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Chiefs shocking Chargers to close out Week One

As midnight approaches on the East Coast, the Kansas City Chiefs have ambushed their division rivals from San Diego through 30 minutes of action.

The Chiefs lead the Chargers at halftime, 21-7.

It seemed early on that the Chargers would systematically pull away from the perpetually-rebuilding Chiefs, seizing a 7-0 lead on a touchdown pass from quarterback Philip Rivers to tight end Antonio Gates.  But then the skies opened up over Missouri, and the Chiefs eventually rained three scores on the Lightning Bolts.

After starting the game with a pair of three-and-out drives, the Chiefs made their third time a charm, via three runs that covered 70 yards, including a 56-yard touchdown jaunt from running back Jamaal Charles.  After the teams traded two punts each, Chargers rookie running back Ryan Mathews fumbled, the Chiefs recovered at the San Diego 12, and three plays later quarterback Matt Cassel floated a two-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tony Moeaki — and the new Arrowhead Stadium was a-rockin’.

Three total three-and-out drives later, Chiefs rookie Dexter McCluster took a punt at his own six, and he made a cut to the outside that induced a slip-n-slide move from Chargers special-teamer Mike Tolbert, springing McCluster for a 94-yard score.

There’s plenty of time for the Chargers to pull it out.  But there’s a new feeling in the air in Kansas City.  After 4-12 in 2007 and 2-14 in 2008 and 4-12 in 2009, there’s a sense that times are changing for the Chiefs — to the obvious chagrin of the other three teams in the AFC West.

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21 Responses to “Chiefs shocking Chargers to close out Week One”
  1. sportsdrenched says: Sep 14, 2010 12:06 AM

    Phillip crying in the rain is very entertaining.
    Nice job by The Arrowhead Crowd too.

  2. clintcooper says: Sep 14, 2010 12:06 AM

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Philip Rivers is an overrated sack of shit. Whenever things don’t go his way he just yells at everyone and whenever he throws a pick he just kind of shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “Ah well, no big deal.”

  3. jamesz23 says: Sep 14, 2010 12:13 AM

    Chiefs got some good, young speedsters on their team. Was really hoping my team was gonna draft McCluster.

  4. agreen182 says: Sep 14, 2010 12:14 AM

    Man I am loving these totally irresponsible proclamation posts after ONE FREAKING WEEK. Hilarious.

  5. Mike Daly says: Sep 14, 2010 12:14 AM

    The AFC West and AFC South are both in the middle of earthquakes right now. The Chiefs are blasting the Chargers and asserting a place in the West, while the South has become a three-way shootout with Tennessee and Houston firing the most and Indianapolis seeing its findamental softness coming home to roost; and even Jacksonville has shown more than Indy right now.

  6. mantastic says: Sep 14, 2010 12:28 AM

    Somehow, Rivers tantrum after the timeout will be blamed on Jay Cutler’s body language

  7. INISHUL says: Sep 14, 2010 12:29 AM

    Rivers is acting like a child- its embarrassing.

  8. grandavenue says: Sep 14, 2010 12:32 AM

    Im not surprised. I actually thought the Chiefs would win this.
    I hope Stephen Ross is watching, this is the result of NOT having Carl Petersen as your GM. YOU WIN!

  9. Filthy Fernandez says: Sep 14, 2010 12:35 AM

    Man, Rivers is REALLY missing Vicent Jackson right now who has to be grinning ear to ear right about now.
    Chiefs will most likely find a way to blow this.

  10. danielcp0303 says: Sep 14, 2010 12:35 AM

    Trent Dilfer is really good in the booth. I wish he could replace Jaws and Gruden.

  11. patsphilosophy says: Sep 14, 2010 12:41 AM

    Man the chiefs play calling is horrible. Poor poor Matt Cassel. I’d like to see them open things up in the spread , use McCluster in the slot. I think he’d be a beast.

  12. Viper21 says: Sep 14, 2010 12:53 AM

    Am I the only one, who is disgusted listening to Trent Dilfer talk like he knows how to play QB…?

  13. patsphilosophy says: Sep 14, 2010 1:08 AM

    Bill Belicheck trusted Matt Cassel to do more in his offense in week 2 than the chiefs do in Year 2. Matt Cassel is not being given a true shot to be what he was in New England.

  14. tim8282 says: Sep 14, 2010 1:09 AM

    This is Marty Schottenheimer 101 right now, actually.
    Rivers probably yelled at his butlers and maids growing up too.

  15. patsphilosophy says: Sep 14, 2010 1:17 AM

    Goodluck anyone going into Arrowhead this season LOL. You’d think it was the superbowl the way that crowd is pumped. Good Job Chiefs.

  16. Beauregard says: Sep 14, 2010 1:24 AM

    Phillip Rivers is substantially overrated. What has he actually won when it was on the line?
    One of the dumb ass announcers actually said sad sack Norv was one of the best play callers in the league!!! LOL! Guess he didn’t watch the playoffs last year.
    Good job Chiefs. Chargers can now limp their over rated butts home to Northern Tijuana.

  17. Sweepthleg says: Sep 14, 2010 1:31 AM

    Yeah Florio can we get some posts on how Dilfer and Nessler are a thousand times better in the booth than any MNF crew since ESPN began carrying the games!
    Nessler actually brings some class and dignity to the game and doesn’t try to overshadow it with inane commentary while Dilfer offer some actual analysis. (although he does love him some Rivers)

  18. Yoshe says: Sep 14, 2010 1:33 AM

    Funny, Where’s Icon at now. Talking all sh*t all offseason. A true troll. Go chiefs….defense looked good and the rookies came through. It’s gonna be a good season.

  19. Bob Nelson says: Sep 14, 2010 2:46 AM

    You closed shop and went home before the game was over!!
    1) Tilfer WAS good in the booth
    2) The home crowd at Arrowhead really motivated their team. Two thumbs up for rainsoaked Chiefs fans.
    3) Thumbs down to ESPN for not talking about or running a story on the upgrades at Arrowhead.
    4) Thumbs down for the Trey Wingo interuptions of the game. Those interuptions about baseball and tennis sucked. If the audience cared they would be watching those events.
    5) The Chiefs and Chargers game was a lot better than the afternoon game.

  20. Admiral Obvious says: Sep 14, 2010 3:35 AM

    “… to their obvious chagrin”
    Really? really?
    I didn’t see the other teams on the AFC west during the game so how come it’s so “obvious”??

  21. Empire Jones says: Sep 14, 2010 1:57 PM

    Weather 1, Chargers 0.
    Still the team to win the AFC West. San Diego Super Slow Starts.

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