Bears-Lions one-liners

The Bears used rookie S Major Wright more than veteran S Chris Harris in the opener, especially during crunch time of the 19-14 win over Detroit.
Bears WR Devin Aromashodu led the team in pass targets against the Lions.
The Bears are scheduled to host free agent WR Michael Clayton.
Bears coach Lovie Smith may have outsmarted himself in Sunday’s game.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello revealed that the ruling that negated Lions WR Calvin Johnson’s late-game touchdown catch was discussed “extensively” by league officials during the offseason.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times called the ruling “a gift from the heavens” for Chicago.
Oft-criticized Lions OT Jeff Backus was victimized on the play that got QB Matthew Stafford injured.
Lions coach Jim Schwartz insists he will not change the offense with Stafford out and QB Shaun Hill in.

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  1. I’d be curious to see what another NFL officiating crew and replay booth guy would’ve called….you know there was room on both sides of the equation on that call.
    Sad part is….that’s a TD in every other level of football, from youth on up.

  2. Unfortunately the call wasn’t bad…it’s the RULE that is bad. Here is another example of a call that is questionable, but accurate per dumb NFL rules:

  3. That’s a TD for any other team. The LIONS were robbed, point blank. I had a weekend in Detroit planned with my family and it is now canceled. I was going to buy jerseys and will not. I quit my fantasy league. the NFL is a f’ing joke for not doing something about this. Their goal is to keep the small market teams down so the big city teams can stay on top – thus creating good media coverage over on ESPN (EastCoast Sports Network). I’m tired of this crap happening. It’s not football anymore. NFL equals Non Football League. I’ll stick to watching College where the referees try to give the game to ND. Go Blue. Sorry Lions. I love you, but as long as this is allowed I can no longer throw money your way.

  4. If that’s the rule, fine. But once again, it’s a rule that’s up for interpretation – similar instances have happened before and been called catches/TDs. Would that call have been made if this was one of the elite QBs? Hardly.

  5. I read the same rule they did and still think Megs scored. He ‘maintain(ed) control of the ball after he touche(d) the ground…in the end zone.’ As he was literally bouncing up the ball bounced out of his hand. But ‘he had control when he touched the ground’. Am I reading that wrong? Lions get screwed again.

  6. Here’s the thing. I knew it would be called incomplete when it happened. Why? I watched the Saints/Vikings on Thursday night and the same thing happened – just not in the end zone.
    I’m into football, but by no means am I some sort of expert, yet I knew the rule. Calvin Johnson is a veteran professional who gets paid millions to be one of the best in the world at his job. Shame on him for not pulling the ball to his body and making sure the ref saw it and confirmed possession. He should have known and should have done the right thing – especially in such a critical situation.
    I’ll be the first to say that the rule is horrible, and even as a Bears fan, the Bears didn’t deserve the win based on their poor performance, but the Lions deserve it less for not executing in the face of the Bears’ poor performance. Either way, it’s pointless to whine about the refs. They applied the rule properly. Also, the argument that a player running into the end zone with the ball doesn’t loose the TD if he fumbles in the end zone isn’t apples-to-apples. The player running the ball HAS possession when he enters the end zone. The reception rule applies to possession anywhere on the field, so per the rules, Johnson never had possession.
    This was no attempt to screw over the Lions by anyone. The only person who screwed the Lions was Calvin Johnson. The same thing happened in New Orleans, and they also took a pick away from Polumalu yesterday based on the same rule.
    The only debate is over the quality of the rule. Every other argument being thrown out there is just crying. Keep crying if you want, but it’s only serving to make you a whiner!

