Bill Belichick and Randy Moss break it down

We’re about 24 hours removed from Randy Moss’ rambling, entertaining, poorly timed post-game press conference. (We’ve heard a lot of takes on the subject, and we think Tom Curran nails the situation here.)

Nothing with Moss is ever exactly what it seems.  He’s often held up as a problem child, but is generally regarded as a good teammate and one of the smartest players on the Patriots.  Just minutes before Moss got his seemingly divisive press conference going, he was breaking down the team in the locker room.  (Here’s the video.)

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald spoke with Moss and the wide receiver revealed that he and Bill Belichick talked on Monday to go over “expectations.” 

Moss said the meeting went well.  Belichick reportedly wasn’t wild about Moss’ comments — that’s probably an understatement — but Moss said he needed to get them off his chest now rather than later. 

My feeling from talking with Moss is that Belichick explained his own expectations for continuing to play hard, words or not,” Rapoport writes.  He believes the two reached an “understanding.”

In Belichick and Brady, the Patriots have two leaders that Moss respects.  He knows he will have a hard time finding that elsewhere.

Like Curran writes, Moss’ press conference was in many ways just a very poorly timed cry for the team to keep him.  Moss just needs to work on the timing and delivery of his messages.

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  1. “Moss’ press conference was in many ways just a very poorly timed cry for the team to keep him.”
    No it wasn’t. It was a message to Brett Favre to lobby the Vikings to trade for him.

  2. Time to focus on the jets now guys…a week two win in my would be huge and a great way to shut rexs mouth up

  3. Time to focus on the jets now guys…a week two win in ny would be huge and a great way to shut rexs mouth up

  4. Its all Business in New England. Moss is just misunderstood and the media preys on him for anything and he knows it. I hope he stays here the rest of his career.
    Patriots are Back.

  5. As a Viking fan who saw it all…I can say Moss takes the attitude that “the world has to revolve around someone…why not me???”…great player, even greater D-bag…

  6. Pay the man! Then pay Welker! Then pay Koppen! Then pay Stephen Neal! Then pay…..
    It never stops with professional athletes. The guy is due to make 6.4 million this year and he feels slighted. Wtf?

  7. Pretty fair handling of this from the media, definitely giving Moss the benefit of the doubt, which I have no problem with.
    Now — Is TO going to go on record and point out that if he had done the same thing the media would have gone off on him? Because they would have. So it’s just as true in this case as it was in the Favre case he pointed out to all of us.
    In fact, maybe we can get TO to point out all of the cases where people would react differently to him doing things compared to when other players do them. And Florio could then post his agreement each time, saying that TO’s right.

  8. The press conference wasn’t nearly as bad as the media portrayed it to be. I watched the conference in full, and many of his quotes got used in an incorrect context. He was mainly lashing out at the media, rather than the Patriot’s organization.
    I’m not a big fan of Moss, but it was refreshing to hear him speak candidly. I don’t foresee him causing too many troubles for the Patriots as the season progresses.

  9. patriots need moss more than moss needs patriots. im a dolphin fan and i remember draft day trade and cussing the whole day. moss for 4th rounder?? in my opinion it was a league trade. the most stupid was miami trading welker to compliment him thanks cam cameron and randy mueller.

  10. He’s got to watch it because I can see the Pats dismiss him like they did Terry Glenn in 2001.
    A “superstar” like Randy at his age does not want to go into a lock-out aging away and seeing teams come out of the labor agreement not being able to spend and where will that leave him 15-18 months from now in regards to his value?
    Of course he would like to get fair market value and locked up now, but it is a scary time for the league with whats up on the horizon.
    On the other hand if your a 3-time super bowl champ and face of the franchise like Brady, you get taken care of and that just the reality of the situation.

  11. As much as I hate the guy, they’d be stupid to let him get away. He’s got two or three good years left and the Pats will be able to sign him to a cheaper deal than any other team.

  12. As much as I hate the guy, they’d be stupid to let him get away. He’s got two or three good years left and the Pats will be able to sign him to a cheaper deal than any other team.

  13. I bet Welker would be pretty happy to take the $9mill+ Moss is making this year or that he made last year or the year before that.

  14. Keep him unsigned until blows up Revis Island next week and moons the half-empty Meadowlands stadium.
    Then, sign him. Please.

  15. Randy’s been on the two greatest non-Super Bowl winning teams of the championship era.
    Regardless, it’s obvious that Randy’s top 1, 2 and 3 priorities are straight cash (homie). If he has any interest in winning a Super Bowl, it’s probably never going to happen if he leaves New England…unless, of course, the Pats begin Dynasty version 2.0 this year instead of next.

  16. I love how the “media” struggles to grasp the true “meaning” of what Randy said. He was talking to you, Gregg.

  17. its funny, but moss is right and people do somehow under appreciate him. i could not believe the vikings traded him away for next to nothing and firmly believe that %95 of vikings fans would love to have him back.

  18. Moss do not NEED to let the patriots off of anything.
    Moss gave Brady the best year of his life.
    PAY THE MAN…or these MEN SHOULD sound off at every given OPPORTUNITY.
    Moss is a DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE. Disgruntled employees DO NOT HAVE to keep it classy for Organizations that are UNWILLING to address their issues.

  19. Now that Bellicheat is video-taping anymore, he needs all the talent he can find.
    Just can’t find good trolls these days………pathetic.

  20. “Bill Belichick and Randy Moss…”
    I stopped reading right there. Who gives a rat’s ass what either of these clowns have to say?

  21. Quite honestly, I think Randy knows that New England is good for him and he is good for New England. I believe that he wants an extension to show how commited the Patriots are to him and in return he shows his commitment on the field. I don’t believe that it’s a dollar figure driving this. I think Randy has matured with the leadership in NE and captain or not, he’s been able to be a leader on that team. He knows that he’s not the future but a fixture and wants that reassurance. Not a Patriots fan and blast me if you want, its just my opinion.

  22. I hear you Randy loud and clear. Believe me Welker does not get as many catches without Moss on the field. Teams have to use there best corner sometimes 2 to cover Moss, that leaves Welker underneath in the soft part of the defense and Brady, the smart QB that he is, takes full advantage of the situation. Moreover, I don’t think Brady is going to let managment let Moss leave Foxboro. Go Pats

  23. Clowns??? Hall of Fame Coach and Receiver to be… Florio needs a new lawyer!
    Don’t care about your personal issues, but how about a little respect?

  24. The “Black” cloud over Boston remains,
    Moss joins the multitude of Black athletes both on the Red Sox and The Patriots, who have been maligned by the local press and ignored/disrespected by the respective managers. Manny was being Manny, Jimmy Rice was shunned by the hall of Fame for so long, and Pedro was forced out of the organization again being misrepresented and misunderstood by the press and the fans. Yeah the fans in Boston are hard on their sports teams and players but I know from experience, New Englanders are a bunch of Stuffed Shirts and have no tolerance for anyone with a personality and flashy attitude…….loosen up people.,….

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