Jake Delhomme misses practice again, but not ruled out yet

The Browns, being the Browns, may not declare Seneca Wallace the starting quarterback until they absolutely have to.

But we can end the drama.  Jake Delhomme will not practice for the third straight day Friday.  Browns coach Eric Mangini said he’s hopeful Delhomme will miss only one game if he sits out Sunday, but he wouldn’t rule out Delhomme for the home opener yet.

“He knows the gameplan. I’d have total confidence in [Jake],” Mangini said.

Browns fans think Wallace should take the starting job if he wins, but we don’t see it.  The Browns seem unlikely to give Delhomme the hook if he’s healthy until they are ready to bench him for good.  That won’t happen so early in the year.

While Delhomme is out, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson (pectoral) will practice in a limited fashion for the first time since early August.  Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers will also return to work and should play Sunday.

7 responses to “Jake Delhomme misses practice again, but not ruled out yet

  1. Mangini is on his way out…with a brutal schedule ahead, we could not afford to lose against the bucs….let alone blow a 14 – 3 lead….so sad…Go Browns

  2. “Browns fans think Wallace should take the starting job if he wins, but we don’t see it.”
    Good Lord, you gotta be kidding me. Where did you come up with that manufactured “fact”? The LAST thing that we Browns fans want is another quarterback controversy.

  3. Felton says:
    “As a Chiefs fan I would rather play against Delhomme instead of Wallace.”
    As a Chief’s fan, it’s Jerome Harrison that you’ll have to worry about…not who the man is handing off the ball to him. I agree, though, that Wallace offers up a whole different set of problems for the KC defense.

  4. “Browns fans think Wallace should take the starting job if he wins, but we don’t see it.”
    If you don’t see it, you obviously didn’t see the game on sunday. It was a Cleveland win all the way until jake went “jake” and threw horrendous pics. They brought this guy in saying ,”he’s a veteran with experience and he will play smart football and bring stability to the team,etc,,,,” The guy throws off his back foot and bloops one up right at the end of the half that gets returned for a td. Even rookie QB’s know to take a sack there, or just throw it out of bounds. Given a chance to perform better in the second half, he did anything but….
    And for the record, no one in cleveland gives a $#%@ about a QB controversy. What they do care about is winning some football games and not being an NFL doormat.

  5. Hey, has anyone noticed that we haven’t heard from Ravenpenis since schools were back in? I guess his 2 mommas had to take the computer back to the child care center.
    Delhomme will never be a Manning or Favre. He is a blue-collar stop gap until the foundation is built and the long-term answer for QB is found. Wallace is a more than adequate backup and a change-of-pace QB.
    Holmgren knows what he is doing but, this will still take some time. At least we are headed in the right direction. The wins will eventually come.

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