Rex Ryan lowers his aim, a little

Before the season, Jets coach Rex Ryan declared his team the “soon to be champs.”  After losing in Week One at home to the Ravens, Ryan softened his stance a bit.

But not much.

“No team’s going to go undefeated this year,” Ryan said after the game, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “Our goals stay same.  We think we can win Super Bowl.”

“We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”

But, hey, at least Ryan hasn’t already declared that the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

We’ll see what he’s saying on Sunday, if the Patriots come to town and send the Jets to 0-2.

140 responses to “Rex Ryan lowers his aim, a little

  1. “We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”
    Funny…I don’t recall Rex saying “We’re going to win the super bowl this year.”

  2. Oh, I thought this article would be about his diet and him wanting to lose 1,000 lbs.
    Seriously though; he made the mistake of buying into all the press and apparently wasn’t watching the same preseason games I was. That offense is putrid; putrid I tells ya.

  3. oof. 0-2 is not a good start for somebody who’s going to win the super bowl. this should be very exciting to watch.

  4. How about you aim at Brian Schottenheimer and fire him. His lousy play calling cost us this game and he’s doing a wonderful job of trying to turn Sanchez into the next Pennington.

  5. I know exactly what he’ll be saying after a week 2 loss. ” We think we can make the playoffs” And then a couple weeks later “We thought we could win the superbowl ,we thought we could make the playoffs,we also thought we could draft a franchise QB, oh yeah and we thought we had a shut down corner” My message to Rey Ryan and the New Yaps Jets . Thinking , speaking and doing are three totally different things.

  6. 0-2 is exactly right new england is going to love this team, and I hate new england, but I love this all that trash talking like BIG ray ray said buckle up those chin straps and play . good d but we left 13 points on the feild so it looked more interesting then it should have been

  7. Game planning the Jets is easy … make Sanchez beat you. It’s obvious he can’t … and that’s why they will struggle.

  8. 6 games will be a reach for the JESTS. This team is a collection of malcontents and geriatrics. The jets suck.

  9. ya know its one game against a top ranked defense. lets stfu until we have 4 games under our belt then poo talk. lets talk about how philip puddles is playing like crap against the doormat of the afc!

  10. Sanchez is most definitely the weak link. And they traded up for this clown?
    When is the NFL going to realize that USC quarterbacks, with rare exceptions like Carson Palmer, are just not cut out to be in the League? For every one success, there’s at least four epic failures.

  11. The Ravens D held the Jets to 176 yards lol and the Ravens racked up nearly 300…. Back to reality Jets fans…

  12. Does Ryans mouth help or hurt the Jets? I know last year going into the playoffs he said paraphrasing “We are the team to beat”.
    I suppose if they win it helps and if they lose it hurts.

  13. Weres all the fireman eds that were on here for weeks hangin all over the bandwagon commenting on every ravens post about how they were gonna get killed by the jets week one?

  14. Last I checked, you have to move the ball to win games. Six first downs?? Maybe step down from the Super Bowl to just moving the ball 30 yards on any given drive.

  15. Hey Florio – post “when” Rex Ryan said the Jets “will” win the Super Bowl ! I wanna see it.

  16. Yeah I have to agree, if Sanchez doesnt start taking more chances downfield the jets will average 6pts/game. He throws too many little dump passes

  17. ganggreenguido says:
    September 14, 2010 12:44 AM
    the jets defense will make the car accident brady got into feel like a happy ending !!!!!!!!!!!
    Your team did jack-$hit against the Ravens, and you’re STILL talking $hit about beating New England? Is it any wonder Jets fans are the laughingstock of the NFL?
    Do you idiots have any idea what New England’s offense can do? Do you morons think that “10 for 21” Sanchez is going to fare any better against a defense that held Carson Palmer, Ocho Cinco, and T.O. to zero points for an entire half????
    Good gawd, you Jets fans are like annoying little yappy dogs who think they’re Doberman’s.

