Randy Moss returns to practice

Tom Brady wasn’t the only big name making a noteworthy appearance on the Patriots practice field on Thursday.

Wide receiver Randy Moss also returned after missing Wednesday’s work because of an illness.  (We learned this from the reporters at practice, not the helicopter flying overhead after Brady’s car accident.)

Running back Laurence Maroney was also in full pads; he’s been struggling with a groin injury. 

8 responses to “Randy Moss returns to practice

  1. hey, don’t you mean “practice”??…..yesterday you posted that Moss missed practice with an, “illness”……poor Florio, another potential soap opera shot all to hell………hey Florio, I got one for ya!!……why don’t you just proclaim that Tom Brady was distracted by his contract situation and that was a factor in his car accident this morning?……there you go Florio, I served it up on a silver platter for you…..run with it baby, run with it!…….I’m sure it will generate many,many,many “clicks” for you.

  2. ampats,
    They used the jaws of life to extricate the passenger in the van……….not quite a fender-bender…..

  3. Bone, substantiate… looked to me like your run of the mill traffic thumping in boston globe’s pics.

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