Matt Moore benched late as Panthers fall to 0-2

John Fox isn’t stubbornly sticking with the veteran quarterback this year.

Matt Moore was given the hook in the fourth quarter on Sunday with the Panthers trailing 20-7.  That proved to be the final score as the Bucs sat on two Josh Freeman touchdowns with a strong defensive effort for the second straight week. 

Jimmy Clausen led the Panthers on a long drive when he came in the game but Jonathan Stewart was stuffed on a fourth and goal to essentially win the game for Tampa Bay.  Moore had two turnovers.  Clausen threw an interception on his second drive, and bobbled a snap. 

While the Panthers struggle to settle on a quarterback, the Bucs have found a formula that works.  Freeman has played mistake-free football, while Raheem Morris has the Bucs defense flying around.

It’s a formula that worked well for the Bucs under Tony Dungy and it has Morris out to a surprising 2-0 start.

21 responses to “Matt Moore benched late as Panthers fall to 0-2

  1. Steve Smith hurt his left arm on the last play of the game. Nobody is talking about it yet but he walked off the field pointing at it.

  2. “It’s a formula that worked well for the Bucs under Tony Dungy and has Morris out to a surprising 2-0 start.”
    Heck yeah, but is not surprising, if you were paying attention, you should had know the bucs showed a lot of promising finishing last season and just got better in last draft, this is a good, young team, still a lot of room for improving (run defense, better pass protection), but this guys aren’t bad at all.

  3. What was that Florio said? 6 wins over 3 years? His place at the table is being set for him to eat those words.

  4. Hey Jerry, how bout that new stadium. Maybe that will fix it.
    Spend some money on the lines. You got junk playing defensive tackle. O.k. stopping the run, except the QB, but terrible on the pass rush.
    Its bad when they are better on 3rd and 1 than they are 3rd and 17.

  5. yeah I saw that randy hes had arm troubles in the past too I wonder if maybe he broke it or somin which would be a shame for carolina since he messed it up running that flea flicker or whatever that was that they had no business doing anways with a game out of reach

  6. cover2blitz0 says:
    September 19, 2010 4:22 PM
    stick it floriHO the bucs are 2-0… so much for your well thought out predictions huh???
    Man they beat Cleveland and Carolina.. Start printing up those superbowl t-shirts now!!!!! Tampa Still sucks

  7. Buc fans: Don’t get mad when someone states the obvious-you have sucked for the past few years–don’t think the Lombardi Trophy is yours quite yet–probably because you beat 2 bad teams and have 14 to go.
    Yes, the Panthers are bad, almost by design. They will be much better once the young guys get better, Clausen becomes the starter, and Otah returns. You will not beat the Panthers again, and if you do, enjoy the parade.

  8. Panthers suck
    LOL! Actually
    I’m JayJ9. 3 inches longer than than the original and twice as smart. Just ask my wife when she is done with math class.

  9. On Clausen’s INT, the throw was a bit high but Mike Goodson tipped it up for the DB to make the pick. It was a good decision, just a high throw. The bobbled snap was at his ankles so you can’t put that all on Clausen, either. He had as many completions on one drive as MM had in 3 1/2 quarters. I think it is time to let Jimmy learn on the fly and lead a very young Panthers team.

  10. you both can stick it cheatriots51 and cantamounttoanything. talk all you want but 2-0 is 2-0 like it or not and I know myself and fellow fans can appreciate it. pass out the cups for the haterade somewhere else and go comment on your own teams if you have any loyality to any one team that is…

  11. OK, the Panthers suck because you have determined it. What an amazing grasp of the offeseason housecleaning you have. Perhaps you will also realize that you are a fair weather fan, a scumbag who patrols sites like this just to be a dick with a laptop living in your parents basement. It is the end of the year that matters, and we shall see how we fare. Until then, remember that if you were real men you would stand up for your team when they lose and know how to act when they win. Remember, theeiry don’t know you and you have nothing to do with their success, so don’t a few wins go to your head. Cleveland and rebuilding Carolina. Make reservations at the WHite house. Have you been losing for so long in Tampa that you forgot how to win with class?

  12. It’s a formula that worked well for the Bucs under Tony Dungy and it has Morris out to a surprising 2-0 start.
    Surprising only to those that like foresight and knowledge. Like you, Florio, Peter King and most of the other hacks out there.
    Anybody with half a brain can look back at last season’s return to the T-2 and the dramatic improvement from it in the last 6 games. Anybody with a quarter of a brain would know that a young QB that has been as dedicated and hard working as Freeman would improve greatly in year 2. Are the Bucs Super Bowl bound? Hell no… but they are easily good enough to attain 9-7 like I predicted a month ago and establish themselves as the best YOUNG team in the NFL.

  13. Catamount – let me know when the Panthers win something besides a NFC conference title. Until keep the Bucs out of your mouth and STFU.
    I didn’t realize the win didnt count cause the Panthers were rebuilding — as if the Bucs were a finished project. The two youngest teams in football and one is clearly better then the other already. Enjoy the foreseeable future of Josh Freeman beating the piss out of the cats.

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