  18. Where are all the load mouth Jet fans? What a bunch of cowards! Have fun watching the Yets go 6-10 losers. Look on the bright side, at least Sanchez didn’t throw an interception……….LMAO!!!!!!

  19. what a train wreck this team is. you dont think that a healthy tom brady will pick apart all of those blitzes? its going to be dump off pass after dump off into every vacant spot left by a blitzer.

  20. ganggreenguido says:
    September 14, 2010 12:44 AM
    the jets defense will make the car accident brady got into feel like a happy ending !!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought it was, afterall he was able to see his family again…

  21. How could somebody have a surgery for weight loss that risks death… and so quickly become morbidly obese again.
    Enjoy Jets fans. Must be something for players to hear about will and hard work from a man who is a slave to eating and risked saying goodbye to his family forever just to revert to out of control gorging again. True leader of men and symbol of will power.

  22. … Thats right … The Jets defense , while it looked good – wasnt NEARLY as imposing as we , as fans , have been told it was going to be . The Ravens showed you boys how its done – now if you want to really hand your head just wait til you face off vs Tennessee . Titans D is better , Offense is better , but hey , you guys got LT …

  23. This team has definitely taken on the personality of its coach: all talk, no action.
    That offense couldn’t score against a decent high school team.
    F***in’ losers!
    If you sew Sanchez and Leinart together you still get about 1/4 of a real NFL quarterback.

  24. Why are the jets and the media so in love with Sanchez? He sucks ASS! I don’t want to hear this playoff crap either from last year, the jets have a good D and thats it!!!! By the way Dirty Sanchez had disgusting stats last year

  25. Everyone forgets that when the Jets beat the Pats last year in week 2, Welker didn’t play in that game. Worthless Galloway played instead.
    Welker back, all summer to prepare strategy. Don’t look for another clobbering of Brady.

  26. He did, actually. He wrote something to the effect of “Super Bowl 45 Champs” on the ESPN training camp tour bus.
    “We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”
    Funny…I don’t recall Rex saying “We’re going to win the super bowl this year.”

  27. Wait, is he moving forward or backward? We can’t tell?
    Keep cashing those checks Rex. You’ve got them fooled.

  28. If they’re going to go to the super bowl they’re going to have to fix a few things very quickly. The offense was completely out of sync. Sanchez looks like he has no sense of the offensive rhythm. He throws far too quickly without letting the play develop. Tonite he showed no ability to move around in the pocket, nor any feel for pressure. But he’s a rookie and this would almost be tolerable if his receivers would catch the ball. Clearly the illusion that this team was going to go far this year was totally dispelled by their performance. Then you have the D which, barring some great plays by a couple of vets, was lucky it wasn’t a blowout, the close score notwithstanding. They’re lucky the Ravens receivers and backs were mostly terrible too, because their o-line was opening up perfect lanes and giving Flacco loads of protection. Had they caught a few timely balls this would have been a disaster. The only good things were Revis and the kicker. I could continue but why beat a dead horse. They have a lot of work to do.

  29. stiller43 says:
    “We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”
    Funny…I don’t recall Rex saying “We’re going to win the super bowl this year.”
    Yet he did say they were “soon to be champs”. You do the math buddy. Or shall i? To be the “soon to be champs”, u must win the SUPER BOWL! There. In crayon, just for you.

  30. # Bill.Polian says: September 14, 2010 12:53 AM
    The Jets will be lucky to win 8 games with Sanchez at quarterback.
    6 GAMES >.

  31. i wonder how soon it is before the masses are going to realize how terrible sanchez is. he was terrible last year and is not any better this year that about end the discussion as far as the jets are concerned.

  32. 0-3 after a large dose of smash mouth football leaves the Jets with missing teeth and in a hole they’ll never climb out of.

  33. I am so glad that Rex lost his opener. I was so tired of hearing how great a team that finished 9-7 last year was going to be this year. The QB sucks, and their D is over rated. F Rex Ryan and the Jets. Any chance we can put his lap band around his mouth?

