dallas anyway…because based on the way their O-line played in the preseason, we could line up Bananarama against them and still have our way. HAIL!

  5. Flo, just call up Shanny yourself and tell him what’s on your mind. I’m sure he’ll make a decision just for you!

  6. They have to keep him right now. His value is rock bottom, everyone is ready to start the season with the roster they have. Once a few teams start having some major injuries on their Defensive line his value will go up. If they can’t get something worth trading him for keep him and hope they can get something later.

  7. I thought the trade window closed a few weeks into the season; so, no, they don’t need to act now.
    Haynesworth has no value now. If he plays well and the team gets off to a good start, they’ll want to keep him.
    If the team get’s off to a bad start, but Haynesworth plays well over the first third of the season, a team who thinks it has a shot of the play-offs might be tempted to give up a decent package.
    The worst thing the Redskins could do, is try to deal him now.
    Haynesworth’s representatives need to be telling him to knuckle down and play. If he wants to leave Washinton he needs to regain some trade value.

  8. Who says so you? I sure Shanny would welcome you on his staff in the role of consultant in all things you dont know dick about. When there is no fing story you go out and create one that is meaningless rubbish.

  9. Will you Please just shut the “F%$K UP” about fatty!! He is going to play and going to play hard for the Skins. WOW you need to just let the rumors be rumors.

  10. “Players are also saying this is a distraction”
    Who? No Redskin has said Haynesworth has been a distraction. Don’t lie to support your stance please.

  11. Is this how you see it or how the nfl works? Stick to making up story lines florio! Your an idiot.

  12. Poor Post!!!
    The only thing that needs to start now is the NFL SEASON – WEEK ONE!
    Let it play out. If AH gets a couple of sacks early in the season and plays well; suddenly, he has value and a fan favorite.
    If he plays poorly he’s forced to stay in Washington. If he plays well, which he can, then he has the choice of staying or leaving.
    Look at the state of the NFC East offensive lines. Can’t recall them being worse. AH could have a field day if he wishes.
    Stop the silly repetative AH post. The money has been paid, AH does not wish to return any of it. If he really wanted out he would have been out months ago.
    Deep down he knows that he and McNabb could own D.C. for years to come. The alternativce is to go one of the small market teams mentioned in prior post–Titans, Bucs and Raiders.
    AH is smarter than we give him credit for.

  13. Florio stick to reporting the news and save your opinion for those unintelligent and uneducated enough to value it. You’re a silly blog geek who obviously thinks since he runs a successful “NEWS” sight that you actually know something about football. Curiously, you insinuate that a 2 time Super Bowl winning coach in Shanahan and a more than competant GM in Bruce Allen, haven’t the faintest idea of what they’re doing. Seriously Florio, get over yourself and put that ego in check. Thank you.

  14. Wow.
    Florie followed Favre-gate for months, applying every possible spin to every slight development (or lack thereof) along the way.
    Every time Brett’s tummy hurt, Florio would speculate as to whether he was getting enough fiber in his diet, whether it would be poop or just gas, and how long the potential skidmarks might be.
    Florio has truly shown himself to be a man of great tenacity and determination…..but even he has grown sick of tracking this he-said/she-said slopfest of a story that is the Haynesworth/Shanahan pissing match.

  15. “But it’s time for finality. The Redskins need to make a decision, and they need to implement it.”
    And you have how many Super Bowl rings to back up your opinion? I’m sure Mike Shanahan is impressed.

  16. The only people this is a distraction for is the media!
    I wish you would shut up about unsubstantiated rumors.

  17. “But it’s time for finality. The Redskins need to make a decision, and they need to implement it.”
    And you have how many Super Bowl rings to back up your opinion? I’m sure Mike Shanahan is impressed.

  18. Who says the Redskins haven’t made a “final decision”? The organization’s stance hasn’t changed. The only indecision is which of these “sources” we are to believe, the ones made up on Twitter, or the ones made up on here.

  19. but i thought bspn, or bohoo, or some unidentified source said he was going to be traded, so it must be true

  20. It is more of a distraction when the reporters ask them about it every day. Hmmm, maybe they need to ban the reporters and the problem goes away. Seriously, let the pro coach do the coaching. Maybe we see his best game of his career this year.

  21. As a Cowboy fan all i can say is…………
    You have to love Fat Al and what he has brought to the Redskins, he is the gift that keeps giving! 🙂

  22. I dont care about this crap anymore….the Redskin players dont give a sh!t either! Shanahan doesnt want to talk about it “for obvious reasons” (his favorite phrase)…..Bruce Allen is the one dealing with it right? We have enough D-linemen (we only need three!) bc of offseason additions Carriker Maake etc. We r gonna win with or without his fat azz. Everyone tune in Sunday night to watch us take down the so called 2010 division winners (3 turnovers by our D will be the difference….oh wait….AND McNabb). New hall of fame proven head coach, new 3-4 defense that is starting to turn balls over, best Qb in the division, new zone blocking scheme mixed with the number one passing offense in the league last year……no true redskin fan or player cares about nothing but DALLAS…..ITS DALLAS WEEK B!TCHES!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Shanny knows nothing just like his 2nd best NFL career record with current NFL coaches indicates! He is such a bad coach and only did good because of Elway who also could have won those superbowls back to back without Shanahan! He just got lucky! The Redskins will also get lucky Sunday night with a 24-16 victory over the Cowboys!

  24. Trade him to the Eagles, we need more beef upfront. Mike Patterson and Broderick Bunkley are ok but undersized.

  25. FLORIO, STICK TO BREAK NEWS. Nobody wants your opinion, least of all Mike Shanahan. They’ll trade him if it benefits the team…..and won’t if it doesn’t. They don’t NEED to bring closure to it because morons like you have blown it out of proportion.
    Stick to cutting and pasting bud. You are very good at that and a very hard worker……but nobody gives a @#$R%#@$ about your analysis.

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