Delhomme dons a walking boot

Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme was wearing a walking boot on Tuesday, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Delhomme injured the ankle during the Browns’ Week One loss to the Buccaneers.

Meanwhile, the team has provided no updates on whether Delhomme underwent an MRI on Tuesday, or if so what the exam indicated. 

A league source tells us that there is nothing conclusive yet regarding the injury.

Backup Seneca Wallace is expected to take the first-team reps on Wednesday.

The 0-1 Browns host the 1-0 Chiefs on Sunday.

30 responses to “Delhomme dons a walking boot

  1. The Seneca Wallace era begins…
    Wallace would make 15 starting QBs over 11 seasons… in Cleveland we root for the uniform! GO BROWNS!

  2. Wow. The Chiefs could start 2-0, even with that dismal offense. Does anyone besides The Walrus even like Wallace? Holmgren’s crush on Seneca reminds me of Al Davis’ long-term affair with Sam Williams. I don’t get it.

  3. Don’t even start clamoring for Colt McCoy. Wallace will be ok, need to run the ball more than what we did Sunday.

  4. That boot was made for walkin,’ and that’s just what he’ll do, one of these days that boot is gonna’ walk all over you.
    We interrupt this song for an announcement, Seneca Wallace is expected to take the first-team reps!!

  5. I’m a huge, huge Colt fan, but I really hope they don’t even consider putting him in the game. He’s not ready at this point.

  6. What’s worse for the team, Delhomme being injured…or Delhomme not being injured? Typically I’d say not being injured, but I’ve never had much confidence in Wallace as a starter for extended periods.

  7. Well, I will make my next prediction. My first was that Derek Anderson would win the starter job & take the Cards to the playoffs. I am 1/1 currently.
    Seneca Wallace will be as good as Drew Brees when he first came to NO. Wallace is smart, accurate, good at alluding a pass rush, & is a playmaker. While only 5-9 as a starter (no weapons) he had over a 63% completion rate and threw for 11 TDs to only 3 INTs. 85 QB rating too.
    Comments like this are always dismissed as ignorant, but like with Anderson, they are true. I am pretty smart when it comes to scouting QBs & Seneca Wallace is good in both the short & vertical passing game. He is best fit for the vertical passing game with his strong/accurate arm, but is also above average in the WCO.
    I will go a step further & say the Browns coaching staff in 2011 is:HC Andy Reid, OC M. Morningweig, DC Shawn McDermott & QB’s Mike Vick, Seneca Wallace, Colt McCoy.

  8. “Wallace would make 15 starting QBs over 11 seasons… in Cleveland we root for the uniform!”
    No, what you root for in LoserTown is for any QB not named “Quinn” to be injured.

  9. No biggie, its not like he is Drew Brees or anything. Seneca Wallace might even be an upgrade. The one thing that needs to be clear is that McCoy should even touch the field if Seneca gets hurt.

  10. The only boot they should be worrying about in Cleveland is the one that is going to be applied to eric mangini’s a** as he goes on the bus back to CT.
    Hmmm, I am wonder how long it will be before they are clamoring for Mr. spaghetti arm from Texas to take over. ?
    You folks in Cleveland might wanna get yourself some Indians tickets because they may win more game in what is left of their schedule than the good old Brownies. This man Mangini is a dumpster fire waiting to happen there in Cleveland. Y’all better get yourself some Chuckie dolls and get ready for the 2011 draft

  11. the U.S.S. Brownsgini is taking on water; y’all better hand Delhomme that anchor and boot him overboard too.

  12. Holmgren made a mistake by stating on draft day that McCoy would not see action this season. I am a biased UT / Colt McCoy fan, and I do believe that he needs more time to get oriented with the NFL system, the Browns system and build up some confidence (and probably beef up a bit).
    But in the final pre-season game, when he was given a chance to start and run the offense for a full half, did he prove anything? I believe he did. Ok, playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers doesn’t make a starting QB. But lets face it, he went 13 for 13 with no interceptions in that game and showed excellent poise, after all the criticism, skepticism, and rough experiences throughout the first part of the pre-season as a rookie. I have seen McCoy play many times. The guy has a winning intangible and a laser beam for an arm, is very quick on his feet and has a great head on his shoulders. He won more games in college than any QB in history (at the BCS level against top level BCS competition). I think banning him from the field for the entire first season, even if their 1st and 2nd stringers are a complete bust (entirely possible at this point) is just plain foolish.

  13. His ankle is the least of his problems. I’m surprised he didn’t throw an INT or two in the hospital.
    Cleveland was stupid to sign him. At least drafting Tim Couch or Brady Quinn, you didn’t know they would suck in the NFL. Delhomme is a nice enough guy, but anyone with half a brain knows he was damaged goods.

  14. @rolltide:
    Massive LOL at the bama fans who think they would have had a chance against UT last year if McCoy had not been injured in the first few minutes of the game.

  15. First, gotta agree with dukelonghorn, and I’m not a Texas fan at all (go Buckeyes!) If McCoy hadn’t been hurt in the first few minutes of the Texas-Bama game, Texas cruises to an easy victory, probably by about 24 points.
    Wallace will be fine. He might be a better fit as a game manager than Jake anyway. Cleveland doesn’t have the receivers to merit taking a lot of chances down the field. They do have a nice 1-2 punch with their running game (1-2-3 with Cribbs). Wallace has demonstrated that he can be accurate, and I think he’s more risk averse than Jake (see Jake’s near pick-6 last week).

  16. RayRay,
    Only in Cleveland, more BS. Lets just stick with Wallace and Cribbs. Have fun with the Wildcat offense, give us something to cheer about. And RUN THE BALL !It’s a shame losing the Tampa opener. There’s only so many wins, especially in the toughest division in the NFL. KC is a must win. Oh by the way half way through the season if we are 1-7 just give Colt the ball and let him finish the deal, really. I’m not being pessimistic I truly feel it’s a option if things get bad . Let him go to school and get ready for 2012.

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