Caldwell tells Colts' defense: "Don't do more, do less"

In Week One the Colts’ defense was trampled in a loss to the Texans. But that doesn’t make Colts coach Jim Caldwell want to revamp the scheme, it just makes him want his players to get back to basics.

Don’t do more,” Caldwell said, per the Indianapolis Star. “Do less. Do it better.”

Colts middle linebacker Gary Brackett elaborated on that idea, saying that against the Texans the Colts were trying to do too much on defense.

“Gap discipline,” Brackett said. “Once a play breaks, a guy tries to overcome where one guy made a mistake and then he’s out of his gap and then the run hits there. So be accountable for yourself, do your job, and the defense works.”

It sounds simple enough. Whether the Colts’ defense can be more effective by doing less against the Giants may be the key to Sunday’s game, all the Peyton Manning vs. Eli Manning hype notwithstanding.

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  1. Ah yes, the “Patriot Way” that Belichick preaches
    Do.Your. Job.
    The Colts defensive personnel are better suited to chasing QBs then stopping RBs but even they should be capable of much better than they showed against Houston.

  2. this is essentially the same D as last year. yeah, they weren’t great against the run last season, but they weren’t as bad as they were last week.
    it was a wake up call, and they will improve. not to the point where they are amazing against the run, but at least up to last season’s output.
    which makes this team just fine moving forward.

  3. Caldwell is a joke…
    Do less? They laid down the entire second half! This week then I expect to see cots in the secondary and a bunch of lifeless bodies upfront then.
    Giants 35 Colts 24

  4. But the Giants offense, at least on paper over what they’ve done the last year and a week, presents a far better overall attack than Houston. Including a run game that will break out any game now AND Bob Sanders is out.

  5. “Yeah, I know the other safety was writhing on the ground with a broken ankle, but I couldn’t leave my spot or it would open a gap.”.

  6. When things started breaking down in the early 4th quarter, Clint Session was the guy breaking gap discipline and freelancing.
    This kind of defense looks a lot worse than it is – one guy misses a gap and that will give a RB about 8 yards and full head of steam that a safety has to deal with.
    I did not see anything to worry about – just guys getting flustered after a turnover.

  7. The Colts will eat the Giants and spit them out
    after winning big Sunday. Then after that the
    Giants will get the crap beat out of them by
    the Texans.

  8. Caldwell continues his mission to run that proud franchise into the ground.
    I have empathy for you Colts fans. Rich Kotite has more football intelligence than that disgrace of a head football coach.

  9. Clint Session playing at the top of his game still
    kinda sucks. So, sure I guess when he’s not filling gaps and the D-line is overpursuing per usual it looks really bad. I don’t expect 200 yards rushing from Brandon Jacobs but I do expect the Giants to do what the Saints did last year and thats dink and dunk them to death. Eli Manning will have a 30 completion day and that will beat the Colts, because like fools they’ll gang up and try to stop the run now, Coughlin will see it from a mile away and dink and dunk on them 6-7 yard at a time. I’m not a Giant fan, I just watch football all the time and now what teams do to the Colts. They are that predictable. They have the one factor going in their favor outweighing close games and thats Peyton Manning, you take Peyton Manning off that team and they are worse then the Oakland Raiders.
    The Colts are not a hard team to beat if you have the balanced offense like teams via Giants, Chargers, Patriots, Saints, Vikings and Cowboys. The Colts beat lesser foes with unbalanced attacks no matter if the opposing defense is strong or not because they can’t match scores with a one versatile game via Ravens, Jets, Jaguars, Redskins, Broncos etc, Titans. They have great defenses but the Colts just stop the run on either of those teams and they win. Stop the run on the Giants, then get burned through the air and by bunches or gradually. Mix that in with a horrible offensive line now, Colts will be 9-7 this year 10-6. Don’t worry Colts fans you’ll still make the playoffs since thats all you care about and will be well rested. I’m sure a wild card will be locked up and Bill Polian will spin something to where he can be in a position to be called genius and Sanders, Gonzales will come back and lose the first playoff game…

  10. mr_snrub: I completely agree with you. Caldwell had an impressive record of 26-63 while he was the head coach at Wake Forest. I feel bad for Colts fans since they will have to watch their team deteriorate over the next few years.

  11. sounds like the kind of coaching advice that blew the perfect season and the superbowl for them last year. they will beat the giants, but the colts are the next 49ers.

  12. Eli is coming
    And he is bring Brandon and company
    Add to that the Giants D has found its feet again
    Payton is going to have to work his tail off to stay on his feet.
    To the Texans fan YEAH RIGHT
    Everyone is shaking in there boots of matt scab

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