Jon Gruden still hates officials

You can take Jon Gruden out of the NFL, but you can’t take disgust towards football officials out of Jon Gruden.

Gruden, an assistant coach at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, recently incurred a 15-yard penalty for chewing out officials, according to

The penalty took place in the first quarter of the team’s season opener.  Gruden watched the rest of the game from the stands after choosing to remove himself from the sidelines.

“Whether or not it was his celebrity, I don’t know, but the officials
made the call,” Carrollwood Day School athletic director Frank Mabry
said. “I was right there myself. In all honesty, he was upset
with the officials and he did receive a sideline penalty and a warning,
but it was definitely overblown.”

Gruden reportedly kept yelling at officials from the stands, calling one “Forrest Gump.” 

I could make some statement about sportsmanship here, but the image of Gruden crushing some high school ref cracks me up.  Just a coach just trying to stay in game shape.

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  1. So why does Gruden find it impossible to “hate” any nfl player? Further proof that his “act” on MNF is just that……an act. I turn the volume down on the TV and listen to the play by play on radio as I can’t stand Gruden’s “love” for every player on every team.

  2. LOL!
    It’s like that old NFL Films training camp clip showing Gruden yelling, “I just got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct because I kicked your ass!”

  3. LOL, he must think that he is back in the NFL where it is OK to scream at the ref.
    Extend that thought and you can understand why some parents go berserk. They see pro coaches in every pro sport going berserk. So it must be OK.
    Anyone want to write a paper on this ?

  4. If you were the victim of the worst call in sports history, you might harbor some resentment too.
    That call changed a lot for a few different franchises.

  5. The specifics of the penalty are incorrect. They flagged him two yards for the sideline infraction, two yards for cutting Warren Sapp, two yards for cutting Derrick Brooks, four yards for drafting Chris Simms and five for letting Warrick Dunn go to the Falcons.

  6. kazkal says:
    September 16, 2010 7:05 PM
    He needs to come back to the NFL
    Which job will he cherry pick this time that will most easily allow him to win a super bowl with someone else’s players?
    If I was the head coach at Carrollwood Day and my team was any good, I’d watch my back.

  7. Chucky……CHucky……don’t you want that Star on your coaches shirt dude? You could do a better job than Wade with your eyes closed…..cmon…..set up the meeting with Jerrah already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wonderlicker says:
    September 16, 2010 7:06 PM
    Gruden is just the typical oafish sports dad, only he does it even though he has no kid in the game.
    Gruden’s son plays on the team.

  9. Gruden is a little girlie man who should be thankful he has a job. He ought to take a big dose of shut the heck up before he leaves the house each day

  10. … now John , be a good role model.
    Can you image if Gruden did Hard Knocks when he coach of Tampa? The show would be one long beep and make Ryan look like a choir boy in the language dept.
    I know I sat behind the Bucs bench one home game.

  11. Can’t wait for The Walrus to dump Mangina, after KC Chiefs/Browns game, KC is not the team the Browns beat last year, Browns will lose. Gruden will become the HC of the Browns!
    John Gruden was born in Sandusky, Ohio, just West of Cleveland.

  12. What a JACK%SS!! Does he not realize these guys ref high school games…. because they love the kids? And the game? They all have real working man jobs, and get paid about $75 a game. To take verbal abuse from a dickhead is unsatisfactory. I know. I used to ref Varsity. We did it because it was fun and we wanted to do it. Chucky should sit in the stands and STFU.

  13. On saturday morning Gruden was seen at a local pee wee game grabbing the facemask of a young player telling him he would be cut by halftime if he didn’t cut the holding S***!

  14. The guy acts like a jerk at a high school game and people gush about how they miss him? The H.S. refs blew the call when they didn’t eject him from the stadium.

  15. Gruden rocks. I love that guy. Seriously, having met him on several occasions and watched him work, I have serious respect and adoration for the guy. He gave Tampa a Super Bowl, along with his heart and soul, and that will never be forgotten.
    If you think he won with Dungy’s team then you are seriously disrespecting Dungy as an incapable coach. You are also ignorant to the roster of the super bowl XXXVII champs. Ever hear of Pittman (124 yds rushing ), Greg Spires (forced 2 of Gannon’s picks with near sacks), Keenan McCardell (2 td receptions), Ken Dilger (big reception to the 2yd line), and at least 4 other starters that year? Those are just the Gruden pickups what come to mind in a tequila haze off the top of my head 8 yrs later.
    Gruden never should have been let go. When the Bucs needed a new direction, (rebuilding with youth thru the draft to save coin) what they needed was a new GM.

  16. I don’t care where you are from, that’s funny!
    The only thing that would make it better would be if his son was dating the cute latino lead reporter for the school newspaper that wanted to do lockerroom interviews after the game.

  17. my guess is gruden’s eye is better than a high school referee and he was right about whatever the dispute was. then the ref probably became intimidated, and flagged him.
    i’m surprised he didn’t call him gomer pyle. i guess that dates me….

  18. Which job will he cherry pick this time that will most easily allow him to win a super bowl with someone else’s players?
    Really? I hate when people try to argue this point. You can argue that the Bucs were Tony Dungy’s team, but the Raiders were who’s team? Certainly not Callahan’s. Callahan didn’t change a damn thing when Gruden left, which is why the Bucs defense knew everything the Raiders did. One could argue Gruden had two teams in the Super Bowl that year and that if he stayed with the Raiders he would have won the big one with them….

  19. Greggg says:
    I could make some statement about sportsmanship here, but the image of Gruden crushing some high school ref cracks me up. Just a coach just trying to stay in game shape.
    The best part is the ref had the stones to flag his ass and chase him into the stands. They both probably went home happy, feeling like they had won the day.

  20. how can any of you hate gruden?? the man shows love for this sport no matter what competition level he’s coaching.. you gotta respect that.

  21. Refs aren’t so bad. I was jawing at one while coaching a kid football team. The ref missed a kid on the opposing team that led with his helmet on a tackle and a bunch of holding calls on the line. The ref turned around to me and said, “I’m stupid and blind, not deaf.” I left him alone the rest of the game.

  22. realitypolice says:
    September 16, 2010 7:20 PM
    ==================== ==
    Which job will he cherry pick this time that will most easily allow him to win a super bowl with someone else’s players?
    Who cares?

  23. you have to love Chucky no matter what you write. the dude competes at the smallest of levels & his return to football is long over due.
    he’s one of the top head coaches in the NFL & if would’ve had a real QB in Tampa they would’ve won a couple superbowls atleast. the dude beat the talented Raiders that year w/ Brad Johnson leading the offense, thats impressive for any coach.
    he doesn’t make mistakes & stays on top of the game, he’s been successful every where he’s been. just look at the Raiders/Bucs seasons since he left, enough said…
    Gruden for Dallas Cowboys Head Coach in 2011!

  24. Our team played both in Merrit island and Vero beach. Same officiating group.
    Lets just say, they pull for the home team. Thats putting it mildly.
    I’m with Chucky.

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