Colts' Bob Sanders out indefinitely with torn biceps tendon

Bob Sanders just can’t stay healthy.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Sanders, the Colts safety who is one of the best defensive players in the league when he’s actually able to get on the field, has a torn biceps tendon and is out indefinitely.

It’s not completely clear whether Sanders is done for the season, but that certainly appears to be a possibility. PFT has been hearing since Sunday, when Sanders exited the Colts’ loss to the Texans early, that rumors were flying of a season-ending injury.

Sanders won the 2007 Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year award and has played in just nine regular-season games since then.

50 responses to “Colts' Bob Sanders out indefinitely with torn biceps tendon

  1. Where are all the Colt sympathizers claiming BS was practicing yesterday?
    He’s been stealing money from that franchise for over 3 years now.
    He’s the Yao Ming of football; Made of glass

  2. He is a runt but plays like he is 7 feet tall. He just doesn’t have enough mass to stay healthy in this league. Of course this is exactly what was expected when he was drafted. Guys his size fare better on the offense; less contact with giants.

  3. If you put Bob Sanders name into google, it will take you straight to the American Medicial Association website.

  4. # Joe says: September 14, 2010 2:34 PM
    Bill Polian sacrificed Bob Sanders to the injury gods to keep Peyton Manning healthy for 200 some odd games.
    In other news, Polian is trying to gauge if there is any interest in adopting a rule that allows the Colts to play 4 additional safeties when they are on defense, all wearing Sanders jerseys, so that atleast 1 of the 5 Sanders’ on the field can make a contribution to the Defense, and justify the money they are paying him….doesnt hurt that it will help them contain the other teams running back…

  5. What you say?
    Bob Sanders injured?
    How could this be?
    I’m shocked….shocked I tell you….
    Who could have possibly forseen such a thing?!?

  6. Good player, he’ll do very well serving McNuggets and fries, shame he couldn’t keep on the field………..

  7. “who is one of the best defensive players in the league when he’s actually able to get on the field”
    Not sure how you can say that. Doesn’t being the best involve…you know…playing? I don’t think he can be mentioned as one of the best if he can only play a couple of games a year. It’s a joke. So is paying a guy like that. Cut him and move on.

  8. Chapnasty. says:
    September 14, 2010 2:20 PM
    1 word, 2 syllables… RE-TIRE
    1 word, 2 syllables… RE-LEASE
    this guy is not worth the headaches he causes the coaches with his constant injuries or the money hes making sitting on the bench. 9 games in 2 years and he still considered one of the best safeties in the game. what a joke.

  9. I heard today that he’s played in 9 out of the last 31 games for the colts what a turd he prolly picks up his paychecks with a mask on he robbed the colts with that big contract

  10. Didn’t both lord Favre and Elway have torn bicepts tendons snipped and then play a few weeks later? Can’t he just do the same, or is this tendon attached to the perpetually injured bone?

  11. Colts must be doing a parody of an M. Night Shyamalan movie…Mr. Unbreakable Peyton Manning and the “They called me Mr. Glass” Bob Sanders.

  12. “Who else held 1st quarter of 1st game in the 2010 Bob Sanders season ending injury pool?”
    Who didn’t? We’ll have to split that pot 426547897 ways.

  13. Funny how people speak differently of Welker and Sanders. Must be all the Pats fans on here hating on Sanders. I dont get it, why do you care? Hes not being paid by your team. Grow up and show some respect. Thats what you were asking for when Welker went down. Now Welker has made a “miracluous recovery”. But you dont have anything to say about his possible drug use do you.

  14. Too bad ya couldn’t take this guys motor and plug it into Fat Albert H. Could ya imagine the chaos?? lol

  15. What’s with all the “stealing money” references? Fat Albert is stealing money. At least this guy puts his body on the line for the team. That earns him his money.

  16. NFL_1974: Welker has had one injury, while Bobbi “Glass Rocket” Sanderoids has had how many now?

  17. I guess on the bright side, the Colts made it to the Super Bowl withOUT Bob last year so they’ve proven they can play without him.
    Bullitt wanted and has earned minutes at the Safety spot, so he’ll get it.
    Bullitt and Bethea is still pretty solid.

  18. Surprised he made in on to the field Sunday. I had him pegged for a side line injury when he didn’t play against the Bengals in the final pre-season game.

  19. Sanders is a Brain-dead Barbarian.
    He refused to preserve his body – instead he subscribed to the primitive ways of playing full speed on every play.

  20. Sanders has consistently been one of the Colts fans favorite players. He consistently has shown he is undoubtedly one of the best safeties in the NFL. That is WHEN he plays. Any more, he’s shown to be consistently on the IRL. Don’t get me wrong? I think he’s a tremendous player, he’s great when he is healthy. But, lately? He’s not been consistently healthy. ($37.5 million for consistency, egh?)
    Polian, it’s time you quit hiding Sanders behind your apron, professional football is a business. You need to quit babysitting a player who hasn’t produced nothing reputable to earn that kind of money!
    Sure, back in 2007, Bob signed a $37.5 million contract extension that included $20 million in guaranteed money.
    But time to get real, Polian. This, after all, is a business and it’s time to REPUDIATE his contract and move the oft injured Sanders
    to the waived-injured list and to suck up your losses. (Ergo Ugoh? Traded around to get him and what happened? You ended up to “toe” the line over that pick didn’t you?)
    So, now, Mr. President of the Indianapolis Colts, I must ask you this; “Don’t you think it’s time you called Mayflower (again) and move on to another safety?”

  21. Belichick Is God says:
    September 14, 2010 4:40 PM
    NFL_1974: Welker has had one injury, while Bobbi “Glass Rocket” Sanderoids has had how many now?
    Thank you. You just proved my point. Didnt realize you had proof of Sanders taking steroids. But there sure seems to be some speculation of an HGH Welker since he recovered so quickly. But I know you have nothing to say about that. You’re just another Pats fan blow hard.

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