  7. Here is a good article breaking down what consitutes a touchdown and possession of the football. Entire article can be found at:
    “A player is in possession when he is in firm grip and control of the ball inbounds. To gain possession of a loose ball that has been caught, intercepted or recovered, a player must have complete control of the ball and have both feet completely on the ground inbounds or any other part of his body, other than his hands, on the ground inbounds.
    (Huge opinion: Johnson had both feet on the ground with possession.)
    “If the player loses the ball while simultaneously touching both feet or any other part of his body to the ground or if there is any doubt that the acts were simultaneous, there is no possession. This rule applies to the field of play and in the end zone.”
    (Huge opinion: Johnson never bobbled or lost control of the ball until both feet, his knee and the other hand touched the ground.)
    “A player who goes to the ground in the process of attempting to secure possession of a loose ball (with or without contact by a defender) must maintain control of the ball after he touches the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone.
    (Huge opinion: He had secured possession of the football before he touched the ground so this does not apply.)
    “If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, there is no possession. If he regains control prior to the ball touching the ground, it is a catch, interception or recovery.”
    (Huge opinion: This part of the rule validates his catch as a touchdown.)
    Here is the NFL rulebook on what defines ball possession of the ball:
    “Possession: When a player controls the ball throughout the act of clearly touching both feet, or any other part of his body other than his hand(s), to the ground inbounds.”
    calvin-johnson-212.jpgAP PhotoDetroit’s Calvin Johnson catches the ball in the end zone while being defended by Chicago’s Zackary Bowman.
    (Huge opinion: So, once Johnson touched both feet, it’s a touchdown. Do officials carry a rulebook with them like my Little League umpires used to do?)
    Now, if a runner can cross the plane of a goal line with possession of the football for a touchdown, then once Johnson put both feet on the ground with possession, it should have been a touchdown.
    Here is the league rule on touchdowns:
    “Touchdown: When any part of the ball, legally in possession of a player inbounds, breaks the plane of the opponent’s goal line, provided it is not a touchback.”
    (Huge opinion: What I have seen on video 50 times and what this rule says along with every other NFL bylaw proves there is an injustice here that deserves some recourse on the NFL paid officials who blew this call.)

  8. Really? No change was warranted? Is Millen still some how on the CC? WTF?
    IMO rules should NOT be able to be up for “interprepation” by the official, because when they are you have a fiasco like this.
    And I agree, if this would have happened to Brady/Manning/Favre/Cowgirls, it would’ve been ruled a TD. Don’t believe me? Then how did Manning get the Umpire placement changed so quickly??
    Nice double standard NFL.

  9. @cdallen77
    The rule clearly states, “If the player plays for Detroit and they are present in the end zone, no points shall be awarded if you can come up with a good enough reason to take them away.”

  10. Also, to all of you that think that there’s some sort of NFL vendetta against the Lions: You’re absolutely crazy. Do you really think that the 0-16 turned 2-14 Lions are such constant victims? Were all of those losses by a couple points and difference only being bad calls? Your team has sucked for ages, and now that it looks like they’re getting better, so you think a loss can only be the result of a conspiracy. What a bunch of nut-jobs.

  11. I’m telling you, 10 guys in a bar rule. If 10 guys in a bar say it’s a touchdown, it’s a touchdown.
    The rule is horrible and if this happened to an elite team, a change would happen immediately.
    The best thing Detroit can do is know they beat Chicago and it was taken on a technicality. They did that with a 2nd string QB. Take that and make forward to next week.

  12. faulkn22 says:
    September 14, 2010 7:54 AM
    I’m telling you, 10 guys in a bar rule. If 10 guys in a bar say it’s a touchdown, it’s a touchdown.
    The rule is horrible and if this happened to an elite team, a change would happen immediately.
    The best thing Detroit can do is know they beat Chicago and it was taken on a technicality. They did that with a 2nd string QB. Take that and make forward to next week.
    While speaking “technically”, yes, they should have.
    And I agree on the “10 guys in a bar” thing.
    But let’s not get it twisted–aside from Detroit’s goal line stand and those last second heroics, the Bears otherwise dominated that game, so “knowing they beat Chicago” might not come as natural as you’d think.
    The Bears moved the ball basically at will on offense (until the redzone, at least).
    They created havoc in Detroit’s backfield and shut down the run, they covered their receivers well.
    The Bears screen game clicked and started nullifying Detroit’s push up front.
    I think Detroit had something like 5 yards of offense in the second half, before the final drive (against a prevent defense).
    Hats off to Calvin Johnson, for making an exceptional athletic play at the end. And hats off to Detroit’s defense (and inept Bears coaching and o-line play) on ONE SERIES at the goal line.
    But otherwise, let’s be honest–Detroit doesn’t have a whole lot to hang their hats on in that game.
    NFL. com official stats tell the real story:
    overall offense – Bears #1 (tied w/ Indy)
    overall defense – Bears #2 (behind Miami)

  13. The Bears were victimized by this bad rule twice in the past six years- Berrian’s obvious catch versus the Lions in ’04, and the other AP against the Saints two years ago. A fact is a fact….a receiver has to maintain control, and the ball can never come out during the “process.”

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