Eric Smith to meet Anquan Boldin again, rips "stupid" suspension

In a sport full of violent collisions, Jets safety Eric Smith leveled then-Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin with one of the most brutal hits in recent NFL history in a game two years ago.

Smith and Boldin will renew acquaintances on Monday night when Boldin’s new team, Baltimore, visits the Jets. And Smith says he and Boldin have both moved past that nasty collision between the two of them, even as he blasts the one-game suspension and $50,000 fine that the NFL leveled on him.

“That was just — we were both playing hard, and it was an unfortunate event,” Smith said of the hit, per the Star Ledger. “It’s behind us now. I don’t think either one of us holds a grudge towards anybody.”

But Smith then added, about the punishment handed down by the league, “I thought it was pretty stupid.”

While Smith missed one game because of the suspension, Boldin surprisingly missed only two games despite needing surgery for facial fractures. Smith says he and Boldin have talked and that Boldin knows Smith wasn’t trying to hurt him.

“I don’t think he really has any bad feelings toward me,” Smith said. “I’m just going to go out there and compete — he’s a guy that’s going to go hard every play. So that’s what I expect from him.”

23 responses to “Eric Smith to meet Anquan Boldin again, rips "stupid" suspension

  1. All I did was hit him full speed helmet first to the jaw because I got scored on. I wasn’t trying to kill him. Yeah right.

  2. I watched that play numerous times. It wasn’t deliberate. Just a DB doing what he was taught since peewee football

  3. @Abe Froeman This wasn’t a matter of a player not being able to pull up. This was a matter of a player intentionally smashing his helmet into an opponent’s face.

  4. no way was that a dirty hit…same goes for wilfork on trent edwards..this kinda stuff happens folks…have you ever seen what happens at the line of scrimmage every’s a miracle people aren’t carted off every play….that was a scary hit and thankfully both returned OK

  5. the fine was fair even if it would of been difficult to pull up. playing ‘with abandon’ sounds cool but there’s gotta be the fear of a fine if you hurt somebody without real purpose

  6. @MrSteve/BulletSix
    Kerry Rhodes knocked him into Eric Smith, who was running full speed to break up the play. People can’t stop on a dime, buddy. Why was Warner even going deep when he was obviously going to lose the game with less than a minute left in the game.
    But by all means, keep pretending that you know what you’re talking about.

  7. Smith says he and Boldin have talked and that Boldin knows Smith wasn’t trying to hurt him.
    “I don’t think he really has any bad feelings toward me,” Smith said
    Those words might carry a little more weight if, you know, they came from Boldin and not Smith.

  8. The Ball hung in the air for a moment allowing the defender behind Boldin to catrch up and hit him from behind which propelled him into Smith as Smith arrived to knock the ball loose. There was nothing dirty about the play. Big hits are inherent part of defending passes over the middle. It was unfortunate Anquan and Smith were injured on the play. And Mr.Steve, Smith’s hit caused Anquan to not actually score on him, as you so incorrectly pointed out. Erroneous however because the Jets are gay.

  9. Saying he hit him because he scored is a laughable assertion if you actually WATCHED the play. Smith was moving to break up the pass before the ball was caught. At least be somewhat sensible with your post.

    Wrong. Kerry Rhodes did knock him forward but Boldin was hit immediately after that. That helmet to helmet hit was coming either way…just as Smith planned. I agree that it was pointless for Warner to go deep like that.
    But by all means, keep pretending the Jets have a good team. Lets not forget the Colts laid down for your Jets to get in the playoffs. If it wasn’t for that the Jets would have been 8-8. Loser Sanchez won’t ever get it done. 20 picks/ 12 TD’s.

  11. It was a brutal hit, yeah. But Kerry Rhodes pushed Boldin in to Eric Smith as he was coming at Boldin. Did he deserve to be suspended? Yeah. Those are the rules. Accidental or not, he nailed him with his helmet.
    A better question to ask would be why were the Cardinals slinging it down in to the end zone with 30 seconds left when down by 20 pts?
    Credit Eric Smith and the Jets for not just letting the Cardinals score during garbage time. Discredit the Cardinals for thinking it was a good idea to put their players in harms way without a reasonable possibility of a win.

  12. It is football. The announcers should shut the hell up and quit costing these guys money. When they go off about how there should be a fine – it puts the office in a bind and is ruining the game. There are receivers such as Randy Moss who are limited in their game because they are afraid to go over the middle – and there are others who might not have had a career otherwise (Jason Avant) because they will go over the middle. Receivers are big enough divas – I only respect those that will go over the middle and take the hit.
    Long live Chuck Cecil!

    Learn the game you ignoramous….you dont know what you are taliking about if Smith wanted to hurt him Boldin would not even be playing now….
    Kepp Yapping RAVENS you punishment is coming.

  14. im with NYJALLFINGDAY… i just watched it on youtube, eric smith was coming in to make a play, boldin got pushed into smith while he was coming full speed. these hits happen man, i think it was tanard jackson who hit dallas clark a few years back from the bucs and had him SCREAMING on the field… look it up man, watch his face. its on youtube as dallas clark gets owned. either way, this is football. when i was ready to start playing modified football the first thing my dad told me was “you can’t be afraid to get hurt, you can’t be afraid to hurt anybody… just go play hard” and i was like only 12 years old. these are grown ass men, they get hit hard sometimes. look up brett favres bruising after the nfc championship last year. they take a beating.

  15. @BulletSix
    I’m wrong? Like you said, the hit came immediatley after. Smith was looking to make the play and Kerry Rhodes propelled him right into Smith. You even posted my proof, thank you so much! Once again, keep pretending you know football, it’s cute.

  16. looked like Smith was aiming to hit him with his helmet but shoulder level, and the shove by Rhodes changed Boldin’s trajectory.
    Not as vicious as an intentional helmet to helmet, but an old school type of hit that probably wouldn’t have been allowed under today’s rules, had Rhodes never touched Boldin.
    It was stupid of the Cards to run that play there, but Smith deserves some blame.

  17. For all those calling this a dirty hit, I have to disagree. I’m a fan of Boldin and after watching the replay many times I’d have to call it just a part of football and not intentional at all. When you look at the replay Boldin gets hit a bit from behind putting his head lower than what it was when Smith started going for the hit, creating the helmet to helmet collision.
    The fine was also crazy considering how much Smith made in salary… it was something like 10% of his salary, and thats before tax, in after-tax dollars it was probably closer to 25%, pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

  18. @Mrsteve
    U MAD. He went to the ball, because that’s what defensive backs do. Rhodes hit him, then a split second later, he was hit by Smith. It looked like he was just trying to use his body to jar the ball free, but Rhodes hitting him propelled their heads together. Warner should never have thrown that ball, and Boldin paid the price.

  19. It was a deliberate disgrace. Smith was running straight at him and launched himself, headfirst, into Q. Smith didn’t go low, he didn’t aim for the ball, he simply aimed for his head. He knew he was in the endzone and he knew he had to prevent the catch – and he didn’t care about the legalitly, the destructive consequences or the fact they had a huge lead in the end of the game. All that Rhodes did was quicken the inevitable by a quarter second – Rhodes or no Rhodes the results would have been the same.

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