  34. Don’t you jet haters realize that the jets had a nice run in the playoffs and they hung tough with the eventual Super Bowl losers for almost 2 quarters last year?

  35. Well, saying the Jets will go 0 and 2 is just as silly as saying they will win the Super Bowl. The games have to be played, the score counted and at the end of the game, the team with most points wins and counts one in the win column.
    It’s not a matter of “New England beat so and so and soundly and the Jets lost, and played horribly doing so, so therefore the Jets will lose and go 0 and 2”. if that’s how it all played out, T-Rex would be right and the Jets would have been crowned SB champions based merely on his say-so and not their actual play of last year (yeah, AFC Championship losers – got that – let’s not recount how they actually got there)
    Having said that, it will still be fun pulling for yet another hated team to put a beat down on an even more hated team. Can’t believe I’m writing this, but “Go Patriots”.

  36. LMAO
    Well how bout them Paper Champs? Ya know, the team everybody had pegged as going to the Super Bowl.
    Your offense sucks Jests fans and is an embarassment. You got conned into taking Cromartie who showed why San Diego was happy to unload on to you. Flaaco exposed his weaknesses again and again.
    I said before the season an 8-8 season with infighting and bickering will start by week 5 by this collection of ME players.
    I’m right on track

  37. Fat boy Rex and all the Jets fans talk crapola but can not back it up.
    Typical, cause both are frauds

  38. Being a Steeler fan, I had to try very hard tonight to pull for lard-ass and his HIGHLY overrated team. But in the end, it was nice to see the Ravens shut his fat-assed mouth. You know, it’s a hard task to make a member of Steeler Nation despise you more than Baltimore, but congrats New York Scum, you’ve finally acheived something!!! And that’s probably ALL you’re going to acheive with that horrible, terrible, completely inept offense.

  39. All that talk and the Ravens were more physcial and attacked that J E T S Defense. Not a fan of either, but nice seeing Rex brought down a bit by the Ravens

  40. What a riot. These dopes just don’t get it. Their offense last night made the 2000 Ravens look like a juggernaut. I’d say it amazes me that Rex Ryan and his idiot Jets players have been talking about playing in the Super Bowl knowing how bad their offense sucks, but the lot of them never seemed particularly bright to begin with. I will take so much joy on Sunday in watching the Patriots send this September Super Bowl squad to 0 – 2. The Jets SUCK, plain and simple. What a joke. San-check-down looks like a scared little girl out there. Maybe they should have grabbed Leinart when he was available.

  41. He’s a bag of wind just like his old man Buddy was. I think you need an offense before you go anywhere big shooter!

  42. # stiller43 says: September 14, 2010 12:45 AM
    “We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”
    Funny…I don’t recall Rex saying “We’re going to win the super bowl this year.”
    Rex Ryan put “Future Champs” on the ESPN bus tour by the Jets name.

  43. jets lose to NE & Miami…and their season over.
    Always felt their fans the worst in NFL…and was amazed to see the jet fans booing their SB Champ mid 3rd quarter.
    Hoping NE blows them out.

  44. His beautiful wife told him to lower his aim a little.
    The area aroud their toilet looks and smells like New Jersey.
    Trying to grab and control that little cocktail shrimp, over that belly, and come down in the water makes Rex feel as frustrated as Calvin Johnson.
    I don’t know much about football. 74 yards passing. Is that good?

  45. Snatchez blows…and they made a huge mistake letting Faneca go…they have a HUGE hole at LG, the guy they drafted to play the position was inactive last night & his replacement SUUUUUCKED…D’Brick is a long way from Ogden, Pace, Jones status…he’s not even Long or Thomas. Left side of that line will give them fits all season!!!!
    LOVE TO SEE A BUNCH OF LOUDMOUTH FAT ASSES SHUT UP!!!!!! …and it will be a season long week-in week-out dynamic!!!!!

