PFT's Staff Super Bowl predictions

Just in case you weren’t glued to your computer last night, we’d like to provide a public service announcement and remind everyone that the PFT staff made our Super Bowl predictions.

More than 15,000 of you guys in the last 20 hours have also voted, with the Packers currently leading the voting with 23.56%.  “Other” is at 21.27%, and the Vikings are way back in third at 11.36%, with Baltimore, Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, Indianapolis, and New Orleans next.  (Voting remains open.)

That means that there may be more Packers and Vikings fans on this website than any other fan base.  It also means PFT Planet picked the same winner as yours truly.  Here goes:

Florio’s Super Bowl Pick

MDS’s Super Bowl Pick

Silva’s Super Bowl Pick

The other guy’s Super Bowl Pick

16 responses to “PFT's Staff Super Bowl predictions

  1. cowboys? 9-7 this year. could be one off the worst o lines in football. Raiders go 9-7 make it to playoffs , and mario henderson has pro bowl year. wimbly 18 sacks and pro-bowl as well. And if im wrong, oh well, we still have the best punter in the league.

  2. Wow I must have missed the ads on for someone to write ridiculous NFL predictions. I certainly would have applied. Although I think that I may have actually tried to make an educated assessment. Some of the teams mentioned here are not even close. Pittsburgh??? For real?? They are going to be fighting Cleveland to stay out of last place in the AFC North. Green Bay, Dallas?? Again, really!?!?!? You need to work on your dart throwing skills because they have let you down miserably. Only pick I saw that had any credibility to it was Indy, but that is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    I am going to keep checking for that job opening, it must be great to get paid for doing such lackluster work.

  3. Kamerion Wimbley will not have 18 sacks, my friend. The only reason he had so many in Cleveland is because no one else was there to get to the qb first. Also, as a Browns fan, I must say that our punter, Dave Zastudil, is the best punter in the league. Throw in Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs and you see why the Browns have the best special teams in the league.
    Now only if Delhomme can have a ’09 Farve-like season…

  4. PFT is a documented ‘hater’ of certain teams. Fans of those teams go elsewhere as the season approaches. Does it really matter what the 4 Gossip Girls staff of PFT predict?

  5. Let me say at the outset that I am a devoted Saints fan.
    While I would love to see the Saints repeat this year, and I do think they are legit contenders to make the Super Bowl again, I know how hard it is for any team, no matter how good, to repeat. I think the Falcons could give the Saints a run for their money (man that was hard to say). I don’t see the Vikes doing as well as they did last year and I’m not sure about the Packers. The Pack still seems like a “hot and cold” team.
    In the AFC, I think this is the year we see the Patriots of bygone days return. I can definately see the Colts and the Pats going on a win for win streak like the Saints and the Vikes did last year.

  6. sdskelly has been drinking some of Jim Jones “koolaid” only to live and make a real funny statement…..LMFAO

  7. Ugh, as a Packer fan, I *HATE* that the Packers are getting this much positive attention before the ball has even been snapped. I much prefer to fly under the radar. I mean, it’s great so many thinking highly of my favorite team, but I’d like to see it proven.

  8. My pick = who gives a f–k how smart you think you are about picking a superbowl winner at the beginning of the season

  9. Funny how 99.99% of talking heads cannot pick 16 correct games in one week, yet we’re supposed to put credence in these same knuckleheads picking the Super Bowl which is 4 months away???
    Be serious, please.

  10. @Dilbio50
    I do, after going 11-5 to win the NFC East. Sorry, Dallas will not be playing in Arlington
    I’m not sayin, i’m just sayin!!

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