Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley make progress

We’re not sure which outlet first confirmed Michael Vick would start on Sunday, but the badly kept secret officially got in the open on Thursday.  Even if the Eagles won’t confirm the stories.

Kevin Kolb face the Lions because of his concussion, but he is making progress.  Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley attended team meetings on Thursday after being sent home from work early on Wednesday.

Bradley was seen doing light exercises in the training room by the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Both players will be examined on Friday.  Bradley’s status remains somewhat uncertain, although he seems unlikely to play. 

The Eagles won’t confirm Vick is the starter yet, but the team did confirm Mike McGlynn will start at center and Omar Gaither will get the call at middle linebacker if Bradley is out.

17 responses to “Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley make progress

  1. “Kevin Kolb face the Lions because of his concussion, but he is making progress.”
    prooof readd yourr articlees justt one
    annoying isnt it ?

  2. is there a new story in this post?
    what are you doing? rehashing what everyone has said for the last 2 days. Was it a slow Eagles day for you guys?

  3. Andy Reid always pulls his teams together for a second half run. Let’s evaluate the rebuilding process when we actually have something to evaluate. Sometimes it seems sports chat boards are populated by morons (writers and readers), as evidenced by my willingness to read the site and post here.

  4. You Florio grammar critics are funny. If you are so disgusted with the content of the site…dont click on it. Do you really have nothing better to do than to critique a website?

  5. If the Eagles want to do anything at all, they better play Vick! In their position, they need a QB who can run and gun…

  6. How bad must you suck that the only way you’ll get to be a starter is for one QB to be traded and another to be knocked out with a concussion?
    Just askin’.

  7. Well Otis, we generally visit this site for football news, and are understandably annoyed when a certain hack (read: Rosenthal) can’t string together a four or five paragraph post that doesn’t contain spelling/grammatical/factual errors.
    I challenge anyone to find a Rosenthal post that doesn’t contain at least one of the aforementioned types of errors.

  8. “Kevin Kolb face the Lions because of his concussion” (ummmmmmmm…. what?)
    Sorry guys, they hired my 5 year old to write this article

  9. wasnt it a requirement that after you see birds flying around you should take a week off after the westbrook tweety train took off too many times last year?

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