  46. I wish I hadn’t missed Rex Cryan’s post game comments.
    I was sure he’d be entertaining after the most pathetic performance in Jets history (which is, really, saying a LOT).

  47. Injuries, players not playing up to expectations, Rex Ryan’s big mouth etc……seem to be in the way of the Jets and the Super Bowl. Oh also about 14 wins.

  48. stiller43 says:
    September 14, 2010 12:45 AM
    “We think we can” is fundamentally different from “we will.”
    Funny…I don’t recall Rex saying “We’re going to win the super bowl this year.”
    Actually he signed Shefter’s tour bus when he was visiting training camps as “Soon to be Super Bowl Champs”. I hate the Jets with a passion but he has put a major target on his team. Especially on Sanchez.

  49. That offense is horrendous. Maybe they’ll improve a little when Holmes gets off suspension but what will their record be at that point?
    Sanchez is a mediocre QB on his best day.
    Greene bumps into the ass of an OL and fumbles.
    Edwards can’t catch.
    Cotchery can’t get open.
    Keller can’t see the bright orange first down marker.
    This just isn’t a very good offensive football team, despite Ryan’s bluster.
    Good defense, crappy offense.
    I don’t see them going very far.

  50. I have been saying it all of the off-season. The Jets are VERY overrated. The Pats will beat the Jets.
    Make Sanchez beat you, and the game is yours.

  51. Fat boy got a taste of his own medicine. Jets offense looked horrible. Nice move letting Thomas Jones go after 1300 plus yards last year. Quote from Fat boy next week after Pats win “We’re still the best team in this division”.

  52. My sides are still hurting from ALL the Laughing. WHAT A JOKE Wrecks!
    No disipline- no talent @ QB. SanCHOKE ruled the day…oops
    I don’t EVER want to hear about Henne or the Dolphins after that showing. Maybe the worst ever in history for a offense…. if we can even call it that.
    Can’t wait for week 3. Liked all the boos… stay classy jets

  53. If Sanchez wasn’t their QB, they would be God Damn impressive. Way to boo your team on opening night Jets fans. Classy stuff.

  54. Jets defense allows 10 points at home to one of the favorites in the AFC, and you lose.
    The Jets are a .500 football team, that is unless their last 2 opponents rest their starters then maybe they can finish 9-7.
    PFT Hero

  55. Ugh… either the O improves or they go 8-8… Sanchez seemed to over think everything with all the audibles and “kills”. You’re not Payton Manning there kid. Stick to the plan and get rid of the God damn football!

  56. Not with Sanchez at QB, or Cromartie getting burnt or an old man like Tomlinson in the backfield.
    They won’t even make the playoffs.

  57. everyone keep up with the wishful thinking with a powerful D like that( which i hear no1 talking bad about that) we just need some better play calling and to take more shots down field everyone is acting like we got blown out despite our bad offense the ravens could barely move the ball on the Defense ..and to all the fins fans i feel sorry for you that you barely scraped by the BILLS

  58. At this point Im not even sure the jets are the second best team in thier division.
    Im not convinced that the jets Defense was as good as it showed. Flaco looked off. I saw potential there. Cant say the same for sanchez. I havent seen quaterback play that inept since the ryan leaf.

  59. That game was comical, especially when you consider all of the Jets running their mouths. They should have been penalized much more for all of their dirty hits and punches after the whistle too.

  60. Yeah, their offense was pitiful and boring, but the defense made up for it. It was much more entertaining to see them exercise their playbook on self-destruction. I found myself saying, “How is the defense going to allow this 3rd and a million to be converted? They won’t try the holding again, will they? …Oh pass interference, that’s much better.”
    The Patriots won’t waste 3 down trying to run the ball. They will light up the secondary from the start. The score will be 75-9.
    NYC better get some boats in the water after next week. The rivers will be full of Jet fans jumping.

  61. Good news is that Rex Ryan should quiet down a bit.
    Bad news is that terrible offense is still scheduled for 4 more primetime games this season.
    PFT Advisory Board

  62. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with a smile. Watching that joke of an offense made my week!
    Hey Rex, if the Pats score over 7 points you guys are screwed!

  63. Loved the HEEEEEEPPPP calls at the Jet’s home opener…..Also, the anouncer had to stop himself from saying “the fans want a flag” when it would have helped Balt.

  64. Is there anything us NFL fans can do to remove the Jets from their remaining primetime games this season?
    PFT Lead Singer

  65. Wow. What an undisciplined group of jackasses the Jets looked like last night. 14 penalties, and not one was questionable. And Mark Sanchez has miles to go before he can be considered average, must less ready to lead a team to a Super Bowl.
    And enough about last year. If either of the last two teams the Jets played had given even a half a shit about winning the game, the Jets don’t even make the playoffs.
    And did anyone else hear Mike Golic this morning yelling at Merrill Hoge when Hoge said that Rex’s mouth would get the Jets in trouble? And using Rex’s dad Buddy as an example of a coach with a big mouth who still won??
    Umm…..sure Mike. Buddy Ryan had ONE playoff win in 7 seasons as a head coach.
    Great example meathead.

  66. Three FGs …at home…vs a team they had all summer to prepare for. Sanchez is awful and the Jets great D will be playing alot of minutes this year…thanks to the “photo Shoot”

  67. “We’re going to win the Super Bowl” will quickly morph into “We hope to not have the first pick in the draft.”
    get used to it Jets fans.

  68. Sanchez is the love child of Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn. And someone told me that Sanchez was spanish for turnover….I looked it up and actually, that is not correct. Its spanish for Suck.

  69. Things we learned about the Jets last night: 1) maybe they should have paid runningback Thomas Jones…Shonne Green fumbled twice and didn’t run with any authority. LT looked good, but he’s too old to carry the full load. 2) They don’t trust their QB (with good reason)…the Ravens’ defensive weakness is their secondary, but Sanchez never took any shots downfield. He played like a rookie, not like a QB ready to take the next step in his 2nd year. 3) the only way the Jets can win is if their defense plays nearly perfect 4) Rex Ryan may gain some weight now that he’s gonna have to eat his words…his bold predictions look pretty far-fetched after last night’s stinker of a game.

  70. The Bengals peed their pants a little watching the Ravens front seven last night. When he’s not getting sacked, at least Palmer will throw it down field – it will be intercepted, but it will be down field.
    Didn’t feel the need to pile on the Jets woeful offense.

  71. @ Realitypolice – the real meatheads are those that listen to Mike and Mike.
    If Tony Romo was the Jets quarterback they would at least make the playoffs.

  72. Not sure how anyone can say the Jets have a great defense… a great defense doesn’t allow 11/19 3rd down conversions… biggest bust team to ever come along… same old Jets

  73. Jet’s fans are working hard to convince themselves that Rex Ryan didn’t actually write “Soon to be Champs!” on an ESPN tour bus.
    Of course he didn’t say champions of “what”
    Perhaps he actually meant “Champion Losers”

  74. Kravon – let me answer my own question.
    Manginis first 17 games = 10-7 record.
    Rex Ryan first 17 games = 9-8 record.
    Big improvement on the sideline there, huh?
    PFT Lover

  75. Rex and the boys will be 0-2 next week. Not so good when your going the “win the SuperBowl”….
    Rex may win the “superbowl of tough talking”, but I doubt he will win the SuperBowl of football.

  76. kravon says:
    September 14, 2010 9:05 AM
    @ Realitypolice – the real meatheads are those that listen to Mike and Mike.
    If Tony Romo was the Jets quarterback they would at least make the playoffs.
    Ouch. Well played sir.
    ESPN radio meathead

  77. Defense looked good but Schotty found a way to get even worse this year. (which I thought was impossible since he sucked real bad last year) The only reason the Ravens even scored a TD is because their kicker flopped giving them another chance.
    Penalties and that awful offense lost this game

  78. Typical Jets team…..all talk and no substance. That’s quite an offence you’ve got there guys! looking forward to having the Patsies take you down this week and then a ‘must win’ game for you against the Dolphins in week 3. Nice!

  79. getting rid of thomas jones seems like a great move by the Jets. Greene looks like the real deal with the 2 fumbles and multiple drops.

  80. Hey they can still go 15-1 right?
    Shottzy better spend all week revising the passing game and making Sanchez believe in himself.
    AND do something to ensure that Shonn Green holds onto the football.
    Jets will be just fine this year.

  81. Watching “Hard Knocks” this summer, what stood out the most was how little Rex Ryan cared about his offense (except for his “hand-picked” full back John Conner.) When Sanchez threw a pick six on the first play against the Giants in the pre-season opener, Ryan said to Brian Schottenheimer “was that our first play?” How many other head coaches in the league would have been unaware that their team was running their first play of the pre-season?
    So, basically, Rex Ryan is concentrating on the defense, the interview room, and the snack cabinet. Jets fans, you have a Schottenheimer in charge of your offense. How does that feel? Hate the Patriots all you want. But there is no way in hell that any Patriots receiver catches a 9 yard out pattern, needing 10 yeards for a 1st down, and doesn’t turn it upfield to get the first. This offense is not well coached. And Sanchez seems to think that he’s actually done something as a QB in this league, when he hasn’t shown anything more than flashes of mediocrity.
    Fortunately, for the Jets, it looks like Buffalo is still Buffalo. And Parcells’ rat-like instincts on when to flee a sinking ship may have been right about the Dolphins. So there should be at least 3 wins for the taking there. But the Jets have their work cut out for them if they want to make the playoffs, yet alone win it all.

  82. Rex Ryan…………Best to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool, than to OPEN it and remove ALL doubt………………………..

  83. GreenAsGrass says:
    September 14, 2010 9:58 AM
    Shottzy better spend all week revising the passing game and making Sanchez believe in himself.
    Jets will be just fine this year.
    If by “revising the passing game” you mean “giving Kurt Warner 20 million to un-retire”, I agree with you.
    Other than that, you are wallowing in denial.

  84. @Shadenfreuder:
    Very well stated. Tough to argue any of those points.
    Oh yeah, BTW- where was God’s gift to offensive football, “the terminator”, John Conner, last night? I didn’t see too many holes being blasted open in the Ravens Defense, did you?
    Rex Ryan is so much like his father it’s scary. Horrible offense with a mediocre QB who is regressing, one good reciever and even he can’t hold on to the ball, and the only offensive player he cares about is a rookie fullback because he hits people.

  85. As a Jet fan, the only thing I can say is…….
    The best pass they made all week was at the reporter
    I’m here all week folks, be sure to tip your waitress

  86. Glad to see that they lost, but one fluke play and the Jets could have won that game. Their defense is very good when they aren’t holding (Revis is borderline on almost every play). The penalties will come back down to normal. The offense is horrendous (would have been SLIGHTLY better with puff, puff, pass holmes) but as long as they don’t turn the ball over, they should be in most games. The jets will be in a bunch of 10-6 type games. Sanchez does not have developed skills but some of last night was play calling. He checked down A LOT but how much of that was beaten into his head by the coaches trying to avoid INTs like last year? It is not a season ending performance but when teams with huge “swagger” start losing, it gets worse and worse. Locker room spats are on the way if Pats beat them down.

  87. Rex wrote the check, now Jetsfans you try and cash it!
    Anyone think that Brady is affraid of the blitz, should look at his career stats. He eats the blitz for lunch! He will surgically Rexicate the best defense in the league…LMAO
    While Sophmore Sanchez gets a confusing lesson from the younger, faster Patriot defense!
    Balance is the key, 3 TE’s, 4 WR’s and backs that can catch the ball and pick up the blitz…..
    Send as many as you want, Brady can and will deal with it. He’ll get you more than you’ll get him! Now, let’s go have a GD snack!

  88. There were a ton of reasons why the Raven’s offense didn’t put up serious points. The number one is turnovers, especially the first. They were going to come out throwing early and often, but that first fumble caused the gameplan to change.
    The second reason is Harbaugh is smart enough to see that the Jets have negative offense, he knows the D can stop them consistently. The key to this is keeping the Ravens offense on the field as long as possible in order to keep the D rested.
    The third is the Jets run D. I fully admit that the Jets run D is simply outstanding, probably the best in the league. The ravens couldn’t get it done against them. Leaving the Ravens pretty one dimensional. The Bengal’s run D isn’t nearly as good as the Jets so look for a big game from Rice after being frustrated this week.
    I never thought I’d say it after last year but the Jets pass defense might be their weakest point, even with Revis back there. The Ravens played better and smarter all game long, and showed the Jets how smash talk football is played.

  89. Ray Lewis,”It became personal when the schedule came out,” Lewis said. “I respect Rex. We won a Super Bowl together. But any time you challenge a warrior, a warrior is going to respond.”
    This answered my previous question, just fine.

  90. How bout them yankees?!
    WOW! That was ugly and funny at the same time.
    Seriously…if i’m a jets fan…this is really gonna suck this year.
    I’m glad i’m not a jets fan!

  91. Pats are going to take these jokers to the woodshed, then behind the boathouse, then down by the river, and then put them over their knee and spank them with a LapBand (R).

  92. I thought Hard Knocks was some great NFL entertainment for the offseason. Not having a dog in the AFC East race, it’s hard for me not to like Rex’s bravado. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.
    However, what a poor performance last night. Sanchez looked bad. The defense handed the Ravens a victory with multiple 3rd down penalties. Call the Jets D “aggressive” and “passionate” all you like, but that looked BAD.
    It’s only the first game of the season, but I think I see some freshly emptied seats on the Jets bandwagon. If the Jets go 0-2, expect widespread Rex-hating in NYC.

  93. And the quote of the day is:
    “Son your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!”
    Hey rex wipe that dirty sanchez off your lip.

  94. ganggreenguido says:
    ya know its one game against a top ranked defense. lets stfu until we have 4 games under our belt then poo talk. lets talk about how philip puddles is playing like crap against the doormat of the afc!
    Disgusting greaseball.
    As an aside, I can’t wait to watch this Sunday. The two teams are coming from polar opposite directions. One is well-disciplined/coached, the other is desperately trying to avoiding a gaping sinkhole in the W-L column and the locker room. I think the Pats will win. And win big. And I’ll be honest, I was realistic about our chances this year before Game 1. I was planning on being happy with 2-2 at the bye.
    Not so much now.

  95. And the quote of the day is:
    “Son your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!”
    Hey rex wipe that dirty sanchez off your lip.

  96. The New York area can be a distraction to athletes due to the intense sports coverage. NY fans are passionate and loyal, if you win. Ryan needs to get the team to focus on work and not trash talk. I do not think he is capable of controlling these guys. They are already comfortable shooting off at the mouth to any mic in front of them. Sorry fireman, but your team is on the wrong path to becoming “champs”.

  97. The Jets had a bad night on offense. The Ravens do have an excellent defense. For how lousy the offense played, they still were in the game until under a minute to go.
    The Ravens defense will be shutting teams down and their offense will be scoring some points. They look like a good team.
    I have the Jets losing the first two and going 10-6. Will 10 wins make the playoffs in the AFC? Name six AFC teams better than the Jets.

  98. Rex was misquoted what he really said was
    we’re future SUPPER BOWL CHUMPS………..
    not super bowl champs………………

  99. MISQUOTED: “alright let’s get a goddamn snack”…was truly, “alright let’s get goddamn wacked